I Failed…but it’s ok

Well, you may remember awhile back I said I was having my glucose test done at the doctor. I was nervous, but not because I thought I would fail…just nervous I would get sick or pass out, but failing wasn’t really on my radar.

I timidly drank the orange drink, waiting for the awful taste and nausea, neither of which came. I had to laugh, it just tasted like orange soda to me and didn’t make me sick at all, nothing to worry about right? That is until my doctor walked in and told me I failed with a 154 (needed to be below 140). I held back the tears as she told me I didn’t do anything wrong, but I couldn’t help it.

Baby M isn’t even here yet and I felt like a failure. I know it may seem silly, but I’m just being real here. That day was not so good, I cried a couple times and was pretty upset about having to take the 3 hour (I had heard even more horror stories). I decided to not share on my blog until after the results from the three hour.

I showed up at the lab after fasting for 12 hours (brutal!) and hadn’t first of four blood draws, then double the amount of my orange soda 🙂


Every hour for 3 hours they took more blood, and while I was very hungry and bored, it wasn’t that bad. Again no passing out or sickness thank goodness. That was the Tuesday before July 4th. I never got a call about my results, so when I has my appointment this past Monday I assumed she would tell me. Well, she didn’t have the results yet! More waiting, I just wanted to know.

I finally got a call on Tuesday afternoon saying I passed with flying colors! What a huge relief. It’s a bit confusing how I failed one so badly, but I am just glad the ordeal is over.

If I has failed it would have been no fun, but I would have managed it for my health and baby M’s health. It’s so strange though how my immediate reaction was that of failure. Diabetes runs in my family, but I just didn’t think about any of that.

Luckily before I got the second results I had forced myself to be ok with whatever happened, and to have a good attitude about it. However, I am so glad I passed! So ladies, if you fail the one hour don’t fret, apparently a lot of people do then go on to pass the next one.

You are not a failure just because you failed! If anyone has questions about the testing I would be glad to try to answer!

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  1. I wish you would have told me! I had gestational diabetes with Allison (but not with Jordan). And the doctor was shocked – I had NO risk factors. It happens! You are in NO way a failure!!

  2. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    Aw, sweetie, I know that must have toyed with your emotions. I’m glad that ultimately you passed though and that you and baby are doing well!

  3. It definitely would not have been your fault. It’s SO easy to blame yourself as a mom — I constantly did through all of Wyatt’s health issues — but it’s definitely not your fault! So glad you passed the 3-hour though!

  4. Victoria L Jones says

    I failed the one hour too and then passed the second one. My doctor says it shouldn’t but depending on your body and metabolism and so forth sometimes what you eat last, even if before the 12 hr mark, could affect the results. It’s an awful feeling to hear you failed already BEFORE your child is even born. Add to that the fact that there is nothing you can do and it makes any mother sick! Glad to hear all is well and that you passed! Sending blessings, love, and sweet thoughts to you and your family in this new, amazing, and sometimes scary stage of your life.

  5. I just don’t like medical tests. If something comes back high or low, I feel like my health is at risk, even though they gave me the results over the phone, which can’t be too bad. I always stress about them and then flip if they’re not perfect.

  6. Lorna Drach says

    Definately NOT your fault. With both my kids, I passed the 1 hr test with flying colors only to learn that I did in fact have gestational diabetes with both babies. Dr. was shocked to discover in my lab work that my sugars were so high in during delivery. Not only that but my kids were 9 lbs and 8 lb 13 oz. due to the diabetes. Nothing I did or could have done would have changed things and NOTHING you did or didn’t do affected that test.

  7. Bridie Rist says

    I had GD with my son and felt exactly the same thing…my body had somehow failed to do the right thing for the baby. I’m glad you passed the second test. Being borderline might explain the measuring two weeks ahead though.

  8. Ok this just finally pushed me to call my doctor – I took my test a week and a half ago and had heard nothing! Luckily I passed but I was definitely nervous. I feel like there’s this stigma that only overweight people get GD, which is clearly not the case! One of my close friends is healthy/in shape/normal weight and she had it so I knew it could strike anyone! Luckily I passed and I’m glad to hear you passed the 3 hour test!

  9. Oh girl! I had no idea! I’m so, so sorry. What an ordeal! I’m so glad you passed the second test but so sorry you had to go through that. It’s all so nerve wracking every step of the way. Here’s hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the way!

  10. I know several people who failed the first test. It was more of an inconvenience having to take the 3 hour test than anything. They all passed the longer test. Luckily I passed the first one both times. It could have been too much sugar in your system from something you ate the day before that caused you to fail the first test. Glad you passed the next one and you’re ok girl!

  11. That is the hardest part of being a mother! Doing everything we can to keep our babies safe and realizing sometimes it is out of our hands. I’m so glad to hear your second test came back fine! I remember those glucose test and I thought they were awful! Blech! 🙂

  12. I am glad to hear your test results came back with good news! :0)

  13. I’m so glad everything came back okay after the second test!

  14. Heather! I’m pretty sure it’s fate that I’ve found your blog! I’m also a runner in Mississippi, I also love Disney and have done 2 Disney races so far, planning on another one in January! And the obvious one, I’m also named Heather! I’m so excited to start following your blog! I’m glad everything turned out good with the second test! We didn’t expect for my boyfriends sister-in-law to not pass because she’s healthy and she’s been walking all throughout her pregnancy, but unfortunately she didn’t pass 🙁 I really just think there’s no way of knowing… you either get it or you don’t, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do to prevent it.

  15. I love the reminder than just because you fail at something doesn’t mean you are a failure. So glad you passed in the end!

  16. Glad you passed the 3 hour!

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