What I’m Loving Lately: June 2015 (Rodan + Fields)

Hello my friends! Summer is here so I thought it was time for another WILL post. Before you dive in to some of my new faves, I just wanted to take a quick second to make sure you all are aware of something. Do I get paid to write sponsored content on my blog? Yes. Do I take product that goes along with some of these opportunities? Yes. A big fat HOWEVER…I would never promote something to you that I myself have not tried (yes companies will try to get me to write content about products I have never even laid eyes on!) and wouldn’t recommend or use myself. Hear me when I say I turn down A TON of opportunities because I just don’t believe in them and they don’t fit my brand. That being said, a lot of things that I write about in my WILL posts have nothing to do with sponsored content and are just things I have found that I love! Ok, just wanted to make sure we were on the same page there. On we go!

1.) Fabletics:

I first was introduced to Fabletics right after I had Emma Kate. I wanted to try it out but waited into I could actually fit in workout clothes my size again. The first set of clothes I got were not my favorites, but everything since then has been amazing and I get tons of compliments on the cute prints. I told them I was looking for a new high impact sports bra and they recommended the Sintra Bra which I now absolutely love!! (pictured below). It has adjustable straps which are amazing for people like me who don’t fit exactly fit into just a small, medium, or large.

unnamed (23)

Their capris are super comfy and don’t fall off of me when I run, and how adorable is this new floral print?

unnamed (20)

Digging this cute new top as well. They come out with adorable new stuff every month so there is always something new. I like some months way more than others, but that’s why I think it’s great they come out with new product so frequently.

unnamed (21)

2.) Soul Shred:

My friend and fellow blogger Bobbi who is always hosting amazing shreds wrote this book that combines a devotional with workouts and help with clean eating. I just started at the beginning of June but love it so far. It’s quick and easy to read, perfect for those without a ton of time. She has video pairings to go with the book as well which I love!

unnamed (25)

3.) Quest bars:

Lately I have been all about Quest bars! Chocolate chip cookie dough is by far my favorite. They are packed with protein but have a delicious flavor (seriously, I feel like I am eating a candy bar). Perfect to keep in my purse. Plus, as an Amazon Prime member I get free two day shipping.

4.) Rodan + Fields:

I have been using Rodan + Fields products for just over a month, but am already seeing great results! When I was pregnant, my skin was awesome and clear. I never wore makeup because I didn’t need any! Once the baby came, my skin quickly returned to it’s old oily acne prone ways and as a woman approaching 30 I found this ridiculous. I finally took the plunge into using and selling the products and I have been SO impressed with the results so far. I started with Unblemish for acne prone skin, and have been working in Redefine into the mix for wrinkle prevention and to reduce the appearance of fine lines. My face is So much smoother, no acne, no red marks, and my lines have softened too.


In the “before” photo above, you can see the acne, plus check out all the bumps under my skin on my forehead (they drove me NUTS!) They are all gone. In the photo on the right, I am wearing ZERO MAKEUP except for maybe some remnants of yesterday’s mascara from church. No redness, no oil, it’s awesome!

In the photo below you can see the crows feet around my eyes when I smile. In just a month they have been drastically reduced. I am very pleased!

IMG_4893 (2)  IMG_5738 (2)

I truly believe in these products and would use them even if I wasn’t also selling them. If you would like to talk about purchasing or sellingt R+F for yourself, please email me at [email protected] and we can chat. I hate how I used to be embarrassed by my skin and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that any longer! (Or you can just order directly from my site here).