It’s My Birthday & a Giveaway

Hola friends. It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! Birthdays have always been big in my house. Cake, presents, and even eating out of the special birthday plate. (What, you don’t have one?) Today is a VERY special birthday though, because my baby, my eBook that I worked super hard on (and may have cried over a few times) is starting it’s pre sale today, like as in you can pre order it RIGHT NOW!

high-res-book cover

ok…. so what are you waiting for? I’ll be here when you get back.

A couple of notes about the pre order just to make sure we are on the same page (pun intended). 1.) Your card/account will not be charged until the 20th, which is when the book will be delivered digitally to your inbox. 2.) The price of the book will go up on the official launch day which is the 20th of July. So don’t miss out on pre sale pricing!

This is my very first digital product, so I will admit I am a little nervous. I really hope you will love the eBook and will be able to sense the effort, time, and love I put into each chapter. I feel that my blog is a platform I use to reach others, and I hope to encourage, inspire, and motivate with The Average Girl’s Guide to Living an Above Average Life.

pre sale

I wanted to give the opportunity for two of you to get the eBook totally FREE, since it’s my birthday and all. (Please note, don’t let the giveaway stop you from pre ordering. If you win and have already ordered, I will refund your money via paypal!) Please follow the directions below and good luck! The contest runs from now through July 16th. I will announce the winner Monday morning here on the blog.

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The technical side of this eBook would not be possible without two very special and encouraging people. Katy built my landing page and sells a host of products and services that any blogger would find helpful. Abby (and Donnie) created the Book Boss program that made me feel like I could really actually do this, and I can’t believe it’s finally here. be sure to show them some love!

QOTD: No question today, just go check out my pre sale page and have a great July 13th! It’s a pretty good date if I do say so myself.

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  1. Happy Birthday, friend! Hope the pre-sale goes well today! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! Hope the presale is amazing!

  3. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday Heather…love your outlook on life….look forward to your book

  4. Happy Birthday! How exciting to have such an exciting new adventure on your hands with your book!!! Congrats!

  5. Nikki Maddox says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! Looking forward to the book!

  6. Happy Birthday Heather! Hope that you enjoy your day with Bobby and EK!

  7. Congrats on your book and happy happy birthday!!

  8. I just entered and happy birthday! My big 3-0 is on July 22nd, so I’m feeling ready to take some time and reflect, scheme and grow- this book sounds right up my alley!

    Truly, I think we are all called to be more than average, and as I’m turning 30 and leaving my 20’s behind, I’ve seen so many of the folks I went to school with lose their drive or the sparkle we had in earlier years… that ability to not do it ALL but do things that are meaningful- have a family, community, health and save for the future. I can’t wait to read what you have to say on building a better life, I will have to pick up a copy!

    Happy birthday hun!

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