Pregnancy Update: Week 30


30weeks bump

Symptoms: I feel bad complaining but I just feel big and slow and tired. I know it’s just going to get worse, but we just have a lot going on in our lives right now trying to move and get settled, so hopefully once that happens I can rest more (physically and mentally!) and prepare for baby M! I noticed it is getting much harder for me to do simple things like get out of bed, stand up out of a chair, roll over in bed at night etc. Also my hips have started aching regularly and I am trying to sit more/put my feet up.

Baby’s size: Cucumber/large cabbage

Let’s compare, 20 weeks to 30 weeks…..

20weeks bump 30weeks bump

Whoa, baby! 10 weeks makes a big difference! And to think I thought I was “huge” at 20 weeks! Ha!

Maternity Clothes: Still refusing to buy anything new, although I am having a hard time fitting into shorts now. I wear the same 2 paid over and over, and same pair of denim shorts and capris. Trying to make them last!

Stretch marks: Nothing new but I don’t check super close

Sleep: Oy. So up and down. Two day ago I was wide awake at 3:15, finally got out of bed at 5:00 when I realized I was tired of staring at the ceiling. Then last night I actually had a decent sleep, so confusing!

Miss anything: Feeling normal, running, good sleep.

30weeks preggo

Cravings: Same (I’m so boring) carbs, chocolate, frozen things

Aversions: large meals, that’s about it.

Looking forward to: MOVING! Yes my friends, we will be in a permanent home as of next Wednesday!

What I’m loving: Pinning nursery ideas, so much fun to think about and I can’t wait to nest!

Workouts: Just walking this week, I try to go every other day between 1-2 miles. Also doing stretches and a few leg exercises like squats, leg lifts, etc.

QOTD: Did you go all out decorating a nursery? Did you make a lot of things or just buy stuff?

Anyone else craving frozen things? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and has nothing to do with pregnancy!

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  1. You look great! But ugh the pregnancy hip pain is the WORST. I still remember walking to the buses from the finish line of Wine and Dine and stopping to take sitting breaks bc the pain was unbearable!

    Only a couple more months! You can do it! 🙂

  2. Still glowing & looking great. Only 2 and 1/2 more months to go until you get to meet your sweet baby 🙂

    As for our nursery – I imagine we will go big, but not oh my gosh this looks ridiculous big. Settle & beautiful

  3. Stacie@SimplySouthernStacie says

    I’ve loved seeing your bump grow! The comparison pictures are great! You are so close!

  4. Hang in there Heather. Great news on the new place and you can relax when moving’s over.

  5. i’m terrible at decorating and don’t like it at all lol my mom and sister designed our nursery and still… almost 4 months later… there’s barely anything on the walls. my mom literally JUST hung a large canvas of william above his crib and then a needlepoitned abc thing from when i was growing up on a different wall!

  6. So close to the finish line now! For our nursery for our first kid, I bought pretty much gender neutral it is a lime and yellow colored theme and the bedding I bought 6 of the same sheets because I planned on using the same bedding for all the kids we would eventually have. So I decided that when we do have a girl i will just use the red that is the accent color (a bird on the theme) as more decorations for our girl. Saved us a ton of money for #2 not having to buy ANYTHING! but the teal and bright pink is super cute and popular now! We got Pottery Barn bedding too because they LAST.

    Cat/cow and wag the tail were my favorite exercises to do to help with my hip pain. (and during labor too!)

  7. I was pregnant in the summer with B and ate half a watermelon every day!

  8. Wow! What a difference in 10 weeks! You are still precious and just glowing! I remember the hip pain so well. Man it hurts so bad! I loved decorating the nursery! I’m not creative so I just bought things for it. And cravings..with my first one I craved birthday cake! I think I ate like 4 pieces in one sitting one time! And that’s why I gained so much weight with him! The second time around I don’t really remember craving anything. I also didn’t gain as much weight either lol!

  9. I love when they quote baby sizes with fruits and veggies. As soon as I read this, I immediately pictured a baby in the shape of a cucumber (super awkward baby) and then a sumo baby cabbage haha

  10. Yay for moving into a new place! You are looking beautiful!

  11. You look great, Heather! I’m craving frozen things and I’m not PG! It’s summer. As much as you miss running, just enjoy being pregnant and resting. The running will be there and you’ll get back to it in no time!

  12. I miss my typical workouts the most. I can still do some running but nothing like pre-pregnancy. We are in the final stretch now!

  13. What a difference a few weeks makes! You’re looking great…and she will be here so soon! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for her nursery…it’s going to be adorable!! 😀

  14. Such an adorable belly you have!!! I went all out with planning a nursery and I did end up buying a lot, but that was years ago before I was really into Pinterest….so I think if things were different I would be pinning away!!! 🙂

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