Tune Belt Review and Giveaway

A LONG time ago the gracious folks at Tune Belt sent me two belts to try, and they have been SO patient with me while I am just now getting around to writing my review/giveaway post!


Typically I really hate to run with anything in my hands, except for at runDisney races where I am constantly taking photos! But at other races, I much prefer to keep my phone in an armband or pouch of some sort. I have tried many different kinds over the years, and I really like what Tune Belt has to offer! First let’s look at on that goes around your waist:

tuen belt2

(By the way they have cases for Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and HTC phones). I have an Apple iPhone 4s, with a lifeproof case over it. Here is where one of my FAVORITE features comes in: YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE YOUR PHONE OUT OF IT’S CASE FOR IT TO FIT!

That was one thing I always HATED doing with other cases, always worried I would drop my phone while it was “naked” as I took it in or out of my belt/arm band. Never fear, depending on the size of your case, there are four different sizes of pockets. A cool thing about the belt is that it also has a Velcro pocket in the back behind the case for a car key, ID, etc.

I typically don’t like things around my waist, but for someone who doesn’t like armbands or who needs the extra pocket room, this is a great sturdy belt for your phone. Also being able to look down and see my screen was great for changing my music, etc.

Adjustable to fit waist sizes up to 38”-42″ depending on how tightly the neoprene belt is stretched; Extenders are available for larger waist sizes.

tune belt3


My favorite though is the sport armband they sent me, that is adjustable and can fit snuggly on my arm, while my phone is still iit’s case.  I can just pull my arm up to see what’s on the screen, and my headphones easily attach as well. This one is adjustable and fits 9″–17″ and an Armband Extender is available for larger arm sizes. Also, the cord flap securely stores and manages earphone cords.

tune belt1

Not sure which size to get based on your phone? The website has a great guide to help you decide.

Who wants to win an armband or belt from Tune Belt? Just follow the instructions below in Rafflecoptor (read carefully!)

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