Gone for a RUN Review and Giftcard Giveaway

As an ambassador for Gone for a Run, I was given the opportunity to review some more products for them, and host a gift card giveaway, read on!

The first item is a very nice, DISHWASHER SAFE mug! I thought my fellow runDisney Princess runners would be interested in that tid bit since the mugs at the expo are ALL hand wash only. I thought maybe those that didn’t buy a mug at the race could get one of these instead! Don’t worry, if princesses aren’t your thing, there are PAGES and PAGES of other designs to choose from. Literally an option for everyone!

unnamed (2)

I love how the design wrapped all the way around the mug, and it wasn’t too heavy and easily fit into my dishwasher. I have washed it five or six times already and it still looks brand new, a good sign!

unnamed (3)

I also got to review this adorable state t-shirt for runners. Show some state pride! They come in tons of adorable colors, and ladies, there is a women’s cut! (Runs a bit small, this is a medium). It’s really comfortable and I have already had a couple of people ask me where I got it.

unnamed (4)

I am all about state pride so I was all over this one! (PS- they have tons of other state running products like jewelry, luggage tags, and more!)

Who wants a shot at a Gone for a RUN $20 gift card so you can purchase your own items? Simply follow the Rafflecoptor instructions below!

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  1. I would definitely by the state pride running shirt for GEORGIA and NY!

  2. Who doesn’t love a giveaway! Love that mug.

  3. I love the mug and the fact that it is dishwasher safe!

  4. I would love the running shirt for Indiana!!

  5. Always looking for a coffee mug!

  6. I love the shirt!

  7. I am loving the tiara medal hanger! Too cute!

  8. I would definetly but the state pride shirt it is soooo cute!

  9. Love their baby onesies!

  10. I can’t decide if I like their bib coasters or state Tee’s better!

  11. Princess last weekend was my first half, and I MUST HAVE that mug!!

  12. Maybe a medal hanger or magnet:)

  13. They have a super cute shirt that says One Bad Mother Runner–I’d love one of those!

  14. LOVE Gone for a Run. I got my sis-in-law race bib coasters from there for Christmas! I’d like to get a similar one for me!

  15. I would definitely go for one of the mugs. Other than my marathon weekend mug (that is kinda small and also handwash only), I have no running mugs – gasp!

  16. I would get the state shirt. Even though I live in Ohio now I will always be a Louisiana girl!

  17. I love the state shirt. I’m such a proud Texan.

  18. Mandy Hillman says:

    I love the Run Like a Beast, Finish Like a Beauty shirt!!!

  19. I am in desperate need of a medal rack! But there are so many awesome things…it would be a tough decision!

  20. They have so many different mugs but I really love the magical miles one. I looked up the shirt for my state and thought that would be fun to wear!

  21. Ahhh the ever elusive dishwasher safe mug! Yay! But I’m torn! I could definitely use a bib book, and the “Run Done Beer Now” is just soooo me! Not to mention all the socks!

  22. I would choose the inspiration heart shirt! So cute!

  23. I would love to get the Texas running shirt!!

  24. I’d like to get a bibfolio

  25. Love the wine glasses on their site 🙂

  26. I am newly obsessed with anything runDisney and LOVE coffee….that mug would be used while searching and reading anything about runDisney!!

  27. Love that shirt! What a cute idea.

  28. I love that mug. It’s so cute!

  29. I would buy some Bunji bands headbands! 🙂

  30. The Suess-inspired iPhone case is adorable. 🙂

  31. I would definitely buy that state shirt with Texas on it!!

  32. Oh YEA! I love the mug!!

  33. Meredith N. says:

    I love the Womens Everyday Runners Tee Thirteen Point One Text tee!

  34. I love the state shirt, gotta go with Texas 🙂

  35. Erika Whitney says:

    I live in Ohio, but still consider myself a Jersey girl at heart…I think I might have to get an NJ shirt and wear it with pride!

  36. I love the Florida State runner tee in berry- super cute!

  37. Gone for a Run has really fun stuff! Love that state t-shirt — this newyorkasaurus could use one! I have visions of starting a runcation habit…. 🙂

  38. I would love one of those mugs! So cute!

  39. Amy Cooper says:

    I love the NC running shirts!

  40. I JUST started running thanks to this blog! I would buy a Massachusetts Sate Pride running shirt in honor of my hometown Boston! I’s also buy a bibfolio to hold my future racing bibs! 🙂

  41. That mug is adorable! And I love the idea of a state pride shirt 🙂

  42. I would get the MA everyday runners tee. Your LA tee is so cute!

  43. A mug that’s dishwasher safe would be great! Also I’d enjoy a Texas shirt.

  44. I would get a Magical Miles frame. Love the design!

  45. I would love the mug (not princess though) 🙂

  46. I love the mug! However, if I had a gift card for goneforarun.com I would have to get something from the Run Your State collection. I’d be torn between something for Maryland or Pennsylvania because I moved to Baltimore from Philly and stayed for my job. Most likely I would purchase the Maryland t-shirt. It would go great with my Maryland flag shorts 🙂

  47. I LOVE Gone for a Run! Would be hard to decide what to get!

  48. I would buy myself a pair of their crazy awesome socks and a 70.3 sticker for my car so I can proudly display it after my first half ironman in April!!

