Weekly Recap: September Week 2


Football day! Well, yesterday was football day too, so I guess I can’t really say that. Did your team win? (Mine did! LSU won 63-14!) Do you think your team will win today?


Geaux Tigers!

This past week my workouts were better than the week before (I am getting there!) but still not back to “normal.” After being out of town all the week before, I had a LOT of work to catch up on, which left me feeling very drained and mentally tired. Fingers crossed for a better week!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 2 mile speed work run on the Treadmill

Tuesday: weights

Wednesday: 2.5 mile run outside

Thursday: weights, 10 minutes stationary bike

Friday: 5 miles outside

Saturday: weights, 30 minutes stationary bike

Total miles run: 9.5

cross training: X’s 2

weights: X’s 3

We are going to get in a long run on Monday and again on Friday or Saturday, and I am hoping to do weights four times this week instead of 3. My new shoes I ordered have been shipped and will hopefully be here soon (and will hopefully help my foot!)

QOTD: Did your college football team win yesterday? I’m an LSU Tiger fan!

Weekly Recap: March Week 4


Another week over! Happy April fool’s day! My sister tries to get me every year so I have to stay alert! Anyone get anyone? I COULD be mean and trick you my precious readers, but I decided not to do that to you. 🙂 It was a crazy one for me getting back in town and playing catch up, then catching a slight cold.  Had a blast volunteering at the Triathlon in my neighborhood yesterday. A full report to come on that maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. But today, a recap of last weeks workouts.

My workouts last week were “eh”. Coming in from out of town and getting sick didn’t help on top of trying to catch up on a ton of work. This week has got to be good…Half marathon is April 15!

Sunday: Castaway Cay 5k in the Bahamas. I will be doing a full post on this as it has changed a lot from the last time I did it.


(no I didn’t win they all said winner haha)

Monday: rest and travel day. Flew home, slept many hours.

Tuesday: Felt icky and tired, trying to get back on central time zone. Forced myself to the gym for bi’s, back, legs, and abs, as well as 15 minutes easy on the elliptical

Wednesday: rest. Sick.

Thursday: ran 2 miles in 20 minutes. Still felt icky but hoped maybe getting out would help me not feel so sluggish.

Friday: rest

Saturday: volunteered at a triathlon. Does this count as a workout? I am beat! Was supposed to long run this day, putting it off until Sunday.


run: 5 miles. lowest mileage in a lloonnggg time

yoga: 0 changed our class form twice a week to one time. So sad. I was sick the day it was offered

cross train: 1 time. oy.

weights: one time. double oy.

I am pretty unhappy with my lack of workouts this week. I know everyone has a crazy week like this, I just didn’t need it to happen so close to my race. I am starting to feel ill-prepared for it, and I know it’s going to be quite hot, I am not excited about it like I should be. Burn out maybe? This will be my last half of the season…May run a 5k or two but that’s it. I am DETERMINED to have a better week this week! Hold me accountable!


QOTD: What do you do when you have a bad workout week?

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Weekly Recap February Week 1


When you read yesterday’s post, I was in a van, running a relay. Depending on what time you read this post….I am still in a van running a relay. We are wrapping up Rouge Orleans this morning, having an after party in New Orleans, and then heading home to crash.

Dilemma…not sure how to count my mileage for Rouge Orleans…I guess running in the wee hours of this morning will count as the new week? Here we go!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 1 hour yoga class, ran 1 mile, 45 minutes upper body weights

Tuesday: ran ten miles, upper body weights and abs

Wednesday: 1 hour yoga class, 20 minutes upper body weights

Thursday: 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes upper body weights

Friday: rest

Saturday: 10 miles (part one Rouge Orleans relay)


Total Miles: 11

Yoga: 2 hours of class

cross training: 1 time

weight lifting: X’s 4

I didn’t run as many miles as I wanted to this week, but I also didn’t want to overdo it before Rouge Orleans. Next week will be a work hard week with my last long run before Princess! I am proud of my yoga and lifting, but need to add in more cross training.

Cross Training Favorites

Good morning! Catching up from a weekend away from the blog world? Here is what you missed!

