Pregnancy Update: Week 18

Another week has flown by. I do wish it would slow down a little! I have felt pretty good this week, some days I ever forget I am pregnant for a little while because I am feeling much more normal.

The belly is definitely growing (sadly, along with other parts, ha!) and I can’t wait for my anatomy scan next Wednesday!

18weeks bump

Let’s compare week 12 and week 18 to see how much I have changed in 6 short weeks.

12weeks bump2 18weeks bump

Yikes! II t’s crazy to think I am going to get SO much bigger, too. Oy.

So let’s take a look at how this past week has gone:

Symptoms: A lot of the same…acne, peeing a lot, tired, can’t focus well, emotions all over the place, round ligament pain when I run, get lightheaded if I stand up too fast. But honestly, those symptoms while annoying, don’t really change my ability to function on a somewhat normal level, so I am feeling good this week.

Baby’s Size: Sweet potato and bell pepper are the two I have seen.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new, but can fit into less and less of my normal things!

Stretch Marks: still ok

Sleep: Eh. I have no trouble falling asleep but if I wake up in the night I am wide awake at least an hour or two, and it’s maddening! Plus I pee 1-3 times a night.

Miss Anything?: Sleeping on my stomach. That will be a glorious day!

Cravings: My sweet tooth has been in overdrive, especially for chocolate. Easter candy was consumed in abundance.

Aversions: Still iffy on veggies, red sauce, and large portions of protein in one sitting. I snack a lot.

Looking Forward to: Seeing my family this weekend, although the occasion is sad (my grandmothers funeral).

What I’m Loving: Feeling relatively normal this past week. It’s been nice to feel a little more like myself and not like my body has been taken over.

unnamed (5)

Workouts: Not as good this week. After my race last weekend I took it easy for a few days because my round ligament paid was bad from the race. I did walk five times, run 2.5 miles once, and did the stationary bike at the gym + arm weights once.

QOTD: Ladies who have been pregnant: Did you feel “normal” at this stage? Anyone else: How were your workouts last week?

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  1. Weights and yoga are going OK but I hit a point yesterday where all I wanted to do was run. I hope you cotinue feeling more normal.

  2. You look great! Yes, the mid-second tri is the honeymoon period — it’s so nice! I’m sorry about the round ligament pain. Hope it goes away soon!

  3. I felt pretty normal at 18 weeks. For me, I was just starting to show, which was amazing, because I didn’t feel so bloated anymore. There was actually a baby in there! My hips and butt definitely grew like crazy in those first 20 weeks. All par for the course! Worth every little bit!

  4. Looking great, Heather! You have a good excuse to eat Easter candy – I have no excuse for the amount I ate lol!! :0)

  5. You look gorgeous!!

  6. Love it…too cute! Can’t wait to see you soon!!

  7. 18 weeks is great! That is when I am feeling amazing and I start to look pregnant and not just bloated. 2nd trimester is the best! Enjoy it and do all the hard stuff, moving, setting up baby’s room and all during this time! You look great Heather!!!

  8. You look amazing Heather! Yes I felt pretty normal around your stage. It was super exciting because we were about to find out the gender!

  9. Yep, I always started feeling a better around 18/19 weeks… and it lasted until I got really far along, like 36/37 weeks… so enjoy!

  10. steph @FitMomTraining says

    I’d say that with each pregnancy 20-25 weeks was my golden time where my body felt like mine again after so many weeks of feeling like I had no control over it.

    I too miss lying on my stomach. Thankfully my massage therapist has a pregnancy pillow so for one hour a month I can lie comfortably on my stomach. Pure bliss.!!

  11. Good job staying active! Definitely keep up the upper body work throughout if you can. Once the baby comes and you are carrying it around all the time, your arms will be SO SORE for the first couple weeks.

  12. I felt normal at week 18 but weeks 20-30 were probably my favorite time to be pregnant. I remember going on our babymoon around 25 weeks and loving spending a week in Destin while flaunting my baby belly.

  13. You look super cute! Sorry about the pain and hope that goes away. Sorry about your grandmother too. May you enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

  14. i felt very normal for the majority of pregnancy – i popped late and still felt great!

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    Pregnancy Update: Week 18

    Another week has flown by. I do wish it would slow down a little! I have felt pretty good this week,

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