runDisney Star Wars Runners!

Guess what? Yesterday, I registered myself, Bobby AND Emma Kate for the runDisney Star Wars races! Yes, we haven’t even taken Emma Kate yet to Disney (she is going in October) and we are already planning a trip back in April for Star Wars!


Bobby and I decided to just run the half marathon (my parents will be there to watch EK) and then she will do the kids race on Saturday. We have had our fill of challenges from Goofy to Dopey and me doing Glass Slipper, that we are fine just doing one race this time so we have more time (an sleep! and money!) on this trip.

I will say, I had quite the scare yesterday when I was trying to register the family. I registered myself just fine, but when I went to register EK and Bobby, it said they were already registered! I panicked, but after being reassured by some folks on Facebook, was told to wait a few minutes and try again in a different browser. I did, and was finally able to get all three conformations.

I have done many, many runDisney races, and offer lots of advice in my runDisney section, but the kids races will be a FIRST for me. So, I need all your best tips to make this the best possible experience for Emma Kate. Fire away, I need your help!

QOTD: Are you doing Star Wars? Any kids races advice for me?

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  1. Congrats on successfully registering all three of you. I’m looking forward to my little guy’s first kids race in November during Wine and Dine. I’m sure I’ll be taking a thousand pictures during his diaper dash.

  2. Stacey Niedzwiecki says:

    I’m doing all 3. Going all in for my first runDisney weekend. I did have a minor problem registering for the 5K, but switched to my laptop and got it done.

  3. So much fun!! Brayden is doing his first during Princess Weekend & I can’t wait!!

  4. You will have so much fun! I am doing all of the other WDW race weekends, but decided to opt out of Star Wars, this time.

    The Kids Races are adorable! Depending on EK’s patience level, just know that there is still quite a bit of waiting for the races. They let the kids run in heats. Both of you can run with her, so great picture and video opportunity. They have several activities for the kids, too, so plan some time for that.

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