6 Weeks to 6 Pack Review

Today is the dreaded day I post pictures of myself from the Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack DVD. I have a lot I want to say and it’s all jumbled up in my head so please bear with me! Here we go!

6 weeks to 6 pack

I completed the entire 6 weeks, which was VERY hard for a couple of reasons:

1.) It was hard. This DVD is NO cake walk! I got sweaty, tired, and sore, especially in the beginning.

2.) I got bored. There were two levels, you do one for 3 weeks then the other for 3 weeks. I literally had the whole DVD memorized by the end and was so tired of the same thing over and over.

What got me through it? You guys! And promising myself I could buy a new swimsuit if I finished but that’s neither here nor there….So ya..I knew if I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this, I could easily quit. But putting it out there in the blog world for everyone to see really held me accountable!

If you didn’t read my “First Glance” post, I would go check that out before reading any further.

Did you read it? Ok! moving on!

Ok, so, the DVD called for 5 times a week. The first 3 weeks on level 1, then the 2nd three weeks on level 2. I did not follow this exactly, so here is what I did.

Week 1: the first time I did this DVD I was SO SORE the next day there was no way I could do it again. I actually only did half of it (she goes through the circuit twice on each level) so there was no way I was doing 5 times this week! So I chose to do the video 4 times. The first two I did it only one circuit through. I also didn’t use a weight. There are two backup dancers with Jillian in the video, one does the “beginner” version and one does the “advanced” version. The beginner in level 1 doesn’t use a weight, so for week one, I used no weight.

Week 2: I did the level one video all the way through 4 times, and I used a weight halfway through the week. I was still a little sore but not as bad as week one.

Week 3: I did the DVD 4 times, and this week was hard for me because I was getting SO tired of level one! I wasn’t getting sore anymore which was good and made me realize I AM getting stronger if I am not sore after doing the same workout.

Week 4: I was SO HAPPY to move on to level 2…until I did the workout. It was SO HARD! I all of the sudden wanted level one back again, it seemed like a cake walk compared to this nonsense! I did the workout half the way through (one circuit) the first day, with no weight. The rest of the week I did the DVD all the way through with no weight, doing the DVD 4 times. I was sore again, which made me happy knowing I was working for it.

Week 5: I added in the weight, and did the DVD 5 times. It was still hard, but not impossibly hard. bobby even did the workout with me a couple of times which made it more fun.

Week 6: I was so glad I was on my last week! I was getting SO BORED and ready for this to be over! I knew I could do anything for a week, so I pushed through it and did the DVD 4 times the last week. I was finally DONE!

Here are my thoughts on the DVD:

Level one has the most mat work/ab work. You do a couple of cardio intervals, but my abs were the most sore with level one. When we moved to level two, there were more cardio intervals and a lot more lunges. My IT band started getting sore from all the lunging. My abs were not that sore on level two, but my calves, butt, and quads were very sore with level two.

RESULTS: Did I get a 6 pack? no. Did I expect to get a 6 pack? no. What did I get? I got a lot stronger! I have never been very strong, never did a lot o strength training, and I think my running has suffered because of it. My core is VERY weak. All my doctors told me this, my chiropractor has said this, so it was no secret. I really wanted to build a strong core, and I can honestly say YES it is a lot stronger! The few runs I have completed since the DVD have been a lot faster and easier. My legs don’t get tired as quickly and I feel they are easier. All those lunges helped I am sure!

What about the physical results? The physical results are there, but not as much as I thought they would be. I lost one and a quarter inches off my hips and one and a quarter inches off my waist. I can definitely see definition in my abs running parallel down both sides of my stomach. It’s really hard to tell in the pictures, but trust me it’s there! So no 6 pack, but better definition and much much more strength in abs and legs.

*gulp* here are my before and after pictures. My hips have ALWAYS been my problem area. I have always had a relatively flat stomach, small waist/upper body, but have always had wide hips. Please be kind…this is the first time I have “exposed” myself like this on my blog.





side by side…

2011-03-15102726 2011-04-26081048

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Here is an after shot in swimsuit bottoms, they fit differently than the workout pants I have on above. The pants above are tight so they kind of push the fat up if that makes sense ha! Ignore the lines on my stomach from the jeans I had on!


before and after with the second shot…

2011-03-15102726 6 weeks to 6 pack

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Not sure if you can tell, but there is definitely some definition in my abs in the second shot, and my hips are visibly smaller. So did I get results? yes, they just were not what I thought. I had more running results than I imagined and not as much physical as I imagined. Will I continue to do the video? For now, I will probably do it once or twice a week through swimsuit season.

Do I recommend the video? Yes! it was a great workout, but if you plan on actually following through with the plan, know it takes a lot of dedication and be prepared to get bored with it. Ideally the video would have had 3 levels so you only have to stay on each one for two weeks at a time.

Did I do any workouts in addition to this 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD? Yes. I ran 2-3 times a week, 3-4 miles each time. I also took several walks, and did a LITTLE bit of additional strength training (mainly arms) maybe once a week. I didn’t change my eating really, but was more mindful of snacking and eating late at night. I am going to step up my cardio, work on my eating, and continue the DVD until I go on vacation in a month, and I MAY take one more set of after pictures just for curiosity sake.

