Tour of the YMCA Vlog


Hello friends! I am back to my vlogging today, and this time it’s not just me staring into the camera. Well…the first part is but that’s ok. Below you will find three videos. The first is the introduction to what I am doing. The second is a video explaining our running trails and village green area. The third is a tour of the actual YMCA in my neighborhood.

I am sure you are aware that my state, Mississippi, is the most obese in the nation. However, there are plenty of active and healthy things to do here if you look hard enough. I am going to start showcasing these things, and thought my neighborhood Y would be a good place to start.

(check out the site before the building was built)

Intro to what I am planning to do and why:

Village green and running trails:

YMCA tour: I decided to go in right when they opened as not to disturb gym goers. The only people working out were the other employees, and I got their permission.

Thanks for watching!

QOTD: If you had to do a vlog to share a healthy location in your city, what would you vlog about?

Boot Reflections: More Than Halfway


Good morning! It was a fun, busy, and chilly weekend down south. If you are catching up on posts, check out the latest on RWS:

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Sunday Randoms: Random pictures and thoughts from this past week.


Since I told you I would, I wanted to share a little bit about what it has been like physically and emotionally to be in the boot so far. After today I will have been in the boot for two solid weeks. Have I gained weight? Yes, but not much. I am hoping it won’t take long to get back to how I was before. More than anything I just feel a bit more …..squishy than I did then I was running and lifting weights. Now that the YMCA is open I hope that changes.


More than anything this has been a mental struggle for several reasons. First of all, as Reese Witherspoon would say, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!” This is so true. I will admit I have been quite grumpy the past couple weeks. When I finally got the chance to workout Friday morning, I felt SO MUCH BETTER afterwards, I had more energy and felt better than I had in weeks. Sometimes you just need a good sweat session.

With that being said, I have had my fair share of hard days. Not going to lie, it has been really, REALLY difficult to see everyone’s Twitter feeds full of race recaps, long runs, and PR’s. This is my third injury, all three of which occurred right as I was passing that threshold of being faster than I have ever been before, and then I get hurt and don’t get back to where I was. It is really discouraging and I have done my fair share of moping.


I can’t help but think by the time I can start really running again and getting back into form, half marathon season will be over. (It ends down here after March for the most part!) and then we get to the hot months and I won’t get another chance until next fall. I REALLY am scared I am going to start running and my foot pain is going to come back…or my knee pain, or my hip pain. I know you are supposed to run for fun and I DO have fun, but PART of the fun to me is getting better than you were at the last race. It has been a hard pill for me to swallow that my goals for this spring may not be reached. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but sitting here with this thing on my foot, some days I find it hard to be hopeful.

Not trying to be a downer guys, but just wanted to express how I have been feeling. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I have been a bit more blue that usual, for a couple of reasons. One I hope to be able to explain at a later date, and then of course, the boot.

Wow I didn’t mean to get this wordy, just wanted to give an update! Physically my foot feels fine, but that’s how it felt before I ran the Turkey Trot of pain as well. Fine. I am so scared of my first run out of the boot, I’m not sure how I will tackle that yet! Fingers crossed that I will only have one week to go.


*In other news if you are a blogger attending the Princess half marathon and want to be involved in a meet up, vote on the poll one the right sidebar of the blog For a day and time.

*Send me a picture of your Christmas Tree or outdoor lights and your blog link. I will be posting them this coming weekend as a virtual Christmas lights tour, and fun way to get new readers!

QOTD: Have you ever had a fitness related setback? How did you handle it and were you able to be better than you were before?

Sunday Randoms


Hello friends! I am actually typing this post on Friday morning for Sunday (today now, I guess) so I hope by time this is posted you will have all had a fabulous weekend! More on mine later. This morning…er…I mean Friday morning, our new neighborhood YMCA FINALLY opened! Just in the nick of time, because I was starting to go stir crazy in the boot with nowhere to workout! (we cancelled our other membership at for the end of November.) Bobby and I had a great early morning weights workout before he went to work, then I hit the stationary bike for an hour.

Our view while working out:


Can I just say I know I am going to be really, really sore.



It felt really good to sweat again, and it totally changed my mood. I realized the past couple weeks I haven’t been really doing much I have been tired and grumpy, and I felt SO much better after that workout!

Moving on to more randomness, here are a couple of Christmas pictures from my house. I color coordinated my wrapping paper this year. Trying to be all pinterest cool and stuff.



Bella appreciates the wrapping paper.


I hope you all have a great day! See you back here tomorrow for another work week. I can’t believe Christmas is two weeks from today! I want time to slow down so I can enjoy it!

QOTD: What kind of wrapping paper did you use this year? Any reason?

YMCA Grand Opening


Hi guys! Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the south. It got a little too warm for November (78 degrees) but the morning was just perfect for the YMCA grand opening and the St. Jude give thanks walk. Our neighborhood was selected again this year to be the build site for the St. Jude Dream home, so we hosted a charity walk this morning in conjunction with our new gym’s grand opening. Bobby and I did not participate in the walk (I waved from the front porch) but we did walk down to the Y for the grand opening fun. (You can check out my original YMCA post, too.)

