4th of July Weekend 2016

I know it’s been almost a week, but I realized I never recapped my 4th of July weekend! We decided since we would be with family, to go ahead and celebrate my birthday early (it’s not until the13th). I picked up EK after lunch from daycare so she would nap in the car on the way to Louisiana. When we arrived, my parents had bought her a fun pool toy that also sprays water (it comes out of the top of the palm tree and comes down the “waterfall” where the blue streamers are). Sadly, the “slide” on the pool isn’t really something you can slide on, but she still had fun.


We BBQ’ed and then had cake and ice cream. Check out my cake with LSU colors! I had my favorite of course, chocolate doberge cake (it’s a New Orleans thing, Google it. It’s delicious.)



Saturday my dad and I went to buy Emma Kate a small slide so she could slide into the pool. We ran a couple other errands and visited their neighbors dog. Look how sweet she is holding his hand!


My parents have a nest of babies, well, one baby and two eggs, right outside their house that we visited as well.


Then that afternoon it was more pool fun, this time with an actual slide. She must have gone down it 100 times and she slept 13 hours that night!


Sunday morning I decided to go for a 6 mile run. Little did I know the “feels like” temperature was 108! I didn’t know this until I was done. I just thought I was out of running shape because I haven’t been doing it much lately. it was brutal and I had to take it slow the last two miles in particular. Of course I wore my red white and blue stars running skirt.


In the afternoon we went and got snowballs which was perfect for such a hot day. I had wedding cake cream of course.


That evening, my buddy Jen and her family came over to eat with us and play in the water. The kids played outside for a long time! Look how adorable these friends are. They were holding hands and hugging!


It was great to see them as always. We realized after that we didn’t take a picture together! Next time.

Monday morning we played at the house, ran a couple errands, and then loaded up the car to head home after lunch. One of these days we will be able to get everyone in a photo, but here are the Montgomery girls!

IMG_7043 (2)

We got home and we needed to water the grass. Of course Emma Kate used the opportunity to play in the water…again. As if she hadn’t had enough of that over the weekend.


I think we were all wiped out after such a fun weekend. Can’t wait for the next one!

QOTD: What was your favorite part of the 4th of July?

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

When I was in Florida for the Princess Half Marathon weekend, I had the opportunity to stay at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek. I stayed here for one night in January, but we were so busy I did not have the chance to really look around, so I was excited to have another stay and see what it was all about.

hilton orlando bonnet creek

This hotel is tucked away on Disney property, and you have probably passed it 100 times and not even noticed. It is conveniently located to Disney Springs as well as the theme parks. Hilton Orlando bonnet creek

The rooms are spacious at 414 sq. feet, and the beds were very comfortable. There was a desk in the room as well as a television, coffee maker, safe, and refrigerator. We had a huge window with a great view of the pool! Off in the distance we could see the Swan and Dolphin as well as the Tower of Terror!

Hilton orlando Bonnet Creek


The lobby is super inviting and fun, check out the ceiling!

bonnet creek

One of my favorite things was this little spot which was open 24 hours a day. They had snacks, coffee, pastries, candy, donuts, chips, among other things. It was great to go down at 3:00 in the morning and grab some coffee the morning of the 10k.


The views out the windows in the lobby area were amazing, and there was even a screen porch and fire pit so you could enjoy the sunset.



There is also a convention center at Hilton Bonnet Creek, and they do weddings as well!


There are several restaurants, and Jen and I ate at two of them. The first night we ate at Harvest, and they even had a special menu for the runners.

bonnet creek

Downstairs by the pool and next to Harvest they had a table of different waters for the guests. The watermelon was so good.


019hilton bonnet creek

Even though we didn’t use it because we were doing enough running as it was, there was a really nice gym on the ground floor next to the pool area.


Speaking of the pool area…WOW. I am saving some of my photos for another post, but yall, this was an oasis. A lazy river, zero entry, waterslide, hot tub, plenty of lounge chairs, and an amazing outdoor restaurant.

hilton bonnet creek pool

We ate at Beech the night before the half marathon, and it had such a relaxing vibe, and the weather was perfect to eat outside poolside.


Also, this hotel is right next to the Waldorf Astoria, where there is an amazing spa. There is also a golf course, shopping, and a kids club next door at Waldorf Astoria.

Jen and I kept talking about how much we loved this hotel, the food, the pool, and the options it provided us during our stay. Being on Disney property is just so magical, and Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek allows you to be in the middle of it all without breaking the bank. I hope to stay here again soon. The pool is already calling my name!

QOTD: Do you like a good pool/lazy river? Have you stayed at Bonnet Creek?

Disney Girls Trip Part 3: After the Race

I left off with my recap of the Expedition Everest Challenge. The next day was Sunday, and we had plans to relax! We slept in and then decided to go to Downtown Disney for lunch at Earl of Sandwich. Jen had a Groupon, so of course we had to go, duh.

After we ate, we hit up Starbucks. (In case you weren’t aware, regular Disney coffee tastes awful, so I’m super happy Starbucks invaded the “world”).

unnamed (23)

We shopped a little then headed back to the resort to go to the pool. I really like the pool area at Caribbean Beach, and we even scored two chairs under an umbrella mostly in the shade. Hooray for saving our skin!

unnamed (24)

It was cool enough outside I didn’t even sweat nor did I need to get in the pool to cool off. This worked out because I was way too lazy to get out of my chair.

unnamed (25)

We sat and chatted a few hours then got ready for dinner at Narcoossees at the Grand Floridian. Jen and I are both big lovers of this resort, and we thought back to a girls trip we took in 2009 when we stayed there. Hopefully one day we will get to stay there again! It’s so beautiful, but also really, really, expensive. If I ever win the lottery, this is where I am going. I guess I need to start buying lottery tickets if I want to win…

unnamed (26)

We were given a nice table by the window and we had a delicious meal!

unnamed (28)

I had to get a chocolate martini since that’s what we got when we ate here on our last girls trip. It was very good.

unnamed (29)

I had steak for my meal, then finished it off with almond crusted cheesecake. I wasn’t even hungry but this dessert is so good, I got it anyway (and proceeded to eat the whole thing). Everything was really good and we had a great time!

unnamed (30)

We are pretty boring old people so we took a cab back to the resort and went to bed. We had a big day coming up at the Magic Kingdom!