A year ago…November flashback

The One With the Emergency Room < ----- Yes, Bobby had to take me to the ER… I am SURE you went and checked out that ER post. Now that you feel sorry for me, and are glad you are NOT me, let’s move on ok? I actually feel fine now. Friday was really rough recovering from the Demerol, and Saturday I still had some bad stomach cramps (and my hand still KILLS where that awful nurse ripped out my IV!) and yesterday I just had SLIGHT cramping, so hopefully today is by “100% better” day. I am headed for a day with my mom today, dropping off the pups to get groomed. They need it badly. DSC_0822

No we don’t it’s just our winter coats!

They were pretty tucked out after that heart attack inducing Saints game.


As was their mama. I thought I was going to need a return trip to the ER. Twice in three days would not be so much fun. Let’s try and not go into overtime next game ok boys?

Alright, down to business. The sad truth I hate to admit…my foot still hurts. I will not be running a half marathon Thanksgiving weekend as planned. Since I don’t want to have an ER repeat due to inactivity, I have got to get to cross training. Luckily, the YMCA opens IN my neighborhood on SATURDAY so I am going to implement a serious routine to keep me as fit as possible without putting too much force on my foot.

So, my question for you is what is your favorite non running way to workout that I can do in a gym without putting pounding force on my foot? The gym will have your standard weights and cardio machines as well as one fitness class room where they will have Yoga, zumba, and some form of body pump maybe? Not sure yet. All I know it I have to do SOMETHING and I don’t want to lose all of my fitness, so what are your suggestions? I will get bored doing the same thing every day, so I need variety, something like the pilates in Buckhead that I saw, high energy, loads of moves and safe!

Although I DID get a little workout doing something last night, I will give you a little hint…


Any guesses? Smile Not to mention, tomorrow is a pretty special day here on RWS. You will just have to come back and see why! Have a marvelous Monday.

QOTD: Cross training. Hit me!

Have some Fun while Working Out


Hump Day is here! It’s cloudy, windy, and dreary, AGAIN! We had so many sunny beautiful days in early April, what’s the deal?!? Everyone having a good day? yes? I am waiting on someone to come fix our shower door, so I am stuck in the house this morning anyway.

Last night, I didn’t feel like running or doing a workout DVD but wanted to sweat and get in a good workout. Of course when I asked Bobby to hit the volleyball with me he jumped at the chance!

Did I ever tell you Bobby and I met on the volleyball court? It was the first weekend of college my sophomore year, and we were playing in an intermural tournament, on opposite teams. His team crushed mine, but we met, chatted, and he invited me to play with his group the next week. Soon after he asked me out on our first date and the rest is history!

We continued to play volleyball through college, and When we got married we joined a church league at well, our church. It was pretty comical, we got frustrated because the rules were so silly (no spiking, a boy and girl must hit on each turn, etc.) so we didn’t play after that season.

In the fall, I became the varsity and JV coach of Madison Central High school. I coached the varsity team to the state playoffs, and the JV team won a tournament we hosted.






my team!


As much as I loved coaching, I got a job teaching at another school the next year which made it near impossible to teach then get to the other school to coach and go to games, etc.

I am the person who randomly walks up to people playing volleyball on the beach and asks to join in.


huh? I don’t know you.


that’s ok. As long as you can play ball.

Over the last couple of years I haven’t gotten to play much or really at all. I am hoping to find a team or league or just some people to play with now that we live just a few minutes from the beach. Ok, so back to last night. We headed out into the park that is our front yard and played for 45 minutes.


except now the grass is green!

Here I am ready for some fun!


We got in a great workout, and I topped it off with some bench presses in the garage. Well, this morning I am sore! The great thing about volleyball is it is a full body workout. My arms and shoulders are sore from setting and hitting, my legs are sore from getting down low, and my abs are sore from stretching and reaching.

The best form of volleyball of course is sand volleyball, which is what we mostly played in college. A woman can burn around 400 calories from an hour of sand volleyball according to THIS website. (Take it with a grain of salt people.) I don’t know about you but that’s a pretty good burn, and a LOT of FUN!

The thing I want you to take away from all of this, is working out does NOT have to be boring or a chore! Make it fun in these ways:

1.) Mix it up. Doing the same thing over and over is sure to be boring.

