Mississippi College Scholarship Dinner

On Tuesday night, Bobby and I had the privilege of attending the annual spring scholarship dinner at our alma mater, Mississippi College. A friend of ours had a table at the event, and invited us to come as guests. We never get to go to anything fancy like this, so it was a real treat. So much so, that I actually curled my hair and put on more than just mascara and concealer!

MC dinner

I may have had to use a half bottle of hair spray, but it stayed put! (My thick thick hair does not like to curl. The curls fall out instantly, especially here in the humid south, but I was determined!)

MC scholarship dinner

I admittedly had not been back to campus in about seven years, and as soon as we walked across the quad, all the memories came flooding back and I got super nostalgic. I can’t believe I graduated NINE years ago this spring. I vividly remember wanting so badly to be out of college so I could be a “real adult”, and now I would give my right arm to go back to those glorious days of no worries.

MC dinner1

The dinner was very nice, we had salad, steak and potatoes, as well as cheesecake.

MC dinner2

We had a very special treat, because not only was the governor, Phil Bryant at the event, but he introduced the keynote speaker, who was none other than Rudy Giuliani.

MC governor

Rudy was such a great speaker, and the time flew by (he talked for well over an hour) but I could have listened to his stories all night.

mc dinner rudy

He is hilarious, and gave his opinions on the presidential election madness, as well as gave us some words of wisdom on leadership and vision, and what our country needs.

MC diner rudy 4

He told stories from September 11th, and about his time as mayor. I truly enjoyed the evening, and am so glad I was able to go and hear someone like Rudy speak (and sit right up in the front, too!)

mc dinner rudy G

One funny side note, his phone rang while he was speaking, and his ringtone was the music for the song “Bad to the Bone.” I die. We just couldn’t get over how hilarious that was.

QOTD: Have you ever heard someone of political notoriety speak in person? I would love to hear who! I’m a total history and government nerd!

Phonecia Gourmet Restaurant


Last night, my sweet husband took me out for a nice dinner.


We tried a new place (to us) in the cute little downtown area near the beach in Ocean Springs. per a friend’s request, we pulled into Phoenicia Gourmet Restaurant. It’ was in a small older building, but the waiters were all dressed up in bowties, and there were candles on the tables and flowers. It is a Mediterranean restaurant mainly. Check this out on the wall.


While we were deciding what we wanted, this was put on our table. It was pretty good!


I decided on a steak, and Bobby got fish, amberjack I think.


The steak and potatoes were REALLY good. The veggies were just so-so, and Bobby really enjoyed his meal as well. It was a relaxing atmosphere, and a live musician even started playing midway through our meal. We left full and happy!



Overall: Food was really good, atmosphere was also good. Service we just so-so. We had some teenager who kept talking too fast I couldn’t understand him (boy do I sound old) but we had other workers refill our water, clear our plates, etc. and they were all very friendly. One drawback, it was pretty pricey. Definitely not your every weekend type meal. I would go back here for a special occasion though (or if I won the lottery!)


I am about to go run ten miles with Bobby, fingers crossed we make it and I have no knee pain!

*Don’t forget, Monday I am hosting a raffle with all kinds of goodies, all to benefit Team in Training!

QOTD: Tell me your favorite thing about eating out for dinner