Happy Halloween, and Costume Look Back

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October could possibly go on record for being the quickest month ever, even through it is 31 days long. I feel like I blinked my eyes, and today is Halloween! I don’t think I am as “in tune” with this kind of ting anymore. When I was in school or was teaching I was very aware of holidays, parties, etc….but not having kids and working from home….not so much. Either way, we will hand out candy, we will watch Hocus Pocus (MY FAVORITE!), carve a pumpkin, and light my fall candles.

I have never been a huge Halloween costume fan. I rarely went to parties growing up, and never have I once donned a…err…”revealing” Halloween costume (no offense to those who do, just never interested me, nor did I want to spend money on a costume.) We always just wore things we had around the house. Totally boring right? I think I have been a football player 3 times.

Last year, we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with some friends, and since she was very pregnant at the time and needed a wheelchair, we decided to go as Dr.’s/nurses bringing her into labor and delivery. So much fun!


In 2010, we were back at Mickey’s Not So Scary, hangin’ 10


In 2008, I was the football player and Bobby was a cheerleader


Halloween 2007, yup. Same scrubs. My family went as the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, with name tags mind you.


Creative no? We just can’t help it. By the way, how totally young does Bobby look in the 2007 photo? My, my, how we have aged in five years. I totally envy people who come up with cool and creative costumes every year, but it is just not my gift. Maybe one day I will be that awesome mom who makes her kids Halloween costumes. We can dream, right?

Be sure to check out last year’s Halloween post:

Halloween in Pictures

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday!

QOTD: Favorite costume you have ever had?

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  1. the two years I lived in Orlando I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary.. like every weekend. haha. Halloween Horror Nights at universal was a lot more ‘adult’ but pfffft. give me the cute little girls in disney princess costumes over the foggy friday the 13th characters ANY day 😉

  2. How fun!! Love the costumes! My husband and I do not dress up (anymore) but pre-kids… we were a hoot! 🙂

    My favorite costume we wore… all of them! I love dressing up in fun attire 🙂

  3. all your pics are so cute! i like creative costumes but usually keep a starbucks barista apron around just in case i don’t wanna buy anything new, which i have used for maybe 3 halloweens. the bf has used the same vampire costume for 20 years or so, so reusing one costume is fine in our household. 😉

  4. Love the medical couple! Happy and safe Halloween 🙂

  5. In your 2007 Halloween group picture, I remember asking “Who’s that girl” and you were like “THAT’S MY MOM!!” Hahah!
    I remember the dumbest things.
    Anyway, great pictures!! Cute costumes!! :0)

  6. LOVE MNSSHP! I’ve been three times and it never gets old. I even have the soundtrack to the parade and fireworks show. I don’t dress up either. It was much more fun as a kid to get candy, now I just wait until Nov. 1 since all the candy will be marked down. And yes, totally agree with October going by super fast. What happened to this month?

  7. How fun to look back!

  8. I’m not much of a Halloween person. I honestly can’t remember the last time I dressed up. Sad, no?

    You’re costumes are simple, but cute. 🙂

  9. Love alll the costumes!!! You’re adorable! My sister and I were matching crayons once! Have a day filled with fabulous!!!! Spa <3

  10. Cute costumes! My best costume was my Dino (from the Flinstones) and a Chicken suit I rented lol

  11. Liz @ Southern Charm says

    My favorite costume ever was Hermoine Granger my last year of law school. It was a blast playing that character for the evening! Nothing has come close since.

  12. Amanda @ Run Principessa says

    Oh I love all of the pictures! Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party is always a blast. 🙂 This year my boyfriend are interpreting pinky and the brain. He’s dressing all in pink and I’m embracing my nerd!

  13. So very cool…. love all of them.

  14. Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife says

    awww i love your costumes! Such cute ideas! (: This year Eric was a pumpkin and I wore 3.14 on a shirt. haha.. it was his brilliant idea!

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