Shoe Woes Update: Pink Power


Y’all, I am so excited. My new ASICS came in Tuesday and I was able to take them out for a spin on Wednesday. It was just a quick three miles, but that’s ok. Thanks for all your help with my shoe woes one and two posts.  Check out how it went in the vlog below, then scroll down to see my sweet new shoes. I am in love!

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photo (58)

Aren’t they obnoxiously bright? Love them!

photo (59)

Talk about #SweatPink! I wore lots of pink on my run to match my new shoes. Hey, I’m “running with sass” for a reason!

photo (60)

Here is the full running outfit I wore:

photo (61)


photo 88

QOTD: If you could design a pair of running shoes what colors would they be?

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  1. Love those shoes! I’m glad you chose the Asics, they’ve been my favorites forever! I would design multi-non colored shoes. I bought a pair of New Balance 960s simply because they were so beautiful!

  2. Danielle Moore says

    Love the pink. I wish that I had an all pink outfit. I have such huge feet I can never find pink ones. So jealous. You run in style for sure!

  3. Anyone else think she looks amazing in that video?

    • Danielle Moore says

      She is beautiful. You guys are so cute together. Someday my husband and I will be the healthy together. I need to get there and then I can start helping him! He does love to run with me so that is a bonus. How long have you guys been married?

  4. Those are some sweet looking shoes! My ideal pair would be a combo of red and purple 🙂

  5. Hi Heather,
    they look amazing. I really love the bright pink and it suits you quite well:) I do hope that they don’t cause you any more foot distress!

  6. LOVE the shoes!!! the color is perfect! if i designed a pair of running shoes it would either be the multi color bright or orange and pink!

  7. Love the pink! Very cute! And love your running skirt too! 🙂

  8. Hi Heather:

    Thanks for the update. I just bought these shoes for the Disney Princess Half next February. 🙂

  9. I don’t know if I have a specific color for shoes, it all depends on the fit for me. I currently have Asics 2170s and they are slate gray with pink and neon green trim. One of my friends absolutely loves pink and I told her if she started running she could have some really pink shoes.

  10. Those are fantaStic!!!!!! So happy they’re working well!! Spa love!

  11. I love your blog. I am a pink girl too. I want to get those asics!!! Where do you get all the cute running skirts?

  12. LOVE the brightness! I showcased my new shoes on my site today and they are bright yellow! These colors have been alll the rage lately!

  13. I love your adorable accent! And your shoes are so cute! I love all the pink. Although it shows how new I am to running when you say just three miles and I think girl that’s a big deal! haha I hope these shoes work well for you for your long runs!

  14. Purple and gold. Let’s geaux Tigers!!

  15. Love the pink shoes.. Sweatpink for sure! I am struggling finding shoes that I am in love with.. Glad you found your pair!

  16. love the pink! I’m totally on board with all the neon trends right now!

  17. So cute! If I could design my own shoes they would be gray with some nice green neon accents 🙂

  18. I have those shoes and LOVE them. I have always worn asics and switched to the Nimbus a few years ago… decision! I have tried many other brands but they end up in a pile in my closet.

  19. I have a thing for obnoxiously bright shoes too!

    I’ve been moving back to more neutral shoes and trying out a lower heel to toe drop. I picked up some Saucony Rides and Brooks PureFlow to slowly start adding into rotation with the Lunarglides (which I’ve noticed with longer runs aren’t staying as comfortable for my hips/ITB). Here’s hoping we both find that perfect fit and the changes work magic.

  20. Those are the shoes I am getting next! I just bought a pair of Brooks Ghost 5, but I going back for those exact same shoes! I love them, and it was hard to leave them, but I was leery changing shoes so close to a race.

  21. Are those the Kayano? I’ve been running in my pink ones 🙂 Love your outfit, too. Running always feels better when you’re wearing something cute.

    The QOTD is pretty tough since there are soooo many great running shoe colors out there. The real trick is finding the best shoe with the best color. I wish you could select a style and then have it made with whatever color combo you liked. One can only dream 😀

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