runDisney Enchanted 10K 2016

The first part of the runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge is completing the Enchanted 10k on Saturday morning.

rundisney enchanted 10k race recap

The alarm went off at 3:00, and we grabbed coffee and food, got dressed and drove to the race start. We were shocked at how little traffic there was, and made it there in plenty of time. Since you don’t have to walk a mile to your corral, we hung out, met up with some friends, etc. Jen was racing this one alone, so we said our goodbyes and I wished her luck as she headed towards her corral.


I was going to be pacing my friend Darrell, who had never run a 10k before. I have never been a pacer for anyone, and I had SO much fun. He said his goal was to not stop, be conservative in the beginning, but not leave anything left in the tank at the end. Got it.


We ended up in our corral for about 45 minutes before we got going, and it was cold. When it was finally our turn, we made our way up to the starting line. Finally time to get going, and hopefully get warm when our blood got flowing!


Very early on we saw Anna and Elsa and it was snowing! Disney magic is pretty cool, right?


We talked and talked and miles one, two, and three flew by and I finally warmed up. Darrell couldn’t believe we were already halfway done when we crossed the 5k timing mat. We were keeping a steady pace, faster than he thought he could maintain, but still conservative enough that we could chat.

As it got lighter outside, we made our way to the bask stage area of EPCOT, and were about to get to my favorite part of the course.


I love that they light the flames on the torches for the race, it’s such a nice touch. The sun was just coming up, and the lagoon looked beautiful. When we got halfway around, I told Darrell to keep running and that I would catch up, and that I had to take a selfie with Spaceship Earth.

IMG_2421 (2)

We made it around to the other side, and I snapped a shot of the water and sky before turning towards the boardwalk.


That’s when I noticed the crazy long character photo line! Guys, this isn’t even the whole line. I couldn’t back up enough to get it all in the photo!

IMG_2424 (3)

We went up the small hill towards the boardwalk and had another pretty lake to run around! We hit mile four and then five, and only had just over a mile to go!


When we got back into EPCOT with just over a half mile left, I told Darrell it was time to pick up the pace, that now is the time to give it all you had because we were ALMOST DONE! We pick up the pace and made the final turn towards the finish line.

I have run so many races now that I sometimes forget what it feels like to cross the line after completing a distance for the first time, especially at a place like Walt Disney World. Darrell’s runners high was contagious, and I told him it was time to start training for a half marathon…and I would of course pace him.


I SO enjoyed pacing and encouraging my running partner along the way, and hope that I have the opportunity to do it again sometime. We finished in 1:17, and Darrell definitely could have run faster in my opinion! Next time maybe?


Jen had a great race as well and said she had a lot of fun. Big win for all!

enchanted 10k

The only downsides to the race for me were people holding hands 3-4 people across blocking the course, people lying about proof of time and being in the wrong corral, (the gun went off and people started walking right out of the gate, and we were not in the last corral), and having to wait in the corrals for so long to start. I understand why they do it, to spread people out, but it’s still pretty boring (and cold!)

One race down, one to go to complete the Glass Slipper Challenge. In 24 hours I would have two shiny new medals to add to my collection.

QOTD: Have you ever paced someone? Did you enjoy it?

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  1. What a fun experience that you got to pace a friend for their first 10k! I’m sure he’s super appreciative of your efforts to help get him through the race.

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi, I’m replying only because I can see me and my friends in your start line picture. We have the fairy hats on. ? It was definitely a corral of walkers. For me that was ok because we planned to walk with my friend. She’s a Fast walker!! Usually between 13-14 minutes per mile so we were passing quite a few people. I moved back from B to walk with her. ? I thought we were the last corral but there may have been one more behind us. I know it felt like forever before we started!!! For the 1/2 I stayed in my proper corral, E, and what difference!!! Almost everyone was running and I had very little crowding. Most of the time we had plenty of room to run. Character lines for the 1/2 were fairly short. The couple we stopped for were never more than 10 deep. However for the 10k they were crazy long!!!!

    • Too funny! Yes there was one more corral behind us, corral F. I was in E for the half as well and only felt crowding a couple of times . Much better! I have no problem with people who want to walk but if they are going to walk slow they should not have started at the very front of the coral and blocked people trying to run/get by. Hope you had a fun race!

  3. Aww I LOVE that you paced someone for this race! What an awesome experience!!!

  4. My daughter and I waited in that crazy long line in France for almost 10 minutes! Loved seeing Cogsworth and Lumiere, but it killed what would have been a huge PR for us. I wish there would have been a few more rare characters on the course.

  5. My sister ran the 10k as her first ever race. She did not submit any proof of time and was placed in corral B. I was running the GSC with a POT of 2:47 for a half and was in C. She dropped back to start with me so I could help her through it. I say that so you know that some of those people up front might have been first time runners only doing the 10k. It looks like a lot of them were placed in B.

    • That’s crazy! People with POT are supposed to be put in the last corral. But, if I was a first time runner I would be at the back of whatever corral I was in ha

  6. What a fun experience for both of you! He seems like he really enjoyed himself! 🙂 I’ve paced a few friends in half marathons before…it’s fun to help someone accomplish their goal!

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