Running in Disney World: Boardwalk Area


Good morning friends! I played catch up ALL DAY yesterday on my computer. I looked up and it was 4:00! I got a lot done with clients, etc. but still haven’t unpacked my suitcase. Oops. I did manage to drag myself to the gym last night even though I rrrreeaalllyyy didn’t feel like it. Confession time: I ate like CRAP all of last week. I drank coke, had several desserts a day, and only worked out 3 times in 6 days and it shows. I felt so sluggish and just wanted it to be over. Today I am going to attempt a run, so hopefully it isn’t a disaster!

On a lighter note, I did have one workout last week that WASN’T a disaster. Last Wednesday, I had a 6:30 am flight to Orlando. It wasn’t fun getting up that early, but the great part is I was at my resort, by the pool by 11:00. I stayed out there a couple of hours and still had time to kill before the rest of my group arrived, so I decided to go for a run.

I have run the loop around the boardwalk area once before when I was staying at the Boardwalk Inn, but wanted to do it again and also run along the path that goes to Hollywood studios (this is part of the Disney Marathon.) I put on one of my running skirts and headed out the back of the Yacht Club.



Facing the Yacht Club from the Boardwalk

I started out to the right. The weather was perfect, so there were a lot of people out and about. There was a lot to look at so I didn’t get bored.



I made it up the hill by the Swan and Dolphin, and down past the shops and things in front of the Boardwalk Inn. All of the sudden, the heaven’s let loose and it started pouring rain! I just kept running, I was halfway around the lake, what could I really do?


I ran on, and came upon Jen’s wedding ceremony location, Sea Breeze Point. Per usual, I took a picture and e mailed it to her and let her know I was thinking of her.



I made it up the other bridge and stopped for a quick photo.


This is where I passed the international gateway, the “back door” to the EPCOT theme park. I made it back to the Yacht club, and decided to go around again, but this time I would detour off by the Boardwalk and head down the path along the river to Hollywood Studios.


It was very quiet and peaceful, with just a couple of families making their way over. I went under the bridge and could see Hollywood Studios in the distance. I kept having marathon flashbacks!


I went up the hill to where the busses stop, and turned around and headed back to the boardwalk.


A couple of boats full of people passed by.



Below is a view of the Yacht club from the other side of the lake.


I finished the loop and made it back to the Yacht club and my Garmin beeped, it was three miles exactly, perfect! I sat in some rocking chairs underneath the awning of the resort and cooled off while I people watched. Pure bliss!

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QOTD: Would you rather run in rain or wind?

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  1. I love that route! Will be taking advantage of it in less than 2 months.

  2. Yay for Sea Breeze Point! I love running around the BW!

  3. Love this route too! I’ll be heading down in April for work so I’ll definitely be doing this a few times!

  4. ahhhh I be so so so jealous 🙂
    I need to get me (and my 6 year old ) there!!

  5. Callie @ The Wannabe Athlete says

    Looks beautiful!

  6. Tara Burner says

    love it…and rain…which we have plenty of from june-oct in hot humid south fl!

  7. That looks like an awesome route. Would love to mosey/run around the Disney property. I’ll take rain over wind any day!

  8. Oh, wow! What a beautiful (and impromptu) run! I am really jealous! I am fully convinced that when I am able to go to Disney World, I will NOT be going without you. You’re the Disney expert, lady! I always pictured Disney World (and the resorts) being overrun with people everywhere, but the photos make it look so relaxing! Is it just the off-season, or is it usually busier?

    • depends on time of year, yes but it’s not as bad as people envision i think! Let’s do a race together there and I can show you. 🙂

  9. I haven’t been to Disney in ages! I would love to go again but my husband and I are not a huge fan of the crowds. Is there any time of the year that’s best for less crowds? I’m from Boston, so cold weather is not a problem! 😛

    • yes! Parts of January, February, september, and October are not bad at all! We walk on to rides at a lot of those times of year!

  10. Amy Lauren says

    Love your pics :). I bet Disney is such a fun place to run… I’d rather run in wind than rain, at least with wind I can still listen to music and it’s not as icky and cold when you’re done.

  11. I don’t usually comment on blogs but I had to when I saw your topic for this one! I stayed at the Beach Club Resort back in January and wanted to go run one day and just started out randomly along the boardwalk. I got so excited when I was going along the walkway next to the river there when I saw that I could actually run to Epcot! HOW COOL! 🙂 I just loved it.

  12. I haven’t ever really explored the Boardwalk area! But now I want too – love your pics!! Mostly I’d say rain over wind.

  13. I love your Disney pictures 🙂 makes me what to go! I really enjoy walking or running on vacation as it gives me a chance to see so much.
    Hmmmm running in the wind or rain? I would go with rain. I’m kind of a baby and only like to run when it is warm and sunny.

  14. Your pictures gave me marathon flashbacks, too!

  15. Looks like a pretty run. 🙂

  16. The loop you ran looks fun. I did part of it when I stayed at the French Quarter for Disney Princess last year, but this looks nicer than my route! Love the green skirt too, I have to check those out.

  17. I am so jealous of the fact that you are running in Disney. I miss it so much and it would be so fun to run there. <3

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