runDisney Royal Family 5k 2013

The runDisney Royal Family 5k took place on Saturday morning, the day before the Princess half marathon. At the last minute I decided to pace a friend, so I went from running just the half to doing both races in two days. However, after running Goofy in January I felt up to the challenge.


My alarm went off at 4:45 so we could get on a bus at 5:30. With no coffee, I was very much still asleep.

photo (21)

I got dressed, ate a banana and a mini Luna bar, and Bobby, Jen and I headed out to the busses. Bobby and Jen were playing spectator, and you can check out Jen’s spectating recap to see how she did watching the race. (Hint: she failed as a spectator. I kid.)

We made it to EPCOT, and I didn’t have a lot of time to get into the Corral. I said quick goodbyes to my cheerleaders, and headed towards the crowds.

photo (1)


After some texting, I found my group and jumped into the Corral. We chatted and stretched as we waited for the race to start. Before we knew it, they were moving us up to the starting line.

photo (16)

photo (2)

We inched closer and closer and then it was go time.

photo (3)

I was a little surprised at how slow the beginning was. We were in corral B, and a lot of people started off the race walking. We did a lot of weaving in the beginning. I tried to remind myself it was a family FUN run and just go with it. We saw Jen and Bobby right after we crossed the starting line and they snapped a couple of blurry pictures of us. I know it’s not because we were moving too fast. Smile

photo (14)

photo (12)

photo (13)

One of our group members took off to run her own race, and the three remaining runners continued on looking at everyone’s costumes, and enjoying the race. We made it into EPCOT, and the girl I was with wanted to stop for photos. We stood in a long character photo line and my picture came out blurry. #photographerfail

photo (7)

We continued on around the World Showcase, and the crowd thinned out.

photo (4)

I loved seeing all the families running together. Some wore matching costumes, some were being carried by mom or dad, and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time. I can’t wait to run this race one day with my kids!

photo (5)

The sunrise was beautiful over the lake and I really started to enjoy the race. We stopped for another character photo, in an even longer line, and after standing there a minute the girl who wanted the photo told us to continue on without her, so off we went.

I’m not used to running shorter Disney races, so before I knew it, we were hitting mile three and almost to the finish line! There may or may not have been a friendly sprinting competition across the finish line, and just like that we were done. We grabbed our medals and our water/snacks before meeting up with Bobby, Jen and my parents as well as the rest of our little running group.

photo (6)

The four of us that started together

photo (8)

Me and my new bling

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (11)

We stood around and chatted for awhile before heading out of EPCOT.

My thoughts on the race:

The 5k was well organized, a lot of fun, and the course was great. I loved how the characters were out front in the different countries, and I felt like there was plenty of run to spread out and run around the World Showcase. It was a bit of a tight squeeze in the beginning, but once we got into EPCOT it was fine. This race is a great family run or beginners run, totally no pressure which is really nice. You still get the characters, the big start and big finish, but without feeling intimidated by a longer distance. I highly recommend this as a way to get your feet wet into racing or runDisney races.

*You can now sign up for the Tower of Terror 10 miler, which also has a 5k option (The Happy Haunted 5k trail run). Be sure to check it out before they sell out!

QOTD: Have you ever run a 5k fun run, no pressure? Would you like to run a runDisney 5k?

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  1. That’s how I started with this adventure. I did the inaugural Mickey’s Halloween 5K in 2010 to absorb the race atmosphere, and use that as a springboard for my first half.

  2. I was thinking about doing the 5K before the DL 10K, but I think that’d be cutting it way too close!

  3. I love doing the Disney 5k’s! They are a great, no pressure event and I love the unique characters they have out.

  4. Sounds so fun!!! One day I will run this with my family!!! I think my boys would love it!

  5. I will be in MAY! Woo Hoo!

  6. I would love to do the 5Ks at Disney. However for PHM I was wanted to save all my energy for the 1/2. For TOT I am skipping it because I’m not sure how doing a night race will be, so I didn’t want to do an early morning one. I will be at the kids races though-my daughter is going to run the 200M!

  7. So fun! I’m sorry for being the worst spectator ever. I will redeem myself one day!

  8. We are doing this next year as a family- very exciting!

  9. Congrats girl on another great race…full of pics! i liked up your post on my blog!

  10. RunningBratt says

    Thanks for the recap for those of us who couldn’t be there! I love the Disney Dun 5K’s – It’s allowed me to bring my family into my running life with less pressure of the other races (see below)! I’ve done all the 5K’s attached to the runDisney races I’ve done and love them, but that first mile through the EPCOT parking lot is always tight no matter what corral you’re in!!
    5K Recap w/ my Dad:

  11. Our kids are 8 and 5 and we ran together…it is an awesome feeling and I may have teared up a little at the finish! They actually ran the 1 mile after the 5k because they wanted both medals! I love running as a family!!!

    And I am still kicking myself for not saying hi to you- we were walking past when you were taking the “after” picture with your running mates holding the signs!! We were trying to find where to get the kids bibs for the 1 mile and when we walked back I didn’t see you 🙁 Next time though for sure!!

  12. I would love to do this race! It looks so fun!

  13. Laure Simms says

    Glad you are not totally hating the 5K. They can be lots of fun.

  14. We loved the 5K – it’s the only time the twins really do run 2gether since it’s a fun run! 🙂

  15. I ran this 5K before Princess with Mom. I loved running through the World Showcase, it beats every other 5K ever, hands down. The no timing thing didn’t hurt, either. It was so fun to stop for pictures everywhere and not bother with time!

  16. VERY cute! Sounds like another fun 5K!!

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