QOTD: What is your favorite dessert?

ASICS LA Marathon Weekend: Relaxing Afternoon

Saturday after the shake out run and brunch, we had boxed lunches in the hospitality suite, and some amazing folks from ALTUS were there to stretch us out and work out any kinks we had before race day. I was really excited about this because I was worried about how my hip and knee were going to hold up. I explained everything and he did some active release therapy on me and some stretching as well and while it was pretty painful at times, it ended up helping SO much, they are miracle workers! While I was eating my lunch, I noticed ASICS turned a quote I had given them into a cool photo and posted it on Twitter. Love it!


After lunch I decided to go down to the pool and relax in the shade. The only problem was I couldn’t find an empty chair! I ended up chatting with a guy who was also running the marathon and when the two ladies next to him got up to leave he came and got me and helped me carry my stuff over so I could have the extra chairs. Super nice of him!

IMG_3616 (2)

We ended up chatting about running and the race while I waited for my buddy Linzie to arrive to hang out with me. See, I promise I stayed in the shade and chugged water the whole time!

IMG_3617 (2)

I hadn’t seen Linzie in awhile so it was great to do some catching up while I was in town.

IMG_3619 (2)

Time flew by and soon he had to go. I needed to go get ready for dinner anyway so we said our goodbyes and I got ready for dinner in Venice with the rest of the #TeamASICSLAM crew. We ended up walking part of the way to the restaurant because the traffic was so bad so we jumped out of the bus to make our reservations!

IMG_3620 (2)

Dinner was delicious (pasta, chicken, etc.) but I was so exhausted and ready to get back and get to bed. My friend Crystal who was running the race was on her way to the hotel to spend the night with me and I couldn’t wait to see her either! We ended up staying up too late chatting, and 3:15 came all too quickly. Time to get up, it was LA marathon day!

QOTD: What do you eat the night before a race?

Weekly Recap: June Week 2 and a Day at the Pool


Hola and Happy Father’s Day! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend like I am. It started out great on Friday with a surprise lunch date with my hubby for some hibachi. We were so full we ended up not even eating dinner. I have never had so much fried rice in my life! We hung out and watched a movie and then Saturday we got up for an eight mile long run. We didn’t get out the door till 8:00, and the sun was already high in the sky and it was hot. Luckily, there was a slight breeze to keep me from death.

photo (7)

My moving comfort Jubralee sports bra was drenched, but I had no chafing or issues with support. Barely even noticed it, I really love this bra, especially the adjustable straps on the front, no more trying to reach to the back to adjust! If you are in the market for a new one, be sure to check it out!

It was actually a really good run. Since I now have a half marathon training plan, I wanted to stick with my pace called for, which was fine by me since it was so hot, I don’t know if I could have gone much faster anyway! We kept just about an 11:30 pace, and ran home to rehydrate and relax.

photo (8)

Best thing about this bra, I felt totally comfortable wearing it by itself for my run. Some sports bras just don’t lend themselves to being worn alone, if you know what I mean girls, but I felt great in this one. It’s just wwaayyy to hot to wear a sticky shirt on long runs down here.

Hubby headed to the pool to cool off and swim a few laps. I figured it would be jam packed full of people (I hate getting to the pool to discover there are no chairs!) So I sat on the front porch with the pups to cool off.  Soon enough, Bobby texted me saying he was the only one at the pool. I jumped up, changed into my suit and met him down there.

photo (6)

It was so nice being the only ones down there for awhile. The breeze made it feel great, and I had one of those times (very rare for me!) Where I felt truly relaxed. I love that feeling after you have a good long run, and you feel really productive so early in the morning. Know what I mean?


After awhile we both got really hungry, so we headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, hit up Target for groceries, then took a nice long nap. It was glorious! Unfortunately, I woke up with a bad headache, so it was staying in and vegging out the rest of the night in hopes it would go away.


Here is my week summarized. This is the first week in long time I felt like I accomplished all I wanted to do workout-wise for the week. Check it out!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile Treadmill easy(ish) run, upper body weights

Tuesday: 3 miles stationary bike, upper body weights

Wednesday: ran 2 miles outside, upper body weights, stationary bike 20 minutes

Thursday: ran 4 miles (tempo run), upper body weights, stationary bike 20 minutes

Friday: upper body weights, 15 minutes stretching/yoga on my own

Saturday: 8 mile long run


running: X’s 4, total of 17 miles.

cross training: X’s 3 (stationary bike)

weights: X’s 5 days

yoga: I missed class due to a killer headache, but stretched on my own 15 minutes

My goal for the week was to run all 4 days and to make sure I was still cross training and lifting. I would say I accomplished my goal, yay!


I hope you all have a fab Father’s Day. I won’t get to see my dad, but I did see hi last weekend. I love you dad, thanks for all you have done for me and sacrificed over the years so we could be taken care of. You rock!



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QOTD: What did your workouts look like this week? Anything you are especially proud of? Brag away!