St. Patrick’s Day 5k Race Recap 2013

This was my third year running this race, and I can honestly say it was most likely my last. There are some issues that have yet to be resolved, and the disorganization is not worth the stress to me! If you will remember last year it was very hot, and the rae started late, and they ran out of water. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try again this year, but they got a big fat fail.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but the temps were climbing and the race wasn’t slated to start until 9:30 (one of the things I had hoped they had changed…even a 9:00 start would have made it a little cooler and given a little more shade.) Bobby and I got dressed in our St. Patrick’s Day green and headed down to the beach.

photo (39

photo (33)

We were running a little late, and we got there a minute or two after nine. The 1 mile started at 9:00 with the 5k starting at 9:30, so we hurried to get our bib’s and T-shirts so we would still have time  for a restroom stop and to warm up. Well, what do you know…they ran out of shirts…again. I asked the lady why…we were pre-registered…shouldn’t they NOT give away our shirts to the day of people registering? All she said was “we have a bigger crowd than anticipated, sorry” Um…ya…that’s exactly what happened last year when they ran out of WATER! Just don’t give pre-registered shirts away, it’s SO simple. Problem solved. Annoyed, We ran back to the car to put on our bibs, take a GU, and get ready to go.

There is a BBQ and craft festival on the adjacent village green every year, and I remembered last year that we used the bathrooms down there and it was a MUCH shorter line than up by the race start. Yes! Something was going right for us, Virtually no line. We ran about a half mile warm up, and got to the starting line at 9:30….and we waited….and waited. As I was standing there, someone taped me on my shoulder. It was Gina! We chatted for a few minutes (mainly me griping about the race and starting late again, sorry Gina!) and finally we were on our way about 9:40.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this race. I had been struggling with my sinuses the end of the week, and also with the heat/late start time I wasn’t sure if I had another PR in me. A 7 day turn around for another 5k PR is tough! I admittedly started out a bit too fast. The course was CROWDED and with no chip timing, I knew my time would be “off”. I hurried to get around slower people and into some breathing room, which ended up making me go too fast that first mile. So much for negative splitting! I chugged along looking at all the green outfits, and we quickly were at mile one. I felt good, but knew it wouldn’t last. I knew we were getting close to the turn around, and I saw Bobby and gave him a high five as he went the other way.

I typically don’t stop for water during a 5k, but I was having a hard time breathing with the phlegm in my throat (again, you are welcome.) So I thought maybe some water would help. I walked for about ten seconds drinking water and dumping it on my head. I kept going and we hit mile two. I know it was only a mile left, but it was a tough one. There wasn’t anymore shade, and the heat was starting to get to me. I had stopped paying attention to my Garmin and I decided to take a walk break. Keep in mind I walked ZERO seconds just seven days prior in my other 5k. I only walked about ten seconds, and kept moving. I ended up doing this two other times because I didn’t think I had a chance to PR again so thought why kill myself. Well, I am apparently an idiot and wish I had been paying closer attention to my Garmin. I looked at my watch when I hit mile three, and saw…holy crap, I CAN PR! I gave it all I had, and crossed the line with a ONE SECOND PR! I am of course happy, but also made at myself because if I had realized I had a shot I never would have walked so much and could have run probably about 15-20 seconds faster. Oh well. I learn new things every time I race, but I won’t be back at this particular one.

photo (29)

So, new PR stands at 27:51. Bobby PR’ed by about nine seconds, 23:10. Luckily, they did not run out of water this year. Smile The small area where you hung around and waited was VERY crowded. This race had over 600 people in it. There was nowhere to stand or sit, so we decided to go.

photo (30)

We headed back to the car to change into some flip flops before walking down to the BBQ festival next door.

photo (32)

Thank you KT Tape for another pain free run!

photo (31)

Kind of creepy how similar these photos are! (2012 and 2013) You can tell I started lifting weights and now have arm muscle, score!

2012-03-17 10.19.24 photo (2800

Every year we say we are going to stay and eat BBQ at the festival and never do. Since it was such a nice day to be outside we decided to hang around this year.

photo (26)

We shared a pulled pork sandwich and beef brisket sandwich, and Bobby also had two ribs.

photo (25)

photo (23)

They had live music, entertainment for the kids, it was a neat little thing, officially called “Grillin on the green”.

photo (24)

We came home, walked the dogs and sat outside in the sun. I ended up getting a bit sunburned though.


I’m not sure what is on our schedule as far as another 5k before it gets too hot to race them. I would love to hit 27:30 before the summer but with the way the temperatures were climbing yesterday I’m not sure if that is going to happen!

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QOTD: Would you go back to a disappointing race or other sporting event if they had this many mess ups?

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  1. Sarah @Pickyrunner says

    I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with a race. I’ve never run one where I’ve said that after but I know races like that do exist! I guess I’ve just been lucky.

  2. Probably not – 3 strikes and you’re out! Congrats on the PR!

  3. with so so many many races around—Id be disappointed but move on…

  4. Bummer! At least you gave the race another shot. Congrats on the PR! Will you ever get a shirt or was that it? (Do they reprint extras for those who didn’t get shirts?)

  5. Glad you got your one second pr, and learned you have a little more in you! Yes, I’d avoid it too if they still can’t get their act together second time around. Congrats again!!

