Making a House a Home Part II


Hey everyone! We survived the crazy storms last night and today it’s beautiful out! I am going to have to get out for a run later. So I did level 2 of 6 weeks to 6 pack and I am so sore today! How am I supposed to do the DVD five times a week if I can barely move today?

Quick Disney update…Summer discounts are out for deluxe resorts and villas. between 25-30% off! If you are looking to go 4/22-8/13, contact me! heather AT travelwiththemagic DOT com for a free quote. Just a reminder, my services are FREE for you to use!

So as promised, I have more house pictures for you. Once again, everything is not how I want it, but it’s at least unpacked!


one dog sleeps on the floor and one in the big bowl chair.



This room is huge but we have all old crappy hand me down furniture except for our bed. One day I will have nice furniture!

I took some outside pictures on a beautiful day.



I bleeped out my address….you don’t need that, unless you want to send me free products or money. In that case I will gladly give it to you!




We are enjoying this beautiful spring weather and I have been hanging out outside a lot! Trying to soak in all the nice weather I can before it gets insanely hot and humid!

Off to do some work and then hopefully going for a run later!

QOTD: Are you going on vacation this summer? where? Let me help! Smile

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  1. Corey @ the runners cookie says

    Your house is beautiful!! My family and I are trying to plan a vacation this summer for somewhere on the cape – my parents always leave it to the last minute, it drives me nuts!

  2. I love your house…its very pretty! My family custom-built our house a few years ago, and after many trips to home showcases, home improvement stores, and studying hundreds of house plans, I really appreciate unique architecture and design! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth@The Sweet Life says

    I love your bed–gorgeous!

  4. Your house is so pretty! I love the hardwood floors in the bedroom.

    My family is renting a beach house in July so I’m hoping I can go. Then I have weddings to attend in Michigan and Maine. Not typical summer vacation places but I’m still excited!

  5. Ohh.. I love the shutters outside your front door!

  6. Love your hardwood floors!

  7. wow, Heather!!! what a GORGEOUS house!!!!! It is definitely a home now! It looks great! Are you in love with it or what? Wow, it’s so beautiful! SO happy for you both!!!!! 🙂

  8. I adore your house. It’s so gorgeous!

  9. Oh my goodness, your home is GORGEOUS! Seriously breathtaking. Love it! Congratulations! 🙂

  10. Your house is beautiful! I know what it’s like to want to decorate like crazy, but not have the funds. However, slowly but surely things will happen. Until then, I just watch HGTV and drool…

  11. Oh, I love the double porches! I’ve always wanted a front porch, and you have two!

  12. Love your house Heather. It is so different looking. So cozy, cute and welcoming.

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