Oh, Look, More Corn!


Hi from Texas! How yall doin? So since Monday I have been in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and now Texas. I am a busy bee! One thing is for certain, putting a heavy rolling rack and 9 mannequins in and out of my car 3 times a day all week has been quite the sweaty chore in this heat! Good thing the Running Skirts line is sweat wicking, eh?

Yesterday morning we packed up at the hotel and headed to my first of three appointments in Tulsa. I met some great people at all three and had a great time talking skirts.

yesterday I was skirted up in…

2011-07-21074744 2011-07-21074849

Mums midnight RS, purple swift sox, midnight strappy tank and azure LS run love top.

After my second appointment, we had some time to kill so we went to Red Robin. We have Red Robin commercials at home but NO Red Robin which really annoys me, so I was excited to try it out. It was yummy, two thumbs up!



After the third appointment, we started a 4.5 hour drive to Texarkana. It was LONG. down winding country roads, through podunk towns where you have to drive s-l-o-w, etc. Oh, and we saw a LOT of corn.


Hi Texas!

photo (4)

Here is my moms’s attempt to take a pic of me with the corn…yeah…


So, we passed a LOT of corn. A lot of crops, really. I felt like I was in the musical Oklahoma. Fun Fact: in 3rd grade my school put on the play/musical Oklahoma and I was in it. Fun-ny!

We finally made it though!


Hello Hampton Inn, good to see you…again…a few hours after checking out of another one…


I decided to hit the gym, I haven’t run in two weeks sue to some knee pain. Unfortunately, I am not quite ready to run. It didn’t HURT per say, but felt “weird” makes total sense, right? So I did one mile and called it a night.

Lookie, my purple socks match my purple shoes!


Today is the last leg of our trip. I have two appointments heading back down to the NOLA area, and I get to see Karen! So excited! Then I will head home to husband and the pups and I get to spend the weekend with them. Woot!!

QOTD: Do you have Red Robin? Like?

PS: I am FIVE followers away from 900 on Twitter. Help a sister out!

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  1. Aww I’m sorry the knee is still giving you trouble! How frustrating! Have soooo much fun w/ Karen 🙂

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and really enjoy it. LOVE the running skirts outfits!

    We have Red Robin commercials in our Red Robin-less town, too! Seems like a big waste of advertising $$$ on their part. It does look yummy, though.

  3. Red Robin is our absolute favorite. We eat there almost every Sunday after church. I get the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad every time. I am a creature of habit like that. I do sneak a few french fries from a family member though. It’s not that good for me, considering I drown the salad in ranch dresssing. I do LOVE it!

  4. Like you, I see the commercials on TV but don’t have one around me. SERIOUSLY…how fair is that? I did get to try it once while out in Colorado though, and really liked it! Your running outfits are always so cute… I’m thinking i need to get some new running clothes:)

  5. Tara Burner says

    Sorry about your knee 🙁

    and OMG tooo funny about how you have Red Robin commercials but no Red Robin…my daughter feels your frustration! she sees commercials constantly but no Red Robin anywhere near here and no clue where there is one….going to have to take a loong road trip for her one of these days to discover one apparently!

    love the matching purple socks & shoes!

  6. I already follow you on twitter. I see you already hit the 900 mark..congrats!

    I really want to go to a Red Robin but there is not one close to me…one of these days though.

  7. CORN! How funny!!! Yay for the end of your very long road trip! :0) I had a great time with you and your mom yesterday! Can’t wait to see y’all again!

  8. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE Red Robin!! So glad you finally got to try it.

    The purple socks are awesome!!

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