2.) Workout with friends. Playing volleyball, tennis, basketball, anything with friends is always more fun!

3.) Try something new. Don’t be afraid to explore and try an activity you have never done before. You may find a new favorite!

4.) Keep moving! Even if you aren’t any good, that’s ok! Just keep moving and sweating and having fun. You don’t have to be good at something to burn the calories!

QOTD: What activities do you do besides the regular old running or gym classes that give you a good burn?

Runner’s Burnout

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I have a confession. I think I am suffering from a case of long distance runner’s burnout. I have been on a training plan since July/August. That’s a LONG time to have a schedule dictate when and how much you run, in my opinion. Lately I have dreaded running, especially anything longer than three miles. In January, I was so pumped up and ready to run my first marathon, but when it was over I did not experience the “post marathon blues” everyone seems to talk about. At the time I wasn’t really sure why this was…but now I am pretty certain it was because my body has been SCREAMING for a break, in more ways than one.

1.) Let’s face it, I am not at full health. Between my hip and IT band, I could use a break from distance running.

2.) I understand it’s ok to not ALWAYS want to go on your run, but to not EVER want to go on your run, well I think that’s a problem!

3.) There is a lot of stress/craziness in my life at this moment, and when I run I can’t seem to focus, because all I think about is my stress and all the things I need to do/should be doing instead.


I know deep down I enjoy the half marathon distance, but I also really want to improve my speed. I have decided to focus on some 5k’s, then take about a month off of running probably in May or June to totally heal and get my desire to run back again. I hope to resume half training in August and run halfs again in the fall.

I have only been on this “plan” for a week and already I feel SO much better! Here are the things I have been doing/realizing and actually enjoying for a change, because I don’t feel the PRESSURE to have to run 4-5 times a week.


1.) Cross training has become enjoyable. During marathon training, I did not cross train like I should have, because every time I worked out I felt like I had to run, mile on the miles, no time for anything else. I now realize this was a big mistake.  I realize cross training probably would have made me stronger and less prone to injury. Good job Heather. I am now enjoying doing the elliptical and going for walks with my family and my dogs. You know, while I can, before the brutal southern summer weather hits and I am forced indoors until September. (see northern peeps, we are forced inside due to weather, too!) I have also done a couple of workout videos that have made me realize I am NOT as in shape as I thought I was!


2.) I am liking the challenge of strength training. It’s no secret I have avoided strength training in the past on purpose. I have always felt like it was a waste of time and I never saw any results.(my fault, I never stuck with it long enough to see any!) Well, let’s be honest…running WITHOUT strength training hasn’t worked out so good for me, so why not try a different approach? I really have enjoyed being sore, and feeling like I worked hard.


3.)Taking care of my body has become very important to me. Well, it has always been important, but it seems that RUNNING was the most important, even if that made me neglect the rest of my body. Does that even make sense? In my head it does. maybe. I have been taking the time to stretch everyday, and do stabilizing exercises for my legs and hips. I want to be strong and healthy all over, not just “in running shape.”

I will always love running and want to run, and especially race, but I don’t want to neglect the rest of health or fitness anymore. I want my WHOLE body to be in shape and at it’s best, not just my legs. the best part is…yesterday I WANTED to go on a short run, because I didn’t HAVE to go run. I think that is the way it’s supposed to be, at least most of the time. I need to get that desire back for long runs, and I think my plan will do the trick!  Help keep me accountable as I venture into this new territory. It’s scary to me but exciting!!

QOTD: Have you ever been burnt out from running? Been on a training plan too long? How did you combat this problem?

Lots of reading to do!

So I never got my February issue of runners world, so I had to e mail them and complain, and I just got it today…the day the March issue came in! So now I have lots of reading to catch up on. I love magazines, and I like to run, so a running magazine is right up my alley.I have flipped through a few differnt ones and this one is by far my favorite. I also love www.runnersworld.com, they have a great forum and training and advice.
It is freezing rain/sleeting outside….so obviously no run for me, glad I ran yesterday! May do eliptical and arms later. Hope everyone is having a good evening! Now go check out runner’s world.com…I am going to go read and relax!