January Photo Dump

Hey guys! I am actually en route to HOUSTON right now with my parents visiting my sister for a couple of days! I will be back on Sunday in time for the Super Bowl, but for now its driving…driving…driving.

My phone told me I have no more storage face (sad panda) so it’s time to download some pictures, and time for a photo dump here on the blog! Here are some recent shots that didn’t make it onto the blog or social media (I think).

Please note that most of these are of my adorable child. She likes to sit in baskets. I do not know why.


Fun at the park


The night before Bobby and I left for Disney and I was already missing her!


Dinner at California Grill the night before the runDisney half


Beautiful sunset


We have been on the boat 5 minutes and Bobby is eating. Raise your hand if you are shocked.


Mardi Gras baby


Bella was not playing nice


I’m not eating “cheese puffs on the counter” also, she ate a whole hot dog this night. Note the belly.


Post 8 mile long run


Bobby’s grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was a WWII veteran, this was from the funeral.




When you almost forget to take off your KT Tape before church


Excited about pine straw


Excited about everything


Excited about Glass Slipper Challenge!


QOTD: Do you run out of storage on your phone?

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  1. Surprisingly I have never ran out of storage and i’ve had well over 1,000 pictures on my phone. I do wonder what my limit is?

    Oh that face, I would be missing that baby for sure! She’s adorable.

  2. Love all the pictures of EK, especially that Mardi Gras dress! So cute! Wish work wouldn’t have gotten in the way so we could meet up this morning….y’all have a safe trip!

  3. LOVE all the pictures of your precious baby girl! That hotdog belly and those pigtails!!! LOVE!!!

  4. Peggi Konvicka says

    I am in Houston to bad I couldn’t meet you 🙂

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