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1.) Should I cut my hair? It’s getting way long and it’s getting way hot outside, and I never ever feel like fixing it b/c it takes too long to blow dry and straighten. Is a mom cut in my future? (***Edited to add, chopping off hair to me = shoulder length, so yes I could still put it in a ponytail!)

2.) Have you ever fed a stray cat? If so, you know that once you feed them, they don’t leave. We have had a visitor in our backyard the past few days. We think kitty lives under the dumpster next to our house (temporarily there for construction on the home being built next door) so I named said kitty “Oscar” since it lives under the dumpster/trash. Smile


3.) What are some things you have had good luck selling on ebay? Trying to make a little extra cash and wondering what I could get rid of that someone else may want. As they say, one man’s trash…

4.) Anyone know how to get rid of carpenter bees? You know the ones that bore holes in your wooden deck? Yeah….

5.) How many times have you seen the movie Frozen? I have seen it twice but have yet to force Bobby to watch. It is my mission for the week. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Bumpdate on the blog tomorrow!

QOTD: Answer one of the above 5 questions (or more!)

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  1. I have heard from a lot of my friends who are mamas that they always get the itch to cut off their hair during pregnacy. I am not pregnant but have been considering the same thing, summer!

    I have watched Frozen 2x my husband 1x lol

  2. Bridie Rist says:

    It’s just hair, it’ll grow back if you change your mind so, yes, cut it!

    Are you sure Oscar is a boy? Lol.

    I’ve only seen Frozen once. Both my hubby and my 10 year old son refuse to see it. Boys!

  3. 1. You could let it grow, then donate it (or possibly sell it–not sure where, but I know it’s a real thing). Your hair will get super thick through your pregnancy, then around 4 months post-pregnancy, it will thin back out to it’s normal thickness.

    2. Carpenter bees…hubby brought $50 worth of pesticide, but our neighbor said that WD-40, foil or steel wool, and caulk will do the same thing for much less. He’s going to return the pesticide and we’re going to try the cheaper route. Google it…lots of others have tried the same WD-40 route and claim it works.

  4. As far as ebay selling goes, I don’t personally sell anything, but hubby does. He mostly sells his transformers that he collected through the late 90s and early 2000 years. They go for quite a bit. He also sells off books and video games…I’m always surprised by what he brings in from the sells. He takes most of his clothes to upscale consignment boutiques and picks up a check from the sells every couple of months. Every now and then I throw in something from my closet to take with him, but his stuff sells better.

    I usually sell my kiddos’s old baby equipment and clothes at the kids consignment sells that our local churches do twice a year. It’s a race to get into them. The one I have been doing for years only allows a certain number of sellers each term and the spots go with 60 seconds!

  5. I know a few people who have been pregnant and had long hair. They typically cut it and because of being pregnant and taking vitamins, it is just as long when they deliver! haha My cousin is due in August and made a good point that she wants to be able to throw her hair in a ponytail when she is tired and sleep deprived, haha. The kitten is adorable! I miss when mine was that little!

  6. I have actually heard that, for moms, being able to put your hair up in a ponytail is fantastic vs a shorter hairstyle. My vote is to keep it long!

    I have never fed a stray cat before, but only because I have never had one near my home. If I did find one, though, I would definitely feed it!! Maybe even put a little shelter on the patio for it :0)

    I think purses sell pretty well on ebay.

    I have watched Frozen soooo many times, and my husband loves it too! Bobby needs to watch it!

  7. I just cut my hair this weekend for the summer. It’s awesome! I say do it! That kitty is so cute! You should keep him! Only good thing on EBAY I sold was like electronics/video games.

  8. I haven’t fed a stray cat but are there any no-kill rescue shelters in your area? You could call one and they can foster the cat. I’ve watched Frozen quite a few times, 3 times alone the day I bought it.

  9. I’m going back and forth about cutting my hair too! It’s always in a pony tail or bun because I don’t feel like fixing it. And the summer heat is brutal.

