Thanksgiving Traditions


Happy Thanksgiving eve! It’s almost turkey time, yummy! This year is going to be a little different for us. What am I saying, every year is a little different for us! We typically do the traditions and seeing lots of family over Christmas, so the past few years Thanksgiving has been much more low key. I used to go with Bobby and his family to see their extended family, but due to some…family issues surrounding his father’s death, we don’t speak to that side of the family anymore. We since have seen Bobby’s mom and her side of the family, and last year, were with my parents.



Once again this year will be different. My parents are going to Houston to visit my sister and her husband. Unfortunately for us, they have two enormous dogs, so we cannot take ours, and I refuse to board my babies. Someone please tell me I am not crazy for not wanting to board them…I would be miserable and worrying about them the whole time. They have never been boarded and are used to having free reign of the house, and are used to be being home with them all day.

Anyway, the girl who dog sits for me when my parents cannot is not returning my calls or texts so I assume she is out of town. Bobby’s mom and her husband have a playoff football game (her husband coaches a high school team) on Friday so they can’t come see us like we thought would happen.

So for the first time ever it will be just me and Bobby and the girls.


It will still be a lot of fun as long as you give us some turkey, mom!

But, no worries, we have laid out some fun plans so we won’t be bored and lonely! So, here is our tentative schedule:

Thursday morning we plan to run a turkey trot 5k (don’t worry, I WILL be DVRing the Thanksgiving Day parade, I CANNOT miss it!) We ordered turkey from honey baked ham, and I will be cooking some sides and a pumpkin pie to go with it, so we will of course, eat, nap, and watch football. Then, we may hit up some stores for black Friday sales that night (our outlet mall opens at 10 pm) and then sleep in on Friday, maybe go see Breaking Dawn (eeekkk! Scream like a little girl!)

Friday we will hang outdoor Christmas lights and the LSU game comes on after lunch. Then Saturday afternoon we will drive to my parents and see them once they get back from Texas. There will be more eating and football watching.  I am kind of excited about doing something new and different, and at least I will get to see family on Saturday. I will be sure to take pictures though to post about our first “family Thanksgiving” with just our little family.


My hair was so short a year ago!

QOTD: Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions with family? What will you be doing?

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  1. Have you considered boarding your dogs at a doggie daycare? I never wanted to board my dog somewhere where he’s locked in a crate all day and you have to pay extra for playtime. I started sending mine just to daycare when he was little so he could get socialized during the day (and give me a night off from a hyper dog). I never had to board him overnight before I moved here to Coloradp. I found a daycare/boarding facility that he loves and I am happy leaving him there because I know he is free to play all day and has a crate to go to at night. He goes to daycare about once a week there to keep him comfortable about wanting to go and so he doesn’t associate it with me leaving him there for a long period of time.

    • yeah i actually looked into that but for both doggies (to be in the same room) it would be about 50 bucks a day for 4 days and I just can’t justify 200 dollars on it 🙁 and even then they only get out twice a day so they would be lonely 🙁

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving with just the two of you is a great one! My husband and I are doing our own Thanksgiving this year too. And it’s our first one as a married couple!

  3. Have a great time at home with your husband and fur babies! I really like the idea of doing something new and different for the holidays. Enjoy your family on Saturday and have fun shopping and watching Breaking Dawn!

  4. Tara Burner says:

    I wont board my daughters dog and besides have a turtle too so I hire a dog/pet sitter to come in usually to take care of both when we go on vacay…
    this year though I’m home alone (well w/the dog and turtle)…my daughter went w/her oldest brother (ex’s son) to see his wife’s family in SC so I’m here….alone….
    Oh and I actually just canceled 2 trips because of disagreement on dog/turtle care..ex wanted to take care of dog…I didn’t want him to so yes I actually cancelled a pre-christmas and my bday trips because of this 5 lb goober! so you’re not alone in the boarding thing 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Boo on missing the pups! 🙁

    I bet it will still be a great one though. And we always do up our decorations on Friday after Thanksgiving as well. Love that tradition.

  6. Amanda @ Let Me Be Whats Underneath says:

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  7. There’s a place we take our dog called camp bow wow. He loves it so much we never feel bad. He plays all day, and there are “camper cams” so I can watch him play!!! They even send our “little one” home with a report card.

    • that sounds so fun! unfortunately having two dogs makes everything double the price and those places aren’t cheap. 🙁

      • Too bad 🙁 Where do they go when you go on vacation? Isn’t a house sitter more expensive? I had tried to get one!

        • When we go on vacation my parents watch them.unless they are going with us like for thanksgiving. We have a teen-ager from our church who watches them at her house for us for ten dollars a day total but she couldn’t this time. 🙁

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