Pregnancy Update: Week 33


33 weeks! It’s getting real! I feel so unprepared. The crib isn’t put together, car seat isn’t installed, and I have yet to tour the hospital. Oy! Must. Get. Moving. This. Week.

Symptoms: Nothing majorly different except I am getting more and more uncomfortable every day. My hips and back ache, rolling over in bed and getting out of bed hurts, and you an forget standing up on my own after sitting on the ground. I just feel huge and am starting to feel pressure “down there” and am ssooo ready to be done with this. Of course I want baby to keep cooking, but you know what I mean! Also, it is HOT outside, and I am hot all. the. time. No matter what I do I can’t seem to cool off, and have been staying indoors as much as possible. Who’s idea was is to be 8 months pregnant in the summer? Oh wait…

Baby’s Size: durian fruit <—– What the heck is that?

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, I’m really trying to hold out!

Stretch marks: Knock on wood, still ok!

Sleep: Still getting up several times a night, but not having as hard of a time falling back asleep. I think I have just been so exhausted from unpacking!

Miss anything: walking without waddling, not feeling tired all the time, just generally miss feeling “normal”. I really miss racing too. Seeing everyone’s photos of their runs etc. makes me ready to get back to it!

Cravings: Morning sickness is making a comeback, I have had two days this week where I haven’t wanted to eat anything at all and felt nauseated. I have been eating a lot of ice cream though. Smile 

Aversions: Most foods? I just don’t seem hungry ever, and “meals” do not seem appetizing. This explains my two pound weight loss at my last dr. appt. I have another appt. on Tuesday so we will see where I stand.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery all set up and showing you guys! We got it started but I am not ready to share pics just yet!


But I will show you this from the nursery Smile

What I’m loving: It’s pretty obvious to everyone I am due soon. People in stores, etc. always ask when I’m due and if it’s a boy or girl, and it’s fun to chat. Except when the man at Lowe’s says “wow, you look like you are about to drop that baby! You must be due any day!” You should have seen the look on his face when I said I have 7 weeks left!

Workouts: Lots and lots of unpacking and moving, walking around placing things, etc. I am exhausted and still have a lot to do!

QOTD: When you were pregnant did people think you were a lot farther along than you really were?

What are your favorite color combos for nurseries that you have seen lately?

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  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    Loving those nursery colors – can’t wait to see more!

  2. I don’t think anyone ever thought I was further along with my pregnancies than I was. Actually, I went to a wedding when I was 38 weeks, 3 days pregnant with Jakeand someone asked me how many weeks I had left. At that point I only had 4 days left until my schedule c/section! A good friend of mine though carried a ton of fluid with her first and she was asked ad nauseam when she was due and if she was having twins. Sort of funny, because her second pregnancy ended up actually being twins!

    You look great! Soak up these last few weeks with Bobby!

  3. It is so funny the different opinions people have! I get “you’re tiny” all the time and then will hear someone else say “you look like you’re about to pop!” ha! Of course, ne FEELING tiny around here. 🙂 (BTW, you look GREAT!)

    I’ve been having the same food “aversions,” too. Planning meals is SO hard because nothing just sounds good…and I really don’t want to eat come supper time. Ice cream is ALWAYS good, though.

    We are using mist blue, white, and grey. I want to add pops of green as well. I also like the blue, grey, and yellow that I’ve seen. The people who sold us our house used mist blue, white and pink. It was SO cute!

  4. I love that color combo for the nursery. I don’t remember my nursery colors, of course :-p but my parents still have the Winnie the Pooh decorations they hung on the walls.

  5. Bless your heart! It is tough being pregnant in the summer! I was only maybe 3 months along with my one baby and I was dying! I love your nursery colors, so beautiful!
    When I was pregnant with the twins I got the comments all of the time of how huge I was! Finally I just said, “what do you mean? I’m not pregnant” Just to tease them! And one time I went to a restaurant with my mom and the hostess sat us in a booth…I couldn’t even fit with my big belly! Luckily I was having a good preggo day and just laughed!

  6. I think it really just depends on our bodies. People are shocked to hear that I’m almost 37 weeks, but I feel it. I’m sure if I wasn’t plus size to begin with people wouldn’t be shocked to know I only have 3ish weeks left.

  7. At 34-35 weeks, I got one well-meaning stranger go “Whoa! You’re huge! Are you carrying twins in there?” And one or two people asking how overdue I was. LOL. Hang in there!

  8. You’re still a cutie Heather!!! I feel ya on the being hot part! Both my babies were summer ones…Hayden was born July 27th and Sawyer was born August 22nd! HOT!

  9. I love the color combo in the nursery!

    Omg why would that guy say that?! Some people… you just have to laugh! haha

  10. Your bump is adorable (though I am sure you’re ready to meet your little girl). I would be ready, too. Carrying a human in your stomach seems both beautiful and exhausting!

    And the nursery will get done and be so cute based on the colors you have picked out… don’t stress yourself out or feel unprepared. I’m guessing getting a crib set up is pretty important, but the rest of it is relatively minor. From following your blog, you seem like you’ll be a great mom!

  11. Oh girl, I am 30 weeks tomorrow and am carrying out front with my baby boy, who is in a cannonball position. I have a huge basketball out ahead of me. Everyone keeps asking me when I am due and am shocked when they hear I have over 2 months to go! Hang in there!

  12. Jennifer Z says

    You look so great!! Can you just cut and paste your post over into my blog? Ha! I’m feeling exactly the same. Ugh. So ready to have this baby and I still have 7 weeks left!

  13. Nicole Glass says

    People are making comments to me too, it it bothers me because they are co-workers! They all know I have 6 more weeks, but swear I’m “SO HUGE” (their words….) that my doctor must have the wrong due date. After every appointment they ask if my due date was changed.
    Oh! And when I tell them I don’t sleep any more (I get 2-3 hours a night) they say, “only a few more days!” Um, I’m due September 26th!
    My morning sickness never left, so I feel yeah. It’s getting hard to function. Oh well, we’re almost there!

  14. You look great! Can’t wait to see the nursery!

  15. Ah yes, the end of pregnancy is lots of fun for some of us. I was the same way, both times! I always had pressure down low and the whole moving around in bed thing…impossible. Watch that low pelvic pressure…you might go early. Both of mine were natural labor at 38 weeks!

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