Pregnancy Update: Week 36

One more week until I am considered full term! I fell like a ticking time bomb now, it’s so weird knowing I could go into labor any day. I had my weekly appointment yesterday, and I we discussed my constant cramping. She said baby M is right behind my pubic bone and probably pressing on some nerves, but cramping can be a good sign of progress, too. We are going to do an ultrasound next week to see if I am still measuring two weeks ahead. I am up a total of 26 pounds, and my doctor is very happy with the way things are going as of now. I have been more anxious/nervous trying to get things together knowing it could really be any time now, it definitely feels more “real!”

36weeks bump

Symptoms: Constant period like cramps of varying intensity, insomnia, general feeling of being tired and run down. Definitely have the pregnant waddle down pat! Just an “uncomfortable” feeling, nothing out of the ordinary, I would just call it “normal pregnancy misery” aside from the cramps. Everything else is still pretty much the same. My skin is super clear, just having slight swelling (it’s SO HOT here!), belly button STILL has not completely popped out! My eyesight is noticeably more blurry and my brain is foggy as well.

Baby’s Size: Honeydew

Maternity Clothes: My generous friend Jen sent me more clothes! It’s been such a blessing to not have to buy much, and I know this will hold me over until the end!

Stretch Marks: Same ole same ole, fingers crossed!

Sleep: Eh. Still getting up to pee between 2-5 times a night. Trying to stay super hydrated with the issues I had with contractions last week, which makes sleeping for long stretches harder!

Miss Anything: Being able to stand unassisted? I am getting to the point where I think if I sat on the floor I would be stuck there all day until Bobby came home from work to help me up. Movement in general is just harder these days.

Cravings: Popsicles! I eat 2-3 a day. Also sweets/chocolate.

36weeks bump3

This is my “OhMyGoshBobby stop taking random pictures” face.

Aversions: Boring me again, with the beef and chicken. I can only do it in small doses. Well, all meals are small these days or I feel awful after.

Looking Forward To: Being done with this stage! I am admittedly an anxious person already, so this “any day now” business is very distracting, it’s hard to get my work done during the day.

What I’m Loving: Chatting with people about the baby, everyone asks me about her now at the store, church, etc. It’s fun! Also, the nursery is VERY close to completion!

Did you see yesterday’s post on recovering a glider? It has a nursery sneak peek in it!

recover glider

Workouts: None. After being admitted last week, I have been on a modified bed rest of sorts. No exercise, limit walking and climbing stairs, no lifting, etc. Rest rest rest (which is SO hard for me to do!)

QOTD: Did you feel like a ticking time bomb when you were in your last month?

Are you good at following your doctors orders when you are sick/have surgery etc.?

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  1. You look great! I can’t believe she can literally be here any day now!

  2. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    Any day now! How exciting : )

  3. We are almost there girlfriend!!!! Yay!!
    I’m so frickin tired of being pregnant right now. After our move, I started to get some major hip/back pain from all the bending over and being on my feet for so long.
    We are champs for all we’ve gone through with these pregnancies.
    You’re in my thoughts in prayers.

  4. Ah the dreaded wait now! I’m sure it will get old very quickly of everyone asking you if it’s time yet! The last month feels more like a year of waiting! For both of my pregnancies I didn’t have them until 38 weeks for the twins and 40 exactly for my one! I was so done I tried all of the tips for trying to start labor and none of them worked! Hang in there, you’re in the home stretch now! You look so great!

  5. I’m not good at following doctor’s orders if it goes against what I want. When I had surgery on my foot, the doctor told me to use crutches until he said so, but I only used them one day. They’re vile things and I walked on my heel away from toes (where the surgery was).

    You’re looking great! Hang in there and she’ll be here before you know it.

  6. You look amazing Heather!!! I can’t believe she’s almost here! So exciting!!!

  7. So close, I can hardly believe it!! You’re looking great! Bobby and his random picture taking cracks me up!

  8. Full term is actually defined as 39 weeks now. That definition changed almost a year ago.

    Yes, this is the hardest month. It sucks, your uncomfortable but just try to enjoy the last quiet month you’ll have in a very long time.

  9. So exciting that you are nearly full term!! You look fantastic!

  10. You look great, Heather! I love her nursery colors!

  11. YAY!! So exciting!! You look amazing!!

  12. You’re so close!!

  13. Getting exciting!!!! Down to a real countdown now!
    Don’t know if its gone fast for you, but as a blog reader, I feel like you just announced your PG 🙂

  14. Congrats! Almost full term.

    I did want to bring up one thing that caught my eye when I first read this post. If you are having blurry vision, please let your OB know. I don’t want to alarm you, but I’d be concerned about blood pressure as well. I’m happy to personally email you, but I’m a nurse-a nicu nurse to be exact and just wanted to mention that. I’m sure you are taking great care of yourself-good luck with baby M.

    • She knows, but thanks! My BP has been perfect at my appts. I have astigmatism issues in both my eyes and it has just gotten slightly worse during pregnancy which she said was normal. 🙂

  15. I hear ya on the pregnancy waddle!! You are looking amazing girl! Crazy that we are so close!

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