runDisney 2013 Marathon Weekend Expo


Happy Monday! The week is finally here where I will get my race recaps up. Once again sorry for the delay, but I wasn’t to wait until the professional photos came out and I had some time to do the recaps correctly, so you will be seeing them this week! But I wanted to start off with a recap of the race expo. It was, as usual, put on very well by runDisney, and we had a great time seeing friends, shopping, and getting out bibs and official merchandise!

Bobby and I went t the expo with Jen, Jeff, and baby Wyatt on Thursday. It was ore crowded than I thought it would be for a three day expo, but we had no problem parking and making our way to the Wide World of Sports.




We headed inside and stayed on the second floor and headed towards the area where the Goofy’s challenge bibs were being given out.


We then went to runner relations and stood in line to get our corral changed. I had to print out a proof of time, and we got new stickers for Corral B.

photo (24)

We headed out and into the next building to get our shirts, official merchandise, and do some other shopping.


Overlooking the bottom floor where the half and full marathoners were getting their bids.

It was a bit of a madhouse at the expo. We got our shirts, and headed to the official merchandise. I went a little crazy, but I was so excited to be running goofy, I had to get some merchandise.



It was chaos, but an organized chaos. There were plenty of workers and volunteers directing you where to go, and the aisles were big enough to walk up and down and get into the vendor booths. I had a few places I needed to stop and some friends to see!

photo (23)

After seeing some folks at the runDisney booth, I headed to the booth and said hello to Michelle. She is so sweet, and wished us luck in the races. They were pretty busy, so we took a quick pic and headed to some other booths.

photo (22)

Next up was to see my pals Michelle and Brandi at the booth. They were doing great, selling all kinds of great skirt gear! (Use code SKIRTSASS at checkout to save 15% online!)

photo (20)

We walked around, got some samples, and enjoyed being around all the other runners. There is always so much excitement in the air at runDisney race expos, and this one was no different. After about an hour, we headed out, and saw this cute sign, which got me pumped to run!

photo (19)

On our way back to the car, I knew we had to get photos with the goofy medal, that would soon be mine!


photo 09

QOTD: What is your favorite thing to see at a race expo?

***A HUGE congrats to everyone who ran the Tinkerbell 5k or half this weekend! Congrats to Angela Escay for winning the half, running a 1:24:10.

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  1. Aww fun! I’m so sad it’s over!

  2. Hey girl I am new to your blog but so far I love it! I LOVE marathon expos. I’ve only been to two (one last weekend before Houston) but they are energy packed and awesome. I think my favorite part is looking at all the cool gear, especially shoes! Have a great week!

  3. The expo was great. We went friday later afternoon and it was swamped! Sooo busy we had to wait in a very long line just to get into the main expo after bib pickup. I was kind of upset that the official merchandise was already so picked through at that point. But even more upset when we went back saturday morning with the rest of our group and it was almost empty in that section. I loved the RunningSkirts booth! I was actually wearing my ultra swift RS on friday when I was there and was able to ask them a question about the fit of it for future orders so I was happy they were there.

    • I picked up some friends from the expo Friday afternoon and they were very disapointed all the goofy merchandise was gone. So glad I was able to go Thursday!

      • When we took my friends saturday there was very little left. We complained to a RunDisney employee and she said it was empty because they had moved it all to the outdoor tents at the finish line and we could browse and buy after the marathon sunday. Um yeah, because that’s just what we want after running 26.2 miles in the heat….is to walk around some more and go shopping. Um, no.

  4. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake says

    I’ve never been to a race expo, but the Disney Princess will be my first! Can’t wait!

  5. I LOVE Disney expos! Unfortunately most of the official merchandise was sold out when I got there. I didn’t even get my “I did it” shirt. 🙁

  6. I was there Friday and it was a madhouse! Sch fun though!

  7. Purelymichelle says

    It was so good to see you!!! Xoxo
    Congrats again on your race, you are amazing!

  8. I would love to see bloggers I follow!

  9. Cannot wait to read your recaps! I’m also extremely curious to learn what the big surprise was at mile 20.

  10. Love the expo recap and can not wait to read your race ones. The Goofy picture is too cute!

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