Wedding Season

Well folks, it is definately wedding season!! We have gotten several invites in the past month of two, love is in the air!! All this wedding talk got me thinking about my wedding from over three years ago. I LOVED my wedding. I am pretty obsessed … [Continue reading]

A yuck day

Today has just been one of those days. You know what I mean, the one where you want to go home, get in your PJ's, not talk to anyone, and maybe eat a gallon of ice cream. (don't worry, I am not doing this!) So, that got me thinking about emotional … [Continue reading]

Sunburn, puppies, and pollen

I was very glad that I was starting my week on a Tuesday and not a Monday. Wait...that doesn't make a lot of sense...but you get what i mean! Yesterday was so glorious. I slept in, I Went for a run, had lunch with my husband, sat outside and read a … [Continue reading]

Easter and Secrets

Ok, so I know the past couple posts have been a little boring and i didn't talk at all about what i was doing this weekend. Well, there was a reason! We were heading to New Orleans Friday morning, and Saturday night my sister's husband was throwing … [Continue reading]

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to pop on with a few thoughts since I may not post tomorrow. We will have to see! So I didn't run today but I did elliptical and my leg/hip that was hurt yesterday is very tight, but not really "hurting" so I am going to try stretches … [Continue reading]

Not another injury

GAH I have the worst luck. So someone PLEASE tell me what is wrong with me!! I was running this morning and at mile 1.3 my leg did something really weird...You know when you lay on your hsoulder funny and it kinda feels like it's popping out of … [Continue reading]

The Plight of Eating Out

I loveto eat out. I briefly touched on this in my weekend woes post earlier this week. Eating out is a big destresser for me, it's fun, and we both love to eat. The problem comes in because when I eat out, I want to eat GGGOOODDD food, if I am paying … [Continue reading]


I have been bored running, so I thought if I varried my runs it would help, also it would help with my speed. So my plan yesterday was to do 3 miles, a slow mile, a fast mile, and another slower but not AS slow mile. It was hot and sunny and I am not … [Continue reading]

Running Skirts and The Hills??

I know I have at least one post on running skirts, but something actually prompted me brining this up. Well, two things. The Hills, which i do not watch, and the running skirts new line. I was reading my US weekly e-mail I get everyday. The other … [Continue reading]

Weekend Woes

Does anyone else feel like they totally fail on the weekends with their eating? I do SO well during the week because I pack my lunch. Breakfast is really healthy, dinner is so so, but I am ok with that due to the two other meals being super healthy.  … [Continue reading]