New Hair and a Texting Question

Good morning my friends and happy hump day. (Said the camel way, of course). Yesterday I did something some would consider drastic….I chopped off my hair. COLLECTIVE GASP! I know, right? It was seriously time. My hair told me it was time. (What, your hair doesn’t talk to you?) Anyway, I had a ponytail holder break on me, and since I haven’t had a haircut in oh…8 months…back when I was pregnant….I knew it was time. I know, I know. I hang my head in shame.

Something you may or may not know about me…I am THE most low maintenance hair person. It’s in a ponytail nine times out of ten because well…I’m lazy, and can think of 100 other things to do with my time besides straighten my long thick hair. I don’t even own a blow dryer. I’m not even kidding. My last one broke a year or two ago and I just never replaced it. Anyway, I was hoping by chopping my hair off, the summer heat would be more bearable for running and, maybe I would take the time to actually straighten it if it wasn’t halfway down my back. We will see. Don’t hold your breathe.

unnamed (20)

Do you chop off your hair as the seasons change? Just curious. I stood my ground though and said no to bangs. EVERY TIME I cut my bangs I immediately, like as in ten minutes later, regret it. You should have to sign a mental health waiver to get bangs cut. It’s that traumatizing. Let’s move on shall we?

I was chatting with a friend the other day about texting, and realized something pretty funny. I am the type of person that texts back IMMEDIATELY. I always have my phone next to me or in my hand, so I will reply as long as I’m not on the phone or changing a diaper or something fun like that. Seriously, if you text me and I don’t respond within ten minutes, call the cops, because I may be dead. I have friends that I text with daily, and some are like me and respond instantly (and I in turn get worried if I don’t hear back within a few minutes), and then I have some that may go hours or even days without texting me back. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!? Someone please help me. Is this a blogger/social media thing? Because I am always on social media due to the nature of my work, am I just more prone to responding quickly to texts?


It’s honestly something I never really thought about until now. Someone please enlighten me? Am I a freak? (Bobby, you are not allowed to answer, k thanks.) I’m not saying there is anything wrong with any particular way or timeframe, I just find it fascinating.

Oh, on that note, my husband will be sitting on the couch and get a text and just ignore it. I’m all like AREN’T YOU GOING TO READ THAT? It seriously makes me twitch. Ok, so maybe I do have a problem. Also, don’t leave me a voicemail. There is a good chance you will never hear from me. If you call and I don’t answer, text me and tell me what you want me to do (call you back, etc.) I’m not sure why but I really dislike listening to voicemail. Oh, also if I don’t have your number in my phone and you call me, I probably won’t answer. I refuse to talk to solicitors and that’s usually who the no-name calls are from. So now that you know ALL of my “phone quirks,” I think it’s time for me to be quiet before you never come back to my blog again. if you need me, text, don’t call. Smile

QOTD: What is your texting style? Do you like voicemail? How often do you cut your hair?

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  1. so funny about the voicemail thing… I recently deleted voicemails from the doctors office during my first pregnancy. My daughter is 15 months old… Haha

  2. I hate voicemail too! My mom insists on calling, leaving a vm, then texting to tell me she called even though I’ve told her 100x the vm is unnecessary. I have to answer numbers I don’t know now because of work. But half the time it’s a solicitor like you said.

    • my mom will email me, then text me and say “did you get my email?” no, mom…b/c if I did I would have answered you! I should answer the phone all the time b/c of work, but I just wait for a voice mail then call them back. I don’t want to get stuck on the phone witha client when the baby is screaming or something. I’d rather call on my timetable. Weird i know.

  3. Bridie Rist says:

    My husband is a texting freak…I tell him he’s like my teenagers at school. I’m not a huge texting fan and don’t necessarily respond right away. And it drives my hubby crazy when he’s send a long involved text and I respond with “k”. Lol

  4. Love your haircut!!

    I typically text right back too, and I don’t answer when I don’t know who is calling either. It really bothers me when I text someone and they don’t text me back right away!

  5. First of all, I love the new hair do! It looks great on you!

    I think our texting styles are the exact same! The only time my phone isn’t with me is because it’s charging in another room. 99% of the time, I will text someone right back. And voicemails?? Ughhh, if you want to know the quickest way to get defriended in my book then leave me a voicemail.

  6. Josh doesn’t check social media notifications. I’m like how does that not drive you mad?! haha

    Your hair looks great!

  7. I do check voicemail and if I see a number pop up, I won’t answer because they can leave a message. If it’s someone or something not worth my time, I delete the voicemail. If it’s someone I do know, I’ll add the number to my contacts. Oh, and sometimes I have people as contacts so I see they’re calling and won’t answer :-p

  8. The hair looks great Heather! I hate to admit it but it’s been over a year since I’ve had a haircut! :-/ Yeah…I know. I need one desperately. And texting…I always have my phone on me unless I’m at school teaching. So I will always answer back right away! It irritates me when someone texts me, I answer right away, and then they won’t answer back! Grrr!

  9. My SIL are the type that will text back a few days later. Which is slightly maddening since we really only text to plan things. I thought it was because they are moms. Glad to know it’s just them and not motherhood. Because I hope to be a texting mom someday!

  10. Kelly in Oregon says:

    I have exactly the same phone preferences as you: 1. respond to texts immediately, 2. don’t listen to voicemails, and 3. never answer if I don’t know who it is! I store all of my doctors, hair, etc. numbers in there so I will actually answer for reminder calls!

  11. I’m just like you. In fact, anything pending on my phone, I have to deal with it right away. I might be a freak for sure. Any and all notifications are dealt with immediately. If I can’t (I’m in a meeting, driving, whatever…) I deal with it as soon as I can. I just can’t see any icons letting me know that I have things pending like a message or even a game notification (I’m seeing you Trivia Crack! Must. Answer!) so if you have yet to achieve that level of paranoia, then you feel better about it. lol

  12. Peggi Konvicka says:

    I hate voicemail too. I always text back immediately. I need you as a texting buddy LOL 🙂 Love the new do, it is super cute.

  13. Like you, I text back immediately and I despise voicemail. I don’t answer my phone from numbers I’m unfamiliar with either, and I really can’t stand calling people back, though I’m a pretty social girl. I have found that I prefer texting to talking on the phone in general. Maybe we are too dependent on technology?! Oh well!

  14. Ok I think we may be long lost relatives lol. I HATE straightening my hair…I’m so low maintenance with it it mostly ends up in a ponytail or bun. I just can’t stand the time it takes to do it. My hair is long and frizzy. And if I get it cut it MUST be ponytail length. I chopped it all off last year and hated it because it annoyed me when I ran.

    I’m also attached at the hip to my phone. I respond immediately to texts and am usually like “why isn’t that person texting me back? Don’t they love me?” Haha. I have phone separation anxiety. It might be a blogger thing because we’re so used to being on social media 24/7.

    Your haircut looks great btw!

  15. I am not an immediate text answerer. In fact, as I’m typing this reply I heard my phone beep in the other room. LOL If something important is happening, I would get a call. I never feel like texts are ever that urgent otherwise the person texting me would try harder to reach me.
    And, I actually don’t mind voice mails and sometimes wish my husband would leave more informative ones! I do my grocery shopping on Mondays after work and something he’ll leave me a voice mail while I’m shopping that says, “Call me.” I’ll call him and he’ll say, “Can you get me Subway for dinner?” Why couldn’t you just say that in the voice mail?!

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