Mississippi College Scholarship Dinner

On Tuesday night, Bobby and I had the privilege of attending the annual spring scholarship dinner at our alma mater, Mississippi College. A friend of ours had a table at the event, and invited us to come as guests. We never get to go to anything fancy like this, so it was a real treat. So much so, that I actually curled my hair and put on more than just mascara and concealer!

MC dinner

I may have had to use a half bottle of hair spray, but it stayed put! (My thick thick hair does not like to curl. The curls fall out instantly, especially here in the humid south, but I was determined!)

MC scholarship dinner

I admittedly had not been back to campus in about seven years, and as soon as we walked across the quad, all the memories came flooding back and I got super nostalgic. I can’t believe I graduated NINE years ago this spring. I vividly remember wanting so badly to be out of college so I could be a “real adult”, and now I would give my right arm to go back to those glorious days of no worries.

MC dinner1

The dinner was very nice, we had salad, steak and potatoes, as well as cheesecake.

MC dinner2

We had a very special treat, because not only was the governor, Phil Bryant at the event, but he introduced the keynote speaker, who was none other than Rudy Giuliani.

MC governor

Rudy was such a great speaker, and the time flew by (he talked for well over an hour) but I could have listened to his stories all night.

mc dinner rudy

He is hilarious, and gave his opinions on the presidential election madness, as well as gave us some words of wisdom on leadership and vision, and what our country needs.

MC diner rudy 4

He told stories from September 11th, and about his time as mayor. I truly enjoyed the evening, and am so glad I was able to go and hear someone like Rudy speak (and sit right up in the front, too!)

mc dinner rudy G

One funny side note, his phone rang while he was speaking, and his ringtone was the music for the song “Bad to the Bone.” I die. We just couldn’t get over how hilarious that was.

QOTD: Have you ever heard someone of political notoriety speak in person? I would love to hear who! I’m a total history and government nerd!

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  1. Joy Hargraves says

    I work for NOAA and our administrator is Kathy Sullivan!! Some of you may be a little too young to know who she is, but she was in NASA’s first group of female astronauts. I grew up wanting to reach the stars and even went to Space Camp twice. She was definitely a childhood hero for me. She came to my building when I first got hired. I brought in my Right Stuff Award from my second trip to Space Camp and she signed it and put all 3 of her shuttle missions on it! It is now in a shadow box in my Star Wars room!

  2. A bunch of my friends from college were actually a year ahead of me so I went to their graduation ceremony and Former First Lady Laura Bush spoke. She was an advocate for educating women from Afghanistan and we had a program that she jump started at our school (Rodger Williams University). It was pretty cool!

  3. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy came and taught a couple classes at my law school throughout my years there and spoke to the school a few times. It was very unique to have a Supreme Court justice guest lecture for a constitutional law class. It was always very interesting when he or some other important person was on campus. I’m sure Gulianni was a great speaker to see!

  4. Kelly in Oregon says

    Tom Brokaw was the speaker at my college graduation. I would LOVE to hear Rudy Giuliani speak!

  5. You guys look great all dressed up! Your hair is gorgeous! I LOVE Rudy Giuliani! He seems like such an amazing man! How cool you got to hear him speak!

  6. The dinner looked like a lot of fun…you and Bobby look great too!! 🙂

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