  6. I don’t blame you for not giving them another shot, that sounds like a mess! Congratulations on your PR!

  7. I gave a local Turkey day race 2 years to improve before giving up. Year 1 they decided last minute to not chip time, nor enforce the starting line: so at the beginning of the race walkers were cutting in front of runners at the start. They did the same things this year, with even more people participating, so you couldn’t even run until mile 1! It was absurd and it’s just not worth it!

  8. No I probably wouldn’t go back. I see kick some butt lately at princess and after. It’s honestly show me that maybe I was doing too much because you haven’t run a ton of miles but your legs are ready And have felt good!

  9. Bummer about the shirt and the crappy start to the race! On the bright side, you PRed without really trying!! That makes up for it, right?! Congrats!

  10. A PR is a PR! Very happy for you!

    I cannot believe they gave away shirts to people who didn’t pre-register. Are they getting more shirts printed and mailing them to you? I’d be mad.

  11. Rebecca Jo says

    I wouldnt go back after TWO mess up years.. unless the food made up for it 🙂
    That’s messed up that they gave away the pre-registered shirts. That’s why you PRE REGISTER. I’d send someone a message just so they’re aware.
    I get so aggravated when a race runs out of anything – shirts, water, MEDALS!!! That one goes through me like a hot knife in butter!

  12. Jessica Goodman says

    I know how you feel! My mom, sister, and I did a race in Feburary for Valentine’s Day and that race was a mess. It didn’t start on the street it said it was going to start on, none of the busy streets were closed or blocking any of the traffic. We were scared we were going to get hit by a car and then we get to mile two where there was suppose to be water and of course no water. Plus we had timing chips, my mom and sister have their time but I didn’t have a time. I e-mailed them about it and their reply was, Did you have it on? That was the worst organized race I have ever been to. I don’t think we will be doing it next year. Sorry for a bad experience again!

  13. I ran the same race as you, but I got there at 9:25 (decided to race at 9:00 and had to drive from Ocean Springs), so the late start allowed me to register and have a few minutes to scoot over to the start. The port-o-potty line was long at 9:35! I took water both there and back and I never need it for such a short distance either. And I too had to stop to walk for a few seconds to catch my breath, which I hated doing. And once I was done, I was kicking myself. It was my first time doing this race, so I would do it again. Of course, I didn’t preregister and expect a t-shirt AND I got there late!

    • It was a hot one!
      Starting late 2 years in a row on an already late start race (so dumb they start at 9:30 IMO!) and giving away all our shirts makes me so mad. What’s the point in pre registering then? bummer! The potty lines were ridiculous. not enough for 600 people!

  14. Congrats on the PR girl! I hate the race was bad again. They definitely should have learned their lesson from the year before. My running group, Sole2Soul Sisters, puts on our own race once a year. I am in charge of pre-registration and I always make sure we pull all the pre-registered shirts before race day so all of those people are guaranteed their shirt. The extra shirts go in day of registration. It’s simple! Not sure why your race doesn’t get that. 🙁

  15. Congrats on the PR!

    If I enjoyed myself, I would go back 🙂

  16. I totally spaced that you changed your website (It’s super cute, btw) for a minute and thought I clicked the wrong link. Our recaps are unfortunately similar – mile 2 was where things started to go downhill. Oh well, congrats on your PR!! And hopefully they’ll mail the shirts…

  17. It’s unfortunate you had such a bad experience, some races are totally made by the graciousness of wonderful volunteers/workers. I definitely would not go back.

  18. I’d say this race has struck out. I can’t believe they’d give out T-shirts before all pre-registrants have picked up theirs. I never like the excuse of “the crowd’s bigger than expected.” That’s very bad planning, IMO.

  19. Shame you didn’t have a good experience with the race again. Well done on the PR at least.

  20. Three strikes and you’re out in my opinion! It’s a little ridiculous that they have been so unorganized three years in a row (at least)! I would have been so ticked about the shirt I think I would have asked for my money back. I’m glad you still PR’d though, even with all the issues. I wonder what their response would be if you wrote them about it.

  21. Yuck! No fun doing a badly organized race, but go you with another PR! It’s so funny how you’re already complaining about the heat down here and as I’m sitting here writing this it’s snowing! We have about 3 inches already…hopefully it’ll stop soon, I’m ready for spring!

  22. Lisa Jones says

    I’ve had a few races I refuse to do again bc they were so disorganized. I also go by my fellow runner reviews to evaluate whether it’s worth the time and money to do a particular race. I also look at if it’s different people managing the race a race from the previous year. I still can’t believe they gave your shirts away! Congrats on your PR and I LOVE your outfit!

    • I agree about looking at race organizers. Sadly this is the local running club and they manage lots of disorganized races.

  23. Kinnereth says

    Congrats on the PR! I would give a race a second shot. I agree with you about not going back to this one. It seems like they are proving they aren’t very organized! I have been to some very small races that were still organized and had a pleasant experience.

  24. I love that you still PRed, even if it was by a second. It all counts in running, right? I’m all about giving a race a second chance, but if they don’t get it together the second time around, I won’t go back a third time. After all, that’s money spent on a race that I could use towards a race I love (or another Disney trip!).

  25. I wonder whether hot or cold weather is worse? I think they are both bad! I did a 7K last weekend and it was about 20 degrees with snow/ice the night before so my toes were frozen and we had to shuffle our feet in some parts rather than actually running so we didn’t fall. And the reason my toes were frozen is because the race started at 9 and we didn’t cross the start line until 9:37. I will say that I don’t think it was badly organized though, they just had to deal with the icy roads/bridges. At least we got a salted nut roll candybar in our food bags! I will give this one another chance next year.

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