This is walking up to the building from our house.



We arrived just as they were doing the ribbon cutting.


The market and café are not open just yet but they had menus we could look at and some prize giveaways


Then, we got to go in and tour the facility. I was pretty impressed. I didn’t see how they were going to fit enough equipment in there to make it a well done gym, but it has pretty much everything we will need to workout, and all within walking distance!


Looking out from the fitness room to the pool and lake


Looking across the lake to the nature trails



There is even a child watch area so moms can come workout even if they have small children. (it’s through a door back behind the counter and there is a big window so you can see in and check on the kiddos)


Lockers and bathrooms by the door heading out to the pool


excited to attend some (hopefully) yoga classes in here!



I thought this sign was funny. Closed for construction….and water. Yes yes, the pool doesn’t have water in it yet.


They had some refreshments, and YMCA staff members to show us around. I am personally excited about the TV’s on the treadmills, say no to treadmill boredom! There is even a place to hook up your I pod to the treadmill.

After the grand opening fun, we walked back to the house and grabbed a couple things and went out for an easy 3 mile run, my foot felt alright so hopefully I am on the road to recovery! Then we hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and went to Lowe’s to get some Christmas garland for outside. I can’t wait to get the outside of the house decked out for Christmas next weekend! Then it was football, football, and more football. What a great day. The Saints have a bye week so I can relax and not have a near heat attack for just one Sunday.

QOTD: When you run on the Treadmill do you listen to music, watch tv, neither? Something else?

Scream Like a Girl


It’s Twilight time! and, AND, not only am I hoping Bobby will take me to see the movie soon…but we got to see the Hunger Games trailer this week too. Two of my favorite current book series turned movies, all over the news this week, and I am ready to scream like a little girl!

I loved reading the Twilight series, (and plan to read it again soon) but I must admit…I am almost more excited about the Hunger Games coming out in March than I a about Breaking Dawn, just a LITTLE more excited…still totally psyched about my favorite vampires though.



I will admit though, I have really geeked out about all things Hunger Games as of late. Did you know I am a citizen of District 12? That’s right, I am that cool.


You can get your ID badge and find out your district at this Hunger Games Capitol website! And now 12 year olds everywhere have something in common with me. I hope they release a second trailer before the movie comes out.

There are also some pictures in Vanity Fair as well, I love this one!



How cool to be cast in a movie series that you just know is going to be huge. These kids will be forever changed, how cool is that? I love it when someone in a movie becomes a big star and came from just a regular average family, and didn’t grow up in Hollywood or New York City. Gives hope for the rest of us average Joe’s, huh?


Yesterday morning, I tried to go for my first run in two weeks. I was really excited about getting back out on the pavement. It was a beautiful day, and I have really missed running. I felt great until I hit a downhill right before 2 miles…and my foot started slightly hurting. Boo!! I finished out the two miles and called it a day, feeling slightly defeated. Hopefully just a little more time is all I need. I need to get back to training! Luckily the YMCA opens TODAY so I will be able to walk to the gym for my workouts. So even if I can’t run, I can lift and cross train my booty off. I will have pictures of the grand opening tomorrow!

QOTD: Have you seen breaking Dawn yet? If so how was it? Are you excited for the Hunger Games? What are you dying to see the most in either movie? (Breaking Dawn or Hunger Games?)

The Star-less Tree


A big thanks to the sweet comments on my Blogiversary number 2 post yesterday. I still can’t believe I have been doing this for two years now. It makes my heart happy. Some of you have some great blogging goals and I hope you achieve them! As always if you have questions, would like advice or an opinion I am happy to help.

So I showed you a sneak peek of something Bobby and I did on Sunday and some of you got it right. Yes, I know it’s a little early but we have some very busy weekends coming up (weddings, visiting family, neighborhood events, etc.) so this was the best weekend for us to get it done. I am obsessed with Christmas and with decorating for it. For sure one of my favorite things to do all year. It was strange decorating this year because 1.) I was living at home last year so didn’t have a house of my own to decorate and 2.) we are in a new house so I had to figure out a “place” everything. I am not quite done so more pictures will follow but here is the main “stuff.”

We get ornaments when we visit a new place, have something neat happen, etc. This year the ornament we got was in Disneyworld after we ran the marathon. We had this made at the Christmas store in Downtown Disney:


Bella didn’t like us moving the furniture out of the area where we put the tree. She gets stressed out so easily.


Putting ornaments on the tree! I can’t believe it’s finally tttiimmeee!



I put blankets around the bottom of the tree so we wouldn’t have any broken ornament #fail. This is our first time with wood floors in the living room and I have seen my parents break too many at their house!




Our star-less tree. I told Bobby to make sure he didn’t pick up the star with the non-working lights (we have two) and he plugged it in and it worked…then, he dropped it. Gah! So now the working star is also a non-working star, so until I get a new one…it just looks so weird with nothing on top!


