Pregnancy Update: Week 37

Here we are at 37 weeks! I had a really good appointment yesterday with my doctor and got to see baby M via ultrasound again! I can’t believe we will be seeing her “for real” soon!

37weeks bump3

Symptoms: Feeling huge. I am getting to the “get this baby out of me” stage and am very uncomfortable no matter how I sit, stand, or lay. Sleep is tough, standing up is tough, can you tell I am just ready to go here people? I waddle everywhere, and am starting to feel like baby M may fall out. I found out at my appointment yesterday her head is VERY very low, so that all makes sense. I am also measuring a little over a week ahead, they estimate baby M weights 7 pounds 5 ounces, which is more than I weighed when I was BORN! Everything on the ultrasound looked good though, and I am dilated a “loose 2 cm” and 70% effaced and am measuring a little over a week ahead. The doctor said although baby’s head is low, it needs to turn a bit, and she thinks when that happens I will dilate very quickly since I am pretty thinned out. Scary stuff!

Baby’s Size: Wintermelon <—–what is that?

Maternity Clothes: I am done, you won’t see me buying anymore, I am making do with what I have, I am way too close to the end!

Stretch Marks: I think I am still ok

Sleep: Oy. I am still getting up every 2-3 hours to pee, but funny story, last night I made it over FIVE HOURS without getting up, and when I did get up at 3:30, I was so excited about this that I woke myself up too much, and proceeded to lie awake for over two hours. What luck.

37weeks bump2

Miss Anything: Really everything at this point. Walking, running, sleeping, eating, just being normal I guess. I am so blessed that things are going well with no real complications as of right now, but I would be lying if I said I feel great and love this stage.

Cravings: Popsicles and sherbet this week. I may have just polished off a carton before I started this post.

Aversions: I went to my favorite chicken place, Raisin Canes, after my appointment yesterday and could barely eat my chicken. So sad.

Looking Forward To: Meeting baby M and sharing her pictures and name with you all! I am so glad you are following along with us on this journey, thanks for hanging in there!

What I’m Loving: Thinking about how insane it is that Bobby and I are about to be parents. I feel like a kid doing something I am not supposed to be doing. Aren’t we too young for this kind of responsibility? It’s crazy!

Workouts: None from last week since I was still on modified bed rest, but now that I’m at 37 she said I can go back to doing whatever and if baby M comes, so be it. AAAAHHH!

I forgot to mention last week in my update, my super sweet Sunday School class at church threw us a diaper shower! We had breakfast, lots of diapers, and then they circled up around us, put their hands on our shoulders, and prayed for us. It was a really special time and we are so grateful for them!


Also, in case you missed it, I posted baby M’s nursery tour on the blog yesterday, check it out!

nursery tour

QOTD: Do you ever feel like you are too young to be doing “grown up stuff”? I felt the same way when I went to college and when I got married, and bought a house!

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  1. What on earth is a wintermelon? Ha! Looking great! So excited for you to meet her!

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  3. You know it’s serious when you can’t eat Canes. I can polish off a basket of Canes in 5 minutes. I do grown up stuff all the time and wonder if I really am grown up. Being an adult and being grown up feel so different.

  4. Oh wow girl! You’re already dialated and effaced some? That’s awesome! Just so you know…my Sawyer was born at 37 weeks and he was 7 pounds 7 oz.! Ya never know! Get that hospital bag packed girl! 😉

  5. Sounds like you’re getting ready!!! Both of my girls were early, 36 and 37 weeks, and they both weighed a bit over 7 pounds. In fact, my youngest tried to come at 28 weeks and at that point she was 5 pounds. 🙂 You’re in the homestretch…

  6. You’re getting close, Heather! Can’t wait to virtually meet Baby M and find out what her name is!

  7. You look great, Heather! No, I have never heard of a wintermelon. Now I feel like I have to Google it just to make sure it is a real thing LOL.

    My “baby” is seven and I still feel way too young to be the parent of a second grader! And a married homeowner! HA!

  8. So exciting that she will be here soon! Praying for you as you are in these last few weeks!

  9. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a wintermelon. In fact, my brain read that as watermelon then I saw your comment asking what it was and had to go re-read the word lol!

  10. I’ve only seen wintermelon in a Chinese soup. To me, it doesn’t really have a flavor? Definitely not like a watermelon or cantaloupe. 🙂
    Anyway, you’re looking great! I feel like you had just announced your pregnancy a couple months ago. My husband and I are thinking about trying for kids in the next couple years and right now I feel like I’m still figuring out this adulthood thing. Haha.

  11. You look beautiful! I hear ya on being ready to meet this little one. I cannot believe we are just a few weeks away. And you might be even sooner?! YAY!

  12. You look great! I remember when we were discharged from the hospital with the twins the feeling of I can’t believe they’re just letting us leave with these babies! Then when my parents went home and it was just hubby and me with the boys the terror of “holy moley we really are responsible for these little things!” It is such a weird feeling to be a grown up but still feel like you should be a kid!

  13. At 41 and with a kid in high school I still don’t feel grown up. Maybe when I’m fifty.

  14. Can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a winter melon.

    You look great. I’m a wee bit jealous you had another ultrasound. I asked at my 34 week appt if I’d get another one, and my doc told me only if there was some kind of problem. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain since that means things are going well. Good luck these next few weeks!

    Oh, and I feel the same way about “grown up stuff.” Some days I still feel like I’m 22, then others, I find that I can’t relate to 20-somethings AT ALL. 🙂

    • Only reason I got one was b/c at my 28 week u/s I was measuring 2 weeks ahead and she wanted to keep an eye on baby’s size as we got close. Glad we did it, b/c shes big!

  15. Wow! Congratulations on making it to “full term”! It’s so exciting 🙂 I’m only 24 weeks and feel like I have a long ways to go.

  16. Oh my god! Your bump looks so cute Heather. Wish you all the best!!

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    Pregnancy Update: Week 37

    Here we are at 37 weeks! I had a really good appointment yesterday with my doctor and got to see baby

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