  49. Oh I would totally get a state t-shirt for sure!!!

  50. Some really cool items there.

  51. I like the RokBAND Multi-Functional Headband

  52. I NEED that Louisiana shirt, it’s adorable!

  53. I’d get one of those cute state shirts for Virginia. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  54. Oh my gosh I love the mug! It’s so cute!

  55. I hadn’t even looked at mugs at the expo, but I’d heard they were not dishwasher safe later on.

    That mug is so cute!

  56. Love the shirt! Hope they have some other fun colors, although I’m a sucker for purple!

  57. I’d love an Iowa shirt! How cute!

  58. Carol michele says:

    I love state pride 🙂 and the mugs are awesome!

  59. A bibfolio, my bibs are just piling up!

  60. I would buy a state pride tshirt for Georgia or a lot of Honey Stinger Gel Packets…. My Favorite (:

  61. I LOVE the state shirt! Even though I love in New York I consider Massacusetts “home” so I’d get that!

  62. I would choose the love (heart) to run necklace!

  63. I’ve been eyeing up the coasters made from a race bib, so I think I would use the gift card to get myself some coasters of my Tinker Bell Half (my first half) bib!

  64. Love state pride shirts too! 🙂

  65. The women’s scoop neck long sleeve would be cute over the right sports bra. I would buy the Washington state shirt!

  66. I would love to put it towards a Bibfolio!

  67. I have been eyeing their runner id bracelets and their necklaces with running charms. They have so many awesome things that it would be hard to choose just one.

  68. I would buy the Texas state t-shirt. I may buy it anyway.

  69. Krysten Moore says:

    So many cute things! Maybe a medal hanger 🙂

  70. Ooooooh I so want a PA shirt! They are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing this, now I know what to ask for for my birthday 🙂

  71. everything looks good, but probably a kiss me im a runner shirt

  72. Stacey Niedzwiecki says:

    I would get one of the very cute state shirts for PA! 🙂

  73. I would love a WI runner shirt! Love the neon colors!

  74. I love the mug!!!!!!

  75. I’d love a Minnesota runner shirt! Very cool

  76. I love the state tees!

  77. Love the running charms for necklaces

  78. I would get one of the state t-shirts

  79. I would get a run NJ t shirt. Love it!

  80. Ashley C says:

    I’d get the Will Run for Coffee and Donuts mug!


  81. Nicole Bynum says:

    I’m a sucker for a coffee cup, but I LOVE the state shirt!!

  82. That mug is so adorable, it would be perfect to sip coffee in before an early morning run!

  83. Great Blog! I’d probably purchase Bunji Bands from goneforarun.com since I looooove headbands!

  84. Shannon says:

    I would buy a tee! 🙂

  85. Allison says:

    I’d probably get a Oh the Places You’ll Go! themed mug or bib folio! Though I do love the Magical Miles cup too!

  86. I definitely want either a mug for my office or a state shirt!

  87. Angel B says:

    I love the Kiss me I’m a runner mug.

  88. Sarah Trout says:

    I love the purple women’s tee in the Texas style!

  89. I would love to purchase the MO state shirt and show some state pride!

  90. Jessica S says:

    I love the mugs since they are are dishwasher safe and available (the Expo was sold out when I got there!)

  91. I’d choose the California state shirt!

  92. Cute shirt but I could use a bib folio from Gone for a Run
    Thanks!!! 🙂

  93. I’m in love with that mug!! 😀 Super cute!

  94. DESIREE H says:

    I like Kiss me Im A Runner mug!

  95. Jennifer Finn says:

    I love the running tee the colors are great

  96. Tanna sutherland says:

    I love all of the yackety yack runners sock!

  97. Anna Schettino says:

    sounds like a neat site – will need to check them out! Just love your blog!

  98. Stephanie says:

    I can never have too many coffee mugs!

  99. I would love to get the ‘Kiss Me I’m A Runner’ ceramic mug with a giftcard. Fingers crossed 🙂

  100. Annette French says:

    I love the mug

  101. Kelsey S says:

    Running skirt

  102. Sharon Asbridge says:

    New fan to your site. You were recommended to me by Kelsey Staples. Love the mug and the tshirt – cute ideas!

  103. Emily Compton says:

    I love the mug!

  104. I’d get the <3 to run necklace – it's so stinkin' cute!

  105. ashley cossette says:

    I’d probably get the Running Hooded Sweatshirt Will Run For Beer for my fiance, he’s a personal trainer…but i think this is funnY!

  106. Brigitte B. says:

    Love the Mug

  107. Misty Lunceford says:

    I like the Florida wineglass!

  108. I’d get the “will run for cupcakes” performance tee!

  109. I’ve always wanted one of their BibFolios!

  110. Danielle says:

    I really like the runner t-shirt for my state in the blue. So cute.

  111. I would love the Womens Everyday Runners Tee Courage To Start Tattoo tshirt.

  112. state tee shirt I would be happy with anything ty

  113. There’s so much to choose from!! I’d probably go with a 13.1 wine glass, a runner girl mug or a bib album!

  114. June Ebinger says:


  115. Karrie Millheim says:

    I would get the running tee

  116. What great stuff! I’d love to get all the t-shirts. 🙂 I think I like the glittery girl t-shirt best.

  117. I’m liking the knee socks. Just finished my first run disney race and now i am obsessed!

  118. Andrea Johnson says:

    I would buy some t-shirts and mugs!

  119. Lisa Schepka says:

    I would probably get a state shirt.

  120. I would love to check out the mug and tshirt.

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