Pregnancy Update: Week 14

Sorry for the lack of blog post yesterday, but Monday (the day I write for Tuesday) was a rough day for me and I just didn’t get to write anything. But today, I have my bumpdate for you all! 14 weeks, and finally officially in the 2nd trimester by all sources!

14weeks bump

Symptoms: Still a lot of the same. Excess Saliva, acne, constipation, no appetite, out of breathe easily, tire easily during workouts. I WILL say the morning sickness has gotten a LOT better. I still have no appetite and in the evenings if I haven’t eaten enough that day I get sick, but it’s not nearly as bad, so hopefully I get my appetite back soon and it will be easier to eat more! I think my bloating is finally starting to go down. I look smaller in today’s picture than I do in yesterday’s (see last photo).

Baby’s Size: Lemon

Maternity Clothes: Going to buy some this weekend, particularly bottoms. I can make shirts do for awhile longer but not normal people (i.e. not workout) bottoms.

Stretch Marks: Still ok

Sleep: Eh. Some nights better than others. I usually have no problem falling asleep but some nights I wake up at 2 or 3 AM and can’t fall back asleep. I also get up at least once to go to the bathroom.

14weeks bump3

Miss Anything? Being able to workout/walk up the stairs/run without feeling so tired and winded.

Cravings: Same. Cold fruit, cold drinks, snowballs. I may invest in a snowball/shaved ice machine. Maybe.

Aversions: Same. Just don’t really want to eat much of anything. Except snowballs. Always room for snowballs.

Looking Forward To: Craving food again, and my appt. next week!

What I’m Loving: That while I don’t feel amazing, I feel SO much better than I did this time last month. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel to my friends still in their first trimester going through sickness!

Workouts: Still not great but getting better. I ran twice last week, 2 miles each time. I also rode the stationary bike at the gym. I try to at least walk 6 days a week for 2 miles if nothing else, so that I am at least moving.


The first trimester moved SO SLOWLY but I feel like the past week flew by, woo hoo!

QOTD: Did the second trimester fly by for you if you have even been pregnant? What did you crave or hope one day you will crave as a pregnant lady?

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  1. So glad you’re starting to feel better! Hope your appetite comes back soon!

  2. I am thinking about buying a snowcone machine too!!! Lol. I was going to attempt to make one in my blender first and am ordering my fav flavor I’ve been craving (polar punch) lol.

    You look great!

  3. So glad to hear your sickness has gone away! Yay 2nd trimester!! Snowball are definitely delicious – I hope your appetite comes back soon so you can enjoy more foods again though!

  4. Good to hear you’re getting better.

  5. steph @FitMomTraining says

    You had me at snow cone…

    During my second pregnancy, ice water was my everything. The colder the better. We have a huge ice machine at work and all I wanted to do was jump in it and eat my way out. So far, no cravings this time around.

    Glad I’m not the only one who gets winded walking up a flight of stairs….looking great though! Keep wigging toward the light!!

  6. Looking good! I’m so glad the nausea has subsided for you. That definitely made the first trimester crawl by for me. And now, yes, the 2nd trimester is going quickly!! As for cravings, it was salsa and spices earlier but now the chocolate cravings are kicking in… 🙂

  7. Glad you are feeling better!! 😀

  8. Look, there is a tiny little bump! So cute and small! So glad that you are feeling better. Give it 1-2 more weeks and you will be able to eat up a storm. Congrats on keeping up running, I know it is hard but again in 1-2 more weeks you will be able to up your mileage and be so happy, just in time for the super hot and humid season in your part of the country!

  9. You are just too cute girl! Glad you are starting to feel better! Don’t worry…you will come to LOVE food and it will taste amazing! I craved birthday cake with my first one…I advise against this…I gained 40 pounds with him! 🙁

  10. Congrats!

    One thing that my midwife told me that had really helped with sleep this pregnancy is to eat protein right before bed. Most of the time the night wake ups are due to a sudden drop in blood sugar. So far I have really noticed a difference on nights when I do eat and don’t eat right before bed. Also if you haven’t already invest in the bump nest or snoogle.

    As for the 2nd trimester it passes so much more quickly. I remember it did with my daughter and currently I am 23 weeks and it is flying by. Third trimester however seems to go slowly (due to anticipation).

  11. Yay for the second trimester. I hope you get through the morning sickness phase soon. I’m happy to finally be done with all of that. I’ve been craving fruit too! Lots of it.

  12. Liz Ford says

    Sooo my dad totally has a snowball machine from when he just moved to New Orleans 35+ years ago … sometimes we make him stalk ice blocks so we can bust it out. Honestly … best invention ever. We used it through childhood and still sometimes today!

  13. Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better! Great job staying active!

  14. The whole thing pretty much flew by for me! I had an almost textbook pregnancy, though. No sickness, no weird cravings. I did crave mcdonald’s shakes and fries for a couple weeks, though. I was able to run (wog) throughout. Definitely invest in a couple maternity bottoms…one jeans and one khaki/black should be enough for long pants, and a couple shorts. I recommend the full panel vs the low stretchy waistband. I bought a pair of the low waistband jeans at Gap for like $70 and was only able to wear them for a very short time. Full panel you can wear the entire pregnancy. Old Navy, Target, and Kohl’s have inexpensive maternity wear. Again, no need to spend $$$$$ when you are only going to wear them for a few months. Compression socks are your friend. Can’t stress that enough. Looking forward to hearing how fabulous your second trimester is! 🙂

  15. fingers crossed you just keep feeling better and better!

  16. Congrats on making it through the first tri!!! Hopefully your energy and appetite come soaring back soon. I’m on pregnancy #2 and I’ve craved fruit like crazy with both of them. COLD fruit sounds even better! 🙂

  17. You look great Heather.

  18. Glad you are feeling better <3

  19. Heather, you and your baby bump are just too cute! Glad to hear that you’re starting to feel better!

  20. My morning sickness lasted until week 20, I was ready to punch the next person who told me it would end after 12 weeks!

    I craved watermelon and broccoli, I ate broccoli every day I was pregnant and watermelon every day it was in season!

  21. i haven’t craved anything during my pregnancy…. but i have eaten A LOT. like all food appeals to me. (well after the first trimester) you should check out fitmaternity for workout bottoms – they’re so comfortable!

  22. Ohh yes. The peeing in the middle of the night is the worst! So glad to hear you’re feeling better. Yay!

  23. Thanks for linking up (the post will run tomorrow)! You are looking fab!

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