    As for ebay we’ve sold a lot of movies, xbox games and books pretty easily. I’ve sold clothes (higher end name brand stuff) but they take a lot more work. Old toys sell well too. I’ve even sold old printer ink off printers we no longer have and old bath & body works lotion/spray that I never used! You can sell pretty much anything you want.

    I have a friend that uses to sell his old cd’s and dvd’s and swears by it.

  10. Ohh…and we watch Frozen about 3 or 4 times a week. Baby Z LOVES Frozen. 🙂 Mr. Z actually enjoyed it too. So, I say make Bobby watch it!

  11. Yes! Cut your hair…it will help you stay cooler this summer! And yes I am notorious for feeding stray cats. All of my cats I’ve ever owned have been strays. Carpenter bees….I have no clue! Google it! And Frozen…about a million lol! My younger son watches it constantly!

  12. I like your hair. :0)
    Oscar looks like a sweet kitty! Does he get along with Sassy/Bella?
    I don’t have good luck with ebay, but I have tried…sorry I don’t have any tips!
    Carpenter bees? Yuck…hope you are able to get rid of them soon!
    I’ve seen Frozen several times…and Jason’s seen it too. I often sing that song to him and he makes up random words for it….you know how Jason is…LOL

  13. Be careful around the cat. When I was pregnant my doctor told me to wear gloves when I was planting flowers He said there is a disease that cats can carry in their poop and if you are gardening in an area where they go, you could come into contact with it. I have also heard that you shouldn’t change your own cats liter box while pregnant. I’m sure you can google the entire thing to check it out. If you want the kitty, I would just take him in and get him check out and make him a house kitten.

  14. Personally, I’m a fan of longer hair (i always get anxious when more than I request gets cut off), but I’ve also heard that many pregnant women like to cut their hair shorter to make it easier to maintain once the baby arrives. But I like your long hair. 🙂

  15. Kimberly says:

    Love the kitty. We just picked one from a no kill shelter. Have a Yorker also. What do Bella and Sassy think about the kitty?
    Just started selling on eBay, purses and wallets sell great. Coach it’s a good seller. James Avery charms have sold well. Had some we no longer wanted. The more pictures and information you can put in the listing the better. Less questions. Vans tennis shoes are popular too.
    Hope that helps.

  16. Don’t cut it off. Put it in a braid and call it a day. Way easier and less messy than a ponytail.

  17. Just a head’s up, once you deliver you will start losing hair like a crazy person. I ended up cutting mine all off because it was falling out on everything, including all over the kiddos. So, maybe trim it now then chop it after delivery?

  18. ahhh frozen. theater. home. SING ALONG. home. YES YES YES 🙂

  19. I’m obsessed with Frozen!

    And that stray kitty is so cute! I would adopt it. 😀

  20. Victoria L Jones says:

    I cut my hair when I was about 8 months preggo. Like I chopped it all off! Went from close to my butt to chin level. Yes, it’s a soon-to-be-mom thing. That heat gets to you! Oh, and it was mid December when I did it because if the “heat”. It grew back fast. Thanks prenatals! As for Oscar, I would stay away from strays no matter how cute. Doctor warned me about cats and some disease they carry that can be transmitted to the baby, especially if they are stray and haven’t been checked out by a vet. Just be careful.

    • The “disease” is toxoplasmosis and is actually a bacteria in their poop. So, unless you’re touching cat poop, you’re good to go 😉

      I’d take the kitty to the vet to get spayed/neutered – it’s kitten season and you don’t want Oscar (Oscarina?) to have a litter in your yard 🙁

  21. I recently chopped my hair to shoulder length and at first it felt too short but now I love it! You should definitely do it! It would be a cute summer look! 🙂

  22. I’m seriously debating chopping my hair too! It’s growing so fast this pregnancy and I just want to change it up before summertime. (I’m trying to grown my bangs out too). I say do it! Now’s the time.

