Five Things Friday VIII

1.) This may have happened this week. My parents are coming into town next week so this week was the only time we could find to get it together enough to get the tree up…sooo…yay!

IMG_9433 (2)

2.) I may have had frozen yogurt for dinner last night. I had to go get a filling replaced because it cracked (ugh) and my mouth was still so numb by dinnertime. It’s times like this owning a frozen yogurt shop comes in handy. Hopefully “times like this” don’t happen too often.


3.) Only a few days left to get your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to a collection center! Here is mine, it is being dropped off tomorrow!


4.) My Christmas tree has a baby gate around it. I did some research as the best way to approach this. (Note to all of you: do NOT go on Pinterest. You will find super cute crafty moms who wrapped up large heavy boxes in adorable wrapping paper with huge bows to “block” the tree from the kids. Aint nobody got time for that.) So we found the most economical 6-panel baby gate we could find and wa-la! So far so good. No needles have been eaten and no ornaments smashed…yet.

IMG_9434 (2)

5.) I ordered our Christmas cards with a Groupon and I think they came out really cute. I will show you all what ours looks like on Christmas. Smile Does anyone else think sending cards is a lost art? I’m not sure if it’s a southern/traditional thing or I am just old fashioned, but I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards. Best mail ever! Thoughts? Comments?

QOTD: Do you send out Christmas cards? Thoughts on the whole thing?

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  1. I currently don’t send out Christmas cards since it’s just me over here with my cats ; ) But one day when I have more of a family, I would like to do them. I always enjoy getting them.

  2. OMG your tree is already up!!!! We don’t typically do that until AFTER Thanksgiving, we wanna let Thanksgiving have it’s 10 seconds of fame, LOL!! But I seriously just got 10 year old walking into Disneyland excited when I saw your tree!

    • My parents are coming into town for thanksgiving and won’t be back until 2016 and I wanted them to see our decorations so that’s why it’s up early. 🙂 I have thanksgiving decorations, too

  3. Lisa Catton says:

    Hey! I love Christmas cards! I send them to all my donors for FCA. I also keep them all year round clipped together at the kitchen table. I pray for a different card/family a night at dinner.

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