May Mini Goals


Happy Cinco De Mayo! Also, Happy National Day of Prayer! It’s another cool day today, I think I am about to go for a run before it warms up, then head to Target, where all of my money will magically disappear!


So yesterday I did a review of the results of my April mini goals, and told you I would come back today with May goals. (I am totally aware we are already 5 days into May, I am slacking a bit this month. Do as I say, not as I do, mkay?)

1.) Sell our dang house!!! As stated before, this REALLY needs to be done. We lowered the price again, and it has been on the market since September, and we really really would love to be free of this burden. Hopefully this is our month!

2.) PR in the 5k. As much as I hate May 5k’s because of the heat, this seems to be the official 5k month around here, so we are forced to race this month if we want to race at all. We will be running two 5k’s, one the 14th and one the 21st. I am excited about the one on the 21st because it starts and finishes at a waterpark and then after the race you get free admission to the park. FUN! To top it off, entry fee is only $13 including the race, t-shirt, and waterpark entry!

3.) Do more stretching. Right before the marathon, I was stretching a lot. I have been doing research and inflexible hips are apparently causing me a lot of problems. They lead to more injury (been there…) and because they are so tight my stride is SO SHORT. I have been trying to focus on stretching out my stride when I run and it makes me run faster and with less energy required, but I have to focus hard on every step in order to do this.

4.) Raise 1/3 of my TNT goal. I mentioned a couple weeks ago Bobby and I are running a fall race with Team in Training. I would love to get as much fundraising completed as quickly as possible so I can focus on training. You can donate HERE. I promise you EVERY LITTLE BIT helps and is SO appreciated! Please consider donating to the cause.

As I have stated in months past, I prefer to make small, very attainable goals as to not set myself up for failure and to boost my confidence in knowing I can “scratch something off my list.”

Just for fun….Here is Bobby hitting golf balls in the park in front of our house.


…and Bobby sitting on the fence in the backyard. It’s like having a 5 year old boy I tell you!


*A few things to mention…I added and updated some of my tabs on my blog yesterday! Take a look, I added an “articles” tab, and a “workout log” tab. I also updated my “about me” section.

*Still looking for a couple of guest bloggers for the end of May. Please e mail me if you are interested!

*Don’t forget, Disney has announced discounts for summer if you have an annual pass, and free dining for anyone from end of August to September 24. E mail me for a free quote at heather AT travelwiththemagic DOT com.

QOTD: Have you set any may goals? share!

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  1. They look like great mini-goals to me! (I have found that mini-goals help tremendously – something to focus on throughout the month!) I need to stretch more as well – my IT band pain is coming screaming back, and I know I haven’t been stretching like I should. (My PT would be very disappointed in me!) Do you find that your strap helps combat the pain while running? My 10K is in a week – eeek!

    • It helps me some. There does come a point where it gets so inflamed nothing helps. I know that point is different for everyone…for me happens around mile 7 or 8, so you May just have to test it out. Some ppl say it doesn’t help them at all, too.

  2. A short stride is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a short stride is often more efficient because less energy is spent propelling the body upwards and more is spent propelling it forward. If you’re stretching your stride to the point where you are landing on your heel, it’s probably too long.

    Try counting the number of times your right foot hits the ground in 30 seconds the next time you run (it can be done anywhere, but it’s easiest to do on a treadmill since the ‘mill will keep you at a steady pace). Multiply that number by 4. That’s your stride rate. Almost all elite runners are consistently around 180.
    If you’re lower than that, try increasing your stride rate without speeding up (again, easiest to do on a treadmill until you get used to it). You’ll do it by shortening your stride. You’ll bounce up less and you’ll land midfoot.

    It feels a little weird at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll find that you can go faster for longer periods of time and that you’re less injury prone. Also, when you’re in the last quarter mile of that race, you’re used to the quick turnover. Now you can lengthen to the more inefficient stride and blow by everybody to the finish!

    Of course, stretching is important too. I also recommend strengthening your hip girdle. Google the “Myrtl routine”. It’s great for stretching and strengthening that area. Your IT band problems are almost definitely caused by weak/tight hips.

    • hhmm.. I have a SUPER short stride, almost like a shuffle. I dont pick my feet up very much and don’t really “push off” when i step if that makes sense? I am 5’9″ and have long legs but since I am so inflexible I literally can’t stretch out very far when I step, I get pain in my hip/leg where my thigh meets my hip/bends. Does that even make sense?
      thanks for the tips!!! I will try it out.

      • That does sound like an awfully restricted gait. You might also try lying down on your side with a tennis ball underneath your hips. Roll over the tennis ball and let it massage your hips. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s effective.

        • yeah it’s pretty pathetic. I was doing good with my flexibility until I reinjured during mardi gras half in feb, then I took time off and stopped rolling and stretching. I used to do the tennis ball thing pretty religiously (it leaves nasty bruises on me though) but I had forgotten about it, thanks for the reminder! Now, where did my dog go with my tennis ball….

  3. That is so awesome that you get to go to the waterpark after the race! I am so jealous!

  4. I need to set some goals I feel like you have better control of your life, I get so much gratification from accomplishments and crossing things off. I also love that you mentioned stretching its something I have been focusing on and its so important for recovery 🙂

  5. Your goals sound great! I know the house not selling is driving you nuts, but do not put pressure on yourself to sell it! It’s just beyond your control, and trying to control it will only leave you more upset 🙁 Trust me!
    And Bobby is crazy for sitting on the fence!

  6. Good luck with all your goals!!

  7. Ok, so your money magically disappears at Target too?? I thought I was the only one experiencing this weird phenomenon. Someone should really talk to corporate about this. 😉
    One immediate goal my husband and I have is to find a good rental home before Summer hits. We’re living with my parents + siblings in the meantime, and it’s pretty crowded. Fingers crossed we find one soon!

  8. Good luck, sounds like great goals!

  9. Haha! The pictures of Bobby make me smile. Definitely things my husband would do. Your fence looks amazing, by the way. I never would’ve noticed it before we started building our own fence, but now I’m always looking at other people’s fences to get ideas for ours. Yours is so fancy smancy! Love it. 🙂

    …okay, I’m done talking about your fence now, haha!

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