    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Frozen. I’ve see parts of it almost every day since it was released onto Digital video/DVD. My toddler loves it and we sing the songs constantly. She knocks on the bathroom door when I’m going potty and asks if I “wanna build a snowman?” It’s the best movie ever!!!

  23. 1) Go for it on the hair – its only hair and it grows back. I have a different view of hair after I lost 95% of mine due to Lupus. Now I keep a very short hair style and love it!
    2) Nope never fed a stray cat, I have my own cat, lol – I have talked to them tho when I am out running, I probably look like a total dweeb doing that, lol
    5) I think I have seen Frozen 6 times now??? I saw it the first time with my son on Easter (the Easter bunny brought it – lol) – he is 8 and LOVES IT! I think he watched it 2-3 times that day and then I think 3 more times since then. I just LOVE it!!!

  24. i have not seen frozen.. i’ve sold some stuff on craigs list which i don’t love since u actually have the meet the person – i’ve heard ebay is super easy and works really well!

  25. My stylist won’t let pregnant women make drastic changes to their hair. I guess a lot of people get cuts they regret bc it’s the only part of their body they can control. I’m soooooo excited to get a good cut in a few weeks though!

    Jeff hated Frozen – good luck getting Bobby to watch it! 😉

  26. cutting your hair a bit shorter will make you feel lighter and cooler…and if it can still go in a pony tail…BONUS! :c)

    What a sweet kitty…so cute laying on your patio like it owns it! lol Looks like its already calling your yard home.

    So many things sell on ebay…electronics, craft supplies, Run Disney items, Longaberger, Boyds Bears, antiques/vintage items, toys, Purses, clothes lots, jewelry, quilts, name brand items…..there is a collector for almost anything. Selling things in a lot of a few items always goes best. Auctions vs buy/now usually brings in the most sale. Give as much info as you can and take photos.. Pretty easy to do right from your phone. Its fun and if it doesn’t sell…re-listing is free. If you move furniture or other items…Craigslist works best for that.

  27. 1. Cut your hair because it be easier to manage for you. It will be hot and since you are pregnant having shorter hair may feel better and cooler.
    2. Never fed a stray cat. There are none that I know of in my neighborhood.
    3. Never sold anything on EBay but I did sell some stuff on Craigslist. Stereo equipment, bike repair stand, concert tickets and baseball net. I had no problem but I was very careful on who I sold the stuff too. I would look up the person’s name on Facebook to check them out and I met the people at a public location. The down side about Craigslist is that you have to meet the person.
    4. Only saw Frozen once. I though it was the best 3D movie.

  28. Heather – the cat you’re feeding will probably soon double to 2 cats and possibly a small community. Your new neighbors will not appreciate what you’re doing because the cats will “hang” at your yard but poop, fight, have sex in the neighbors’ yards. I know this from experience. Our neighbor was forced to get her Farrell cats spayed/neutered at her expense b/c she violated a town ordinance and also offended many of her old friends/neighbors. A lot of suburbs have laws against feeding Farrell cats. Sorry…! – But I do love the kitty that my daughter took home from college!
    I love Frozen!! The cold never bothered me anyway!

    • Thing is we aren’t sure if it’s a stray. It knows what a food bowl is, came right up to us, isn’t scared of our dogs etc. we are sending an email to the HOA to see if it belongs to anyone. I live in a wooded/secluded neighborhood on a national forest and this is the first cat I have seen in the 3 years we have been here. We would never let several cats hang around or fight in our yard without taking them too a shelter, but I have a gut feeling this one belongs to someone based on it’s behavior.

  29. 1) Yes, shoulder-length is good.

    2) Yes. We had a mom & her kittens once. One of the kittens kept rolling over when it would try to sit so we nicknamed him R.B. (Rolly-Butt). 🙂

    3) No idea.

    4) No idea.

    5) Twice so far, and yes I wanna build a snowman.

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