Beat the Heat + My Race Ragz Rocks!


I was honored to be asked to be the featured blogger in the My Race Ragz newsletter this month. Some of you who already get the newsletter probably saw my face in your inbox yesterday morning, but in case you missed it, you can see the write up here.  By the way, if you would like to sign up for the monthly newsletter, it’s so easy, just go here and enter in a bit of information!


In my little interview, I was asked about ways to heat the heat during summer running. This is so appropriate being I live one of the hottest, most humid parts of the country so I kind of have these tips mastered! Here are the tips I gave:

Tips for staying safe while running in the summer / heat.

Running in the heat is no joke, and it is important to stay safe and pay attention to the weather. My best tips for running in the heat include:

  1. Run early in the morning or late at night to avoid the hottest and sunniest parts of the day.
  2. Hydrate hydrate hydrate before, during, and after your run.
  3. Slather on the SPF, and I always wear a visor to keep the sun off my face in the summer months.
  4. Put a wet washcloth in the freezer, and then carry it with you on your run to keep you cool
  5. Be sure to replace not only water, but salt and electrolytes. Gatorade, nuun, and coconut water are my favorite go to’s.
  6. Be realistic. Your pace is going to drop, and that’s ok! Have realistic goals for your summer runs
  7. Most importantly, listen to your body. If you get dizzy or lightheaded, stop running, and find some shade ASAP. Better to be safe than sorry!

I was also asked about some races I am running this fall and my goals for them:

Meet Heather from Running With Sass.  She’s an avid runner and now a My Race Ragz sportin’ fashionista. 

Here’s what we asked Heather:

What are your racing goals for 2012?

I have a couple of race goals for the rest of 2012. I would love to run a sub 2:00 half marathon for one, but I also have a goal of staying injury free. I have struggled with several running injuries that have hampered my ability to reach my goals, so I am trying to take really good care of my body so that doesn’t happen! I also also have a goal of having FUN with every race. Running is a privilege and I don’t want to take it for granted.

What races are you signed up for over the summer / fall?


Living in the deep south, there are not many races going on in the summer. I am signed up for the Disneyland half marathon in September, the Gulf coast half marathon in October, and Disney’s Wine and Dine half marathon in November. But my “big race” is goofy’s race and a half challenge in January of 2013! Running a half marathon Saturday and a full on Sunday is so scary to me, but I am excited!

THANKS My Race Ragz for featuring me in your newsletter! (In case anyone missed my review of the awesome shirt I got from them you can check it out here).

QOTD: Do you have any other tips for staying safe while running/beating the heat this summer?

My Race Ragz Review and Giveaway


Good morning! I am starting to rejoin the land of the living. Still not 100% well but getting better by the day. I am a bit frustrated because I know I am losing fitness since I only worked out twice on my 10 day trip then throw in food poisoning, but what can you do? At least I wasn’t training for anything.

Today I have a fun giveaway I have been meaning to post for awhile. I am sure you have heard of My Race Ragz and their awesome personalized, custom printed workout shirts. I was given the privilege to test out their product and also offer one as a giveaway to a RWS reader. I of course decided to get a shirt with the RWS logo on the front, and went for some writing on the back. I went with a white tank top since I hate running in sleeves and it’s so hot here.


The back


Close up of the technical fabric


The shirt was super easy to order, and I loved how cool the website was. There are SO SO SO many options, or you can upload your own image for your shirt. I loved playing around with all the different colors, shirts, and fonts. The shirt was shipped quickly and fits me perfectly, and is super comfortable. It keeps me cool when I am running which is something very important to me as well. If you are looking for a custom running shirt I highly recommend these guys! (Find them on Facebook and Twitter as well).

Now, how can you win one of these great shirts for yourself? There are two ways:

1.) Leave me a comment telling me what you would put on your shirt if you won. A favorite mantra? design? (check out all the options on their site)

2.) Tweet the following: I want to win a custom printed shirt from @MyRaceRagz via @runningwithsass and LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT letting me know you tweeted.

That’s it! You have until Saturday at 8:00 pm CST to enter and I will announce a winner on Sunday’s blog post. Good luck!