Getting Uncomfortable and eBook Launch

There are times in life when we are thrust into situations that we don’t like. Whether they make us feel out of control or uncomfortable, no one likes being put in a position they don’t want to be in. We don’t’ like when  there is an unknown, or uncertainty about an outcome. That is how I feel about my eBook launch.

Control is something I have always struggled with. Really for me it comes down to a trust issue. Do I trust that everything is going to be ok? Do I have faith I can make it to the other side? Well, it depends. I’m still learning too, ok? I like safety. I don’t just mean living in a safe area of town (although that is always nice!) but what I am talking about is safety and comfort in my day to day life.

dream big

Just like most people, I have dreams and goals. Big ones. However, sometimes there is something standing in the way that to me looms even bigger than what I want to accomplish, and that is fear of being uncomfortable and out of control. I have never been a risk taker. I have zero desire to jump out of a plane, or swim with sharks (that’s just cra cra y’all!) I like my comfortable life in my comfortable town with my predictable day. That is until I get that quiet little nudge that I could do, that I could be, and achieve some of those lofty goals of mine.

Oh but there is a cost.  In order to reach some of those goals, it would require me to be vulnerable. Out of the safety of my routine day and life. Some people feel a nudge for months, years even, and ignore it. What if I fail? Everyone will know and they will all laugh. Let’s just forget about it and keep on chugging along with my predictable day.

Goals get cast aside, forgotten, and sometimes never are thought about again. But let me tell you something my friend: The best things in life often come from the uncomfortable, scary stuff. It makes my skin crawl to even type it out because I know. I know. If the rewarding things in life were super easy, would you get as much satisfaction out of it? If you could go run a marathon without even training and set a new PR, would it mean as much to you without all the sweat, sacrifice, and early mornings? No, it wouldn’t, because you wouldn’t be as proud of your dedication and effort.

stronger than you think

So, let me ask you. What is something in your life that you really want to accomplish, but it seems SO scary, crazy, and hard? Think about how you would feel after reaching your goal. Pretty amazing right? Let me remind you that you are stronger than you think, and that you can do hard things. Stop self-sabotaging and believe in yourself.

Your goals are attainable

Your dreams can come true

You can get out of that comfortable safe zone and do hard things.

How do I know all of this? Because I did it. To me writing an eBook seemed terrifying. Planning an eBook launch still is terrifying. I put it off for about five years. Too time consuming, too hard, too technical, and too crazy. But guess what? I finally realized my strength and believed that I could do the hard things, and I did it. It wasn’t easy by any means, but that is exactly why I am so proud of it.

ebook launch

My eBook will be launching in less than a month. I did something else scary and decided to shoot for a presale date of July 13th, which is my birthday. That means you can begin to pre order my eBook on that day (for a cheaper price), and then one week later, it will officially launch and you will gain access to your reserved copy.

To kick things off, I wanted to share with you my official landing page where you will be able to go purchase my book during the presale starting July 13. I am excited, nervous, terrified, and ready all at the same time. I can’t wait to share my labor of love with you, and I hope you will be encouraged by it. Feel free to bookmark the landing page, but don’t worry I will remind you where it is as we get closer to launch. Smile On the landing page you can read a little bit more about what will be in the book. Go take a peek, I would love to hear your thoughts. Get ready for my eBook launch!

QOTD: What is something hard that you accomplished lately? Did you think you would be able to do it? Anything you are wanting to do but it seems too scary?

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PS X’s 3: The lovely and very talented Katy Widrick designed my landing page for me. If you have any blog related needs, be sure to check out her services. She was so great to work with, and did a beautiful job on my landing page! Highly recommended!

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  1. Go you! Putting yourself out there in a vulnerable situation is SO hard and I’d agree that it’s what’s held me back from doing things in my life also.

    That said, I definitely put myself in a vulnerable place when I left a career I had been in for 10 years to begin taking classes to go back to school for PT. Who knew if I’d even be able to get into a program, this could be the biggest mistake I ever made!

    That being said, I’m now 3 weeks into one of the top PT schools in the country and while I still feel vulnerable and scared because it’s such a challenging program and who knows if I can make it through, I never would have gotten this far if I hadn’t taken that initial leap!

  2. Vulnerable situations seem to be our MO lately. I was laid off from my online teaching job last year which ended up being a blessing because I basically hated it, but the previous year I quit my classroom teaching job while pregnant with Ellie because I just knew I couldn’t do it anymore. It was toxic for me. And at the time my husband didn’t have a great job either. Scary and risky, and we’re still working toward what we really want, but things are looking up finally. We just continue to trust and have faith that it will all be worth it and be way better than anything we could have done by ourselves.

  3. This is great stuff Heather!!! I am excited for you and stepping out and doing what your heart wants. It is very scary to step out. The big thing I did lately was getting back into cosplay. Started with running, but the BIG thing I have FINALLY done was join the Rebel Legion! It is the premiere costume charity group for the good guys in Star Wars!!! To be approved you must have a screen accurate uniform that goes up before a panel for approval. Lots of money and time go I to it whether you make it yourself or buy from approved vendors. BUT I am now an X WING Pilot from A New Hope movie!! I was so nervous and scared how family and friends would react to me being back into cosplay! So nervous to wait on approval of my pilot. But I have not had any negatives!!! My husband fully supports me, and he was the biggest fear I had of his reaction. Keep reaching and never give up on your heart’sying desires!!!!

  4. Congrats girl! HUGE step forward! I’m super jealous & wish you all of the success in the world with this launch!

    Organically yours,

  5. Heike Eichmann says

    hi Heather, great stuff. I faced the same problem and will go ahead. BTW, congratulations!

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