I Will do One Thing Today


It’s Friday eve! I hope you are having a good one. It’s cloudy here, but going to be 80 again. I woke up at 7:00, saw my husband off to work, and then sat down in front of the TV with my coffee. I sat…and I sat…and I sat. You would think I have nothing to do, right? Wrong. I have PLENTY to do.

My house still isn’t unpacked

my desk/work isn’t organized like I want it to be

I haven’t worked out

I have laundry and dishes and dusting to do.

So what’s the deal? I am currently suffering from a case of the lazys. I have been apathetic the past couple of days, and it’s starting to bug me. I think it is a combination of a few things. The newness and excitement of moving is wearing off. I don’t really have any friends here yet. I don’t feel like this town/house/area is “home” yet. So, I am doing what I do best when I get a little sad. Nothing. Sometimes I struggle with getting stuck in my own self pity, and let’s face it, that doesn’t help anyone.

One thing I DO know is how to fix it…if I decide I want to. Sometimes I let my poor attitude get in my own way, and this can lead to me getting deeper and deeper into my “funk.” I really love a good mantra, and have adapted one I haven’t used in awhile to get me through this time and hopefully lift my spirits.


My headmaster at the school I used to teach at gave me this notepad. At the time, I tossed it into a drawer and didn’t think much of it. Funny how a saying means nothing to you when you DON’T need it, but can mean everything when you are grasping for something to get you though.

No, I don’t LITERALLY mean I will do one thing today, ha! To me, this means take it one step at a time. It’s overwhelming to think of all the things I still have to unpack in my house. But, if I look at it as “I am going to unpack one box” the task seems much more manageable and something I can actually do. Then, maybe, once I unpack that first box, I will feel good, and accomplished, and unpack another.

Bottom line: life can get so overwhelming when you think of all your problems, all the things you need to do or accomplish in a day, week, etc. Instead of looking at all of your tasks or problems as a whole, focus on one thing you can accomplish right now. One thing that is going good in your life right now. What blessings can you see? I see a healthy family, a home to live in, people that love me, and the best furry children ever, among many other things.

What is one thing I can do today? I can unpack one box. I can do one load of laundry. I can think of one way I can make new friends. If I am feeling good, maybe I will unpack more, clean more, and it will make my attitude even better.

So when you feel overwhelmed, think of your blessings, think of one thing you can do today, and think of all you have accomplished already. Running races is one of my greatest accomplishments personally. Having run 5 half marathons, a full marathon, 10k, and numerous 5k’s, I can say I am pretty proud of my running accomplishments.


What a great reminder. I hung this up right in front of my desk, so I see it all the time. I believed I could do these things, and I did them!


I am a marathon runner, so I can handle this! I can do one thing today to be a better person, to change my attitude, to be a blessing to someone else today. When life overwhelms you, try and focus in on one thing you can do today. For yourself. For your family for a stranger. Start with just one thing, and then do another. You can do it!

QOTD: What is “one thing” you can do today to get you going so as to not feel overwhelmed by life, but instead feel accomplished?

-Today is my VERY dear friend Jen’s birthday! go check our her blog and wish her a good one!



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  1. I can completely understand what you are feeling. The same exact thing happened to me when I moved into my house. Everything was a mess and I felt so overwhelmed and I just shut down. I still struggle with trying to do too much at once. My husband has been helping me to pick one thing to focus on and complete. It helps when I don’t put all the pressure on myself to do everything – and only do one thing. Just like you said. This “funk” will pass – especially with your attitude of fighting back! Do what your medals say – and BELIEVE! You believed you would finish the marathon…and you did! If you believe that you can do some chores today, you will! Baby steps!

  2. I love that notepad. I actually love all “To Do” type notepads but don’t really have many because they tend to be $12+ a pop.

    I go through phases of not wanting to do anything. I know I can and I know I will feel better about life if I get off my butt and accomplish something but it’s hard. I love organizing but tend to get myself in over my head and get overwhelemd and quit. Take it 1 box at a time and you’ll be fine! No one says/expects everything to be unpacked and “lived in” already!

  3. I hear ya! I’m suffering from that too, I have kind of stalled out in unpacking and getting things done around the house. haha.

    WHERE did you get that believe thing for the wall? I want something to hang my medals off of as well to put in my workout room! Love it!

  4. Laura, I know you can get them from allied medal hangers. If you look it up online you will see it there! I am wanting to get one pretty soon, but mine is going to say something different.

  5. Elizabeth@The Sweet Life says:

    This is a great reminder–it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and to feel paralyzed, often just when we need to power through!

  6. 🙂

  7. Caroline says:

    I really needed this post today – thanks!! Hope things start to look up : )

  8. Corey @ the runner's cookie says:

    Love these tips, Heather! I can definitely get into funks like that once in a while – I think, as you said, thinking of just ONE thing to tackle at a time is so helpful. I think I’m a lot more susceptible to funks when I’m out of my routine, or have a lot to do but no “plan” or schedule, so (knowing that about myself) I try to make a rough schedule for when I have days off (i.e. nowhere I have to be at a certain time). Feeling productive always helps me feel a little better! Since you just moved I can totally understand some of those feelings you’re describing – I bet each day you will feel a little more settled and it will get easier 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing this – I’ve been struggling with a similar issue myself, and definitely needed to read this! (Love how God works) I hope that you were able to do one thing today – I sure did! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

    And you totally inspired me to buy a medal holder for WHEN I get my medals 🙂

  10. Oops..this is my updated info 🙂

  11. Brittany says:

    You got it girl! Definitely take it one day at a time! Definitely my motto 🙂

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