runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Expo


You may have already read the recap I wrote about the Wine and Dine half marathon, but today i want to talk a little bit about the expo. I LOVE runDisney race expos. Not only have I worked them as a vendor, but hey, I love to shop for running gear!

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We took the bus from our host resort, the Boardwalk Inn, and made it to the Wide World of Sports Complex.


It was a gorgeous day, and excitement was in the air! We followed the signs telling us to go pick up our packet first before heading into the actual expo. There were plenty of workers and volunteers ready to answer any questions!


We had our printed out race waivers and ID’s, and headed to our packet pickup booth based on our coral numbers. We stood in line then handed over our info in exchange for our packets, and Bobby got his coast to coast bracelet. Them we walked over to another building where we would pick up our shirts and then do some shopping.



We walked to the back and easily picked up our shirts then headed to the front to get our official race merchandise. When we went to the expo for the Disneyland half they were sold out of Coast to Coast dri fit shirts and I wanted to make sure we got some, which we did (I got the last one in my size!) We then decided to do some shopping, and I bumped into my pal Carissa who does race announcing for runDisney.


We chatted for a few minutes before she had to get back to work. I visited some of my other friends who were working booths at the expo, we did a little shopping, and then headed out. As much as I would have loved to stay longer, we had lunch reservations at the Magic Kingdom. We passed the stage where speakers such as Jeff Galloway give presentations all during the day.


We passed an area where you can sign up for runner tracking on our way out as well.


Everything was very well organized and there were plenty of signs and I never felt confused or lost. It did get crowded, but hey, it’s a Disney expo it’s going to be crowded. We still had a great time and I can’t wait for marathon weekend when I can go to another one!


QOTD: What aspects of a race expo make them great for you? Good vendors? Organization? Something else?

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  1. I love when there is a variety of vendors and products to look and test out!

  2. Lina @MomsButtIsOnFirel says

    I can’t wait to run a Disney run!! One day I will get that done. The Princess one for sure, having 3 daughters I need to show they how to be a “real” running princess, right…? 😉
    I love fitness expos. I went to one in Dc when my husband ran the marine corp marathon. That one was great too. 🙂

  3. I love RunDisney expos and have even gone when I’m not even running just so I can check out all the new race gear! LOL For me a great expo is about the vendors – lots of great specials, samples and new products. I found one of my most favorite running vendors ever at a RunDisney expo – Run Pretty Far. I’ve also learned about new items that I ended up purchasing later such as iFitness belt (using the promo code I got at the expo), Feetures socks (a great deal that me & my sister split to buy two get 1 free) and Yurbuds.

    Expos are always a great way to find new products and that’s what I enjoy the most!

  4. The expo is one of the best parts about a big race! I love the variety of venders, fun music, free samples, and organization- all make for a great expo!! 🙂

  5. i NEED to run wine and dine next year. I’ve wanted to since its first go around what.. 2…years ago? roughly? wine and dine festival is my FAVORITE festival at disney. or like…of all time haha

  6. No Disney event would be complete without you there… very cool.

  7. I know A LOT of people complain, but I sorta like crowded WELL organized expos. Unless it is utter chaos I don’t mind it at all.

  8. I need to run a Disney race someday! What a great recap!

  9. I need to not leave comments while watching the voice! haha What a great recap of what to expect at the expos!**

  10. I like good vendors and signs that I can read telling me the price of stuff. If I have to ask I usually won’t buy something. Thanks for the shout out!

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