Not to mention, it’s a big tree and it looked HUGE in our old house but with our two story living room it looks so tiny!



sitting by the fire. Smile


Sisterly love…


It’s comical to look at these pictures taken just days ago, because the girls got haircuts yesterday and now look so different, but very pretty I might add.

So, there you have it, a few of our pictures. I am excited to decorate outside, hopefully this coming weekend. I am still on a hunt for some garland I like for the banisters.


I am hoping the YMCA is still set to open on Saturday. They still have a lot of work to do in my opinion and it’s making me nervous. I REALLY need to get back to a workout routine, I have been so lazy the past two weeks with all that has happened with being sick, then my foot, then the ER visit.  I am so excited to be just a block or so away from a gym. The pool is outdoors but will be good for warmer weather cross training (some of you were asking about it in my cross training workouts post.) I will be sure to take pictures on Saturday, and I may even attend the grand opening yoga class! This should be interesting.

QOTD: When do you usually decorate for Christmas? Any decorating traditions? Growing up we decorated the weekend of Thanksgiving, and we always ordered pizza and listened to Christmas music while we decorated.

Meet ‘N Greet


Last night, we went to our neighborhoods Discovery Center (the sales center where they hold events, etc. It will eventually be a library!) for a YMCA meet and greet.


You may remember me talking about our new YMCA from this post.


I got to find out a little more information about what is to come and I am super excited! Sadly, the Y won’t be open until about September, so we all know that means October. Sad smile I was hoping to escape the summer heat, guess that won’t be happening! Anyway, We are getting a YMCA, a market and café, a pool, and an amphitheater  on the lake and a village green to hold things like a farmer’s Market and neighborhood events. FUN! There are more commercial/retail places coming later as well. I am hoping this will bring even more residents into our new little community. I am so stoked about being able to walk to the gym, I have never been able to do anything like that before! Oh, they also are making a boardwalk around the lake that will tie into the existing nature trail (which Bobby and I ran on last night.) Fun! Oh, and the cardio equipment will look out over the lake, and there will be places to sit outside the café on the lake. Good times! I THINK they are putting a dry cleaning drop off and post office in the market as well, but I could be wrong on that.

We got all of the information and can’t wait to join. Since most of the members will be residents, they want our input on the types of classes they will hold, and the kind of equipment that gets put in! I don’t think they realize that this may have been a mistake to tell us heh. Bobby and I are going to make a list. Him focusing on the weights/machines he thinks it should have and I am going to send info on what classes I think would be good and beneficial to the community. They are going to have a slab pouring party and all the residents are going to get to sign on names on the slab. FFFUUNN!

What is also cool is we will be able to also use the other YMCA in the area which is much much bigger and has things like an indoor pool and more classes. The best part is since we are residents, we get an awesome monthly rate. Sign me up!


So does everyone have exciting weekend plans? Ours include unpacking the house some more (there are certain things only Bobby can do or lift!) and hopefully relaxing. We haven’t really had a lazy Saturday since we moved in. Last weekend we had the 5k and I had the bridal shower, so I am looking forward to having nowhere to go!

QOTD: Do you have any exciting weekend plans? Share!



Evening all! Today was a good day. We scoped out a new church, had Mexican for lunch, went to Lowes for some home improvement stuff, worked in the yard, went for a golf cart ride, made dinner, all before 6:00. We got some pine straw and automatic lights for the front and back yard and we put up some plants that we had gotten before we moved in. We still have more plants to plant but that’s for another day! I will have to remember to take pictures of our finished front yard later.

Anyway, I want to back track to yesterday. Some of you MAY have remembered me saying that one of the draws for us to move into this neighborhood was the town center about to be built. They just started phase one which includes a pool, café, market, amphitheater, boardwalk around the lake, and a YMCA! I am STOKED. I will be able to walk to the gym, it’s so close! They broke ground back in December and are finally about to pour the slab! The projected open date is August. I wish they would hurry it up a but but you know how that goes.

So yesterday we went on a walk and I took so pictures of the area they are working on for you all!

quick shot of the house in the late afternoon


sorry for the obnoxious sun picture


they just planted the trees this morning. I saw them on my way to town yesterday and since I am so nosy we had to go scope them out.

2011-03-12174236 2011-03-12174340

NERD ALERT pictures coming up…..


I told you.

last one is the site where the building is going! woo hoo, we have DIRT!


As I said before I am hoping this opens in August, because that is right when I will start gearing up for half marathon season again, and having a treadmill/machines/classes to have a well-rounded training cycle would be really nice!

Speaking of training, Bobby and I are running a 5k Saturday and I have run twice in the last 10 days, but very slow jogs of 2-2.5 miles each. oops. My knee has really been bothering me since all the moving, lifting climbing stairs, but hopefully I will still manage to pull out a PR.  First race in my new town!!!

Also as promised here are a couple sneak peek pics of the house. More to come I promise!





PS-my article in the New Orleans Health magazine called Fit should be out this week!!!

PPS-Giveaway coming soon!

PPPS-I don’t have anything else to say I just felt like saying “PPPS”

QOTD: Can you walk or bike to your gym? Do you like your gym?