7 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Walt Disney World

When my mom was about to turn 60, her one wish was to have a fun girls trip in Walt Disney World. Since her birthday falls on Christmas day, she has NEVER gotten a lot of ”hoopla” for her birthday. Sure we know better than to wrap her birthday gifts in Christmas paper, and not get her a red and green cake, but let’s face it, everyone is so busy with the holidays it’s hard to focus on a birthday other than that of baby Jesus!

Celebrate Your Birthday in Walt Disney World

When she told me she really wanted a quick girls trip to Disney to celebrate her birthday, I sprang into action to plan for the most FUN birthday bash ever. After all, she totally deserves it as the most selfless giving person ever. When I started making our October plans and doing some research, I got frustrated trying to think of things and having to hop all over the internet to find different things, so I thought I would come up with a list of fun birthday things to do in Walt Disney World for adults (kids at heart, right?) Hopefully this list will be helpful to some people looking for fun ways to celebrate!


7 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Walt Disney World:

1.) Mark your reservations: Be sure when you book your vacation that you mention there is a celebration going on. That way, it can be marked on your resort reservation and your dining reservations. There is no guarantee, but resorts and restaurants have been known to sprinkle a little pixie dust for birthday guests. When I check in I also make sure it was noted properly on the reservation. We have gotten balloons and cards in our room, chocolate, cupcakes at lunch, free dessert at dinner, and more. (Please please remember this is NOT something Disney has to do, it’s just “extra” so try not to expect it so you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.)

grand floridian birthday

2.) Birthday button (and hat, shirt, etc): Grab a birthday button at your resort or at the theme parks. Wear it with pride and watch the magic happen! Cast members and guests alike will tell you happy birthday and make you feel extra special. The button is a freebie, but if you want to pay for a little something extra, you can purchase a birthday ear hat or have a shirt made at Downtown Disney letting everyone know it is your birthday.

photo (50)

3.) Cake: Let me tell you, Disney makes some AMAZING cakes. You can call the cake hotline and have a customized cake made and delivered to your resort or at certain restaurants around the property. I have been lucky enough to be the recipient of several cakes throughout the years. Thanks to my fellow cake fiend Jen, and they are so worth it, and such a fun surprise!


4.) Spa treatment: There is a spa at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort, and also at Saratoga Springs resort. Jen and I actually had pedicures done on my birthday one year, and it was so fun! They have a full spa menu if you are looking for some extra pampering with friends or family.

senses spa3

5.) Fireworks dessert party: Disney knows how to light up the night sky, and they have been wise enough to pair their amazing fireworks with dessert parties, fireworks cruises, and the most recent addition, the Ferrytale Fireworks dessert cruise during the nightly fireworks. So many fun things to choose from (book well in advance for these events!)

6.) Guided Tour: There are a plethora of tours around Disney property, ranging from a behind the scenes Magic Kingdom tour, to a wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I think most people would be plenty excited to get to take part in a special tour on their special day.


7.) Recreation: A lot of people don’t realize there is so much more to do at Walt Disney World than go to the parks. A birthday is a perfect occasion to do something special. Some examples are: play a round of golf, rent a boat at one of the many marinas, parasail, rent a surrey bike, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

Thanks for reading my tips on how to celebrate your birthday in Walt Disney World

QOTD: Have you ever celebrated your birthday in Walt Disney World? What did you do?

Birthday Weekend 2012


Monday already! I was looking forward to last weekend for so long, and now it’s sadly over. It was however fantastic, and I had a great and relaxing birthday. Let’s backtrack to Friday.

My sweet husband had the kitchen/living room decorated when I woke up and had my gift ready. He left for work, and I got to work. I went to the gym, finished up work around 3:00, and started packing for the weekend. Bobby got home and we headed to my parents house in Louisiana. I couldn’t wait to get there, I hadn’t seen my pups in over a week! (They were being watched by my parents while we were at the beach.) When we went into the house my mom had decorated the dining room in pink!


even the cake plates, candles, and napkins were pink.



We told the dogs hello and were showered with kisses, then we headed out to eat dinner for my birthday, further confusing the poor animals. After dinner, we came home for presents, cake, and ice cream! Bobby got me some roses, too.







Then my mom had me leave while she “got the cake ready” oh boy.


My pretty cake! (Delicious, too!)





Bella wants some cake


Good times were had by all. Saturday my mom made pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then Bobby and I had a meeting to go to. After lunch my mom and I took a 35 minute walk, and my dad BBQ’ed for dinner. We went out and got a snowball (of course) after dinner, and then rented a movie. (We rented Gone with Amanda Seyfreid, it was really good!)

Sunday we went to church and had leftover BBQ’ed food for lunch, and then we headed back to Mississippi.

photo (10

It was relaxing and fun, a great way to spend my birthday! If only every day were this much fun. Smile

QOTD: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Did you know yesterday was national ice cream day?