So…there you have it. If you have any questions about what I did or didn’t do, or the Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack DVD in general, please feel free to e mail me at runningwithsass AT gmail DOT com, or leave them in the comments.

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QOTD: Have you done this workout? Did you get better results than I did? Thoughts on the workout/plan/results in general? Can you tell a difference?

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Abs Uncovered


Monday again? Let’s make it a good one! need to catch up?

Friday: Friday Favorites: Target C9

Sunday: Hop into the Weekend


So what do you think of my clever title? If you don’t get it, you will by the end of the post! I am now in week five of 6 weeks to 6 pack. I have been working hard, and also doing research on ab workouts just out of curiosity. When I started into level Two of the video last week, I noticed something.

Level One was full of met work, tons of ab work, lots of sore abs but not much else. Level Two is a LOT more cardio based and my legs have been way more sore than my abs! There is not near as much mat work, but a LOT more sweat and high intensity intervals. That got me to more thinking and more research, and I must say, it makes sense.


Let’s face it, everyone has stomach muscles. Some are of course bigger and stronger than others, but you still have them in there somewhere. The key is uncovering them. (Get the title now? heh). Jillian is currently kicking my butt in a cardio kind of way with some ab work thrown in to UNCOVER my newly formed muscles from level one. I can tell/feel I am not as squishy in the middle as I was a month ago, but I still don’t see a LOT of visible difference, because my abs are being covered up by some stomach fat. So I need to step up my cardio in addition to my DVD to shed all over fat to expose my ab muscles. Does this make sense? Totally does to me, not really sure why I didn’t think about it before…oh, I know! because I have never really focused on abs before.

(random insert of picture to break up the writing…)


Doing a million crunches will not give you a 6 pack. Yes you need to build up strength in your core but you also need to eat healthy and burn overall body fat to shed it off your stomach so you can SEE the abs you have been working so hard for. Last week was totally lame in terms of running/cardio aside from the DVD, so this week I am going to step it up a bit (and cut out nightly ice cream and brownies) and see if I can tell a difference in my last two weeks of the DVD.


So, if you are currently working on abs for swimsuit season, don’t simply do crunches during the commercial break of your favorite TV show. Pair it with some heart pumping cardio and healthy eating to “expose” all your hard work!

QOTD: Thoughts on this? Do you pair cardio with your strength training to expose your muscles? What do you think about the terms flying around concerning “fat fit people?”

6 weeks to 6 pack First Glance


Happy Hump day! I hope everyone is having a GREAT day today! It’s already ssooo hot here. High is 80. I just ran a quick 2 miles. I didn’t realize how hot it was and I had on yoga pants and a shirt with sleeves and I was DYING so I only made it 2 of my 3 miles. But then I came home and did my 6 week to 6 pack DVD.


This is my second week of the program and it’s no joke! The way it works is there are two levels (level one and level two obviously…) and you are supposed to do level one for three weeks, five times a week. She goes through one circuit two times during the workout. This is how it has broken down for me so far…

The first week I did level one 3 or 4 times I can’t remember, but I only went through the circuit once, to get used to it (incredibly sore abs after the first day forced my fate upon me). Then this week I have done it twice, going through the whole circuit. Doing this video five times a week is unrealistic for me for two reasons

1.) I like to run and do other workouts and not just the video

2.) I get bored easy.

That’s my honest answer! I realize I may not get the results promised, but a little toning before my cruise around the midsection is all I am after.

I have gotten a couple of questions regarding what I wear to do a workout like this. My running skirt? Haha! No, I haven’t done that…yet..I typically wear yoga type capri/knee pants and a tight fitting shirt. No, not because I want Jillian to think I am an awesome serious workout guru, but because I HATE when I am doing planks, etc. and my t-shirt flies up over my head and smothers me. Ok…so maybe I am being a little dramatic, but it’s annoying! So I typically wear something like this. Pleas ignore the messy bathroom, we just moved in, remember? I’m working on it!!!


My HOPE for this video is that there is enough difference in my mid section to justify posting before and after photos. Yes, I took the photos, no I am not showing you yet. Patience my friends. I need to see results!

Something else fun to tell you about, I got to have a blogger meet up yesterday! The lovely Cate from My Running Ambition was passing through my way on her way back to my old stomping grounds of NOLA where so recently moved. I was so excited she contacted me and quickly agreed to a Starbucks meet up!

It was so great to meet her, and we obviously have a lot in common! We talked about New Orleans, and I gave her a few pointers on the city and on having a significant other in law school! It felt like we were old friends and I hope I get to see her again soon! She was also nice enough to let me take her picture for the blog, of course! Say hi Cate! Isn’t she precious?


Ok I am going to do a little strength training, I have been neglecting it since we moved in. I wish they would hurry up and finish building the YMCA! I have a feeling it’s going to be a HOT summer!

QOTD: Do you like workout DVD’s? Which ones?