Pregnancy Update: Week 39

Pure insanity. I cannot believe we are “here” and honestly in disbelief baby M hasn’t come yet (so is my doctor!)

39weeks bump

I so clearly remember being jealous of women this close to delivering when I was at the beginning feeling so sick and wondering how I was going to make it to the end of September. But, here we are! I guess because we have been talking about the baby for so long, and it always seemed so far away, it is surreal that it has snuck up on me like this.

17weeks bump32weeks bump

Symptoms: VERY very antsy! I have been super cranky and hormonal this week, I’m sure it has to do with the anxiety and uncertainty of it all. Also probably the fact that I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do. I am starting to feel “puffy” and feel truly swollen all over for the first time. Also, people asking me if I have had the baby yet make me want to jump off a cliff. I PROMISE everyone will know when it’s time!

Baby’s Size: Watermelon! Crazy.

Maternity Clothes: I still fit into 2 pairs of shorts and a handful of tops. I sleep in Bobby’s large t-shirts.

Stretch Marks: None that I can see so far

Sleep: Not so good. Not because I’m not exhausted, but restless legs plus being super uncomfortable make it hard. More recently the anticipation has made it hard. I have been trying to nap when I can.

Miss Anything: Everything. Just…everything. Haha. (Can you tell I am so ready to be done?)

39weeks bump2

Cravings: I don’t eat much these days. I think I have lost weight.

Aversions: See above.

Looking Forward to: Getting her on the outside! Learning a new routine and a new normal.

What I’m Loving: Not feeling guilty for eating junk food, laying around the house, and taking naps. Soaking it up while I can!

Workouts: One walk, which was super uncomfortable

39weeks bump4

Don’t get me wrong, I feel so blessed to have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far, and know that things will be their own version of hard once baby M is here, but now I totally see what women mean at the end when they are just ready to be done and have the baby on the outside! I am definitely nervous about delivery, anxious about being in charge of a little person, but also so so done with this body that doesn’t feel like my own. Ready for my new normal!

QOTD: Did you get super antsy at the end of your pregnancy?

Now that it’s officially “fall” do your cravings change? (this question is for anyone!)

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  1. Yay! Huge congrats for making it to 39w! She’ll be here so soon!

  2. Crazy it’s already here!! It seems like you were just telling us about your pregnancy! You’re looking great! Can’t wait to meet her!

  3. I had the same situation. I was effaced. Dilated. Nothing. No contractions. Nothing. I panicked 4-5 days before my induction (I was already past my due date) because I swore the baby wasn’t moving so I stopped by dr for an unexpected “check” and I was 4cm! Enough for an epidural! Still no contractions! Needless to say, he made me go straight to the hospital to get induced and everything was text book from there on out. Hang in there! I wanted my baby out so bad and then the minute he told me I had to go to the hospital I panicked! 🙂 She’ll be here soon and you will not believe the love you’ll feel! Good luck to you guys!

  4. A couple of my coworkers felt exactly like you are feeling, one of them even yelled she just wanted the baby to get here. Hang in there, she’ll be here soon.

    My fall cravings don’t necessarily change, but I do go through a couple weekends where I nest. I can finally cook big meals without over heating the apartment and I bake cookies as well. Right now I’m thinking oatmeal-chocolate chip.

  5. Heather (Where's the Beach) says

    You look great girl. So close!!!

  6. It’s gonna happen any day now…I just know it!!! You look AMAZING by the way!

  7. Can you believe it, 39 weeks!! The time seems like it is crawling these last few days. But, I have managed to stay fairly calm. I know this little one will come when it is good and ready. Until then, I am relaxing, resting and enjoying the quiet time like you.

  8. I can’t believe how fast the weeks have gone by…feels like it wasn’t that long ago you announced your pregnancy on the blog!! Sending prayers for a safe delivery soon! :0)

  9. @RunningBratt says

    Congrats on 39 weeks! So glad it’s going so well! We just welcomed our bundle last Thursday at exactly 39 weeks! It’s a boy! 8 lbs 11oz of Austin Schuyler! It’s Ben fun following your adventure as we went through our own. Looking forward to your announcement Heather- God bless you and your family!


  10. You’re so close!!

  11. so SO excited and happy for you guys!! it won’t be long now! your next update may be “MEET OUR BABY!!” 🙂

  12. This is the hard part! Everyone always asking if it’s time?! Every little thing gets you a little excited wondering if this is it! She can’t stay in there forever!

    I am so ready for fall! I am making pumpkin cookies later this week. I also picked up Pumpkin Pie Yoplait yogurt. It’s actually not bad! I love summer and the heat but am ready for fall flavors! I hope you have a great week 🙂

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    Pregnancy Update: Week 39

    Pure insanity. I cannot believe we are “here” and honestly in disbelief baby M hasn’t come yet (so is

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