Top 5 Disney Restaurants in the Parks

Last week I wrote a post on my favorite restaurants at the Disney resorts. Now it’s time for my top 5 favorite Disney restaurants in the parks!


This was a tough decision, and I tried to spread them out amongst the parks as best I could so there was at least one place per park (all sit down restaurants). Just know there are a lot more great places to eat other than these, but the ones below are some of my favorites!

1.) Coral Reef: Enjoy your meal while sitting next to a gigantic fish tank! You are even given a fish guide so you know which ones you are looking at. Bobby gets fish, I get steak, but we both get warm chocolate lava cake! This is a more fancy place for a park, but kids stay entertained watching the fish. Ask for a seat next to the tank if you can. You may have to wait a little longer but it’s worth it.



2.) Liberty Tree Tavern I love Liberty Tree for lunch in particular. Why? Four words: Ooey gooey toffee cake. This my friends is the best dessert on Disney property. I also order the pilgrims feast (turkey, dressing, potatoes, green beans) it’s a nice break from fried fried fried that I eat at a lot of other Disney meals. It’s a nice sunny restaurant, very well themed, and of course it’s right in the Magic Kingdom.



3.) Be Our Guest: I ate here for the first time in February and think Disney did a fabulous job with the theming. We sat in the West Wing and I was bummed at first but ended up loving it. It was much more quaint and quiet than the main ballroom. I love that you can take a picture with the Beast after dinner, and the menu is very nice for a park restaurant.


4.) Yak and Yeti: This is in Animal Kingdom, and has great theming. It is Asian inspired, so again a nice break from what a lot of the other restaurants offer. I usually get sweet and sour chicken with rice and Bobby gets some kind of shrimp which he really enjoys. We typically do lunch here, and love sitting in the room that has giant windows overlooking the park. People watching at it’s finest!

Top 5 disney restaurants

5.) Sci Fi Dine In: Best atmosphere of the park hands down. Who doesn’t want to eat in a car at a drive in movie theater? With that being said, the menu is limited, and I honestly don’t ever order anything but a cheeseburger and fires and a cookies n cream milkshake, which is to die for. If you are looking for a fancy culinary experience, this is not the place. However if you are wanting a unique experience don’t miss this one!

top 5 Disney

Others I love but couldn’t choose them all:

Le Cellier (Epcot)

Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom)

Splitsville (Downtown Disney)

QOTD: Did your favorite make the cut? What am I forgetting?

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  1. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake says:

    Love Coral Reef! I was especially excited to eat there after it was featured on a Full House episode. lol

  2. We love The Garden Grill in Epcot. Take the tour underneath it first to see how Disney is trying out new ways to grow food, then eat in the restaurant where they use fresh ingredients you just saw in the tour and eat with Farmer Mickey and Chip & Dale! So good and so much fun!

  3. I love Crystal Palace. Breakfast there before the park opens is my favorite way to start the day!

    I’m so glad I went w/you to LTT in Feb! I always assumed the food there was heavier, but I loved it. And looooved the ooey gooey toffee cake obviously!

  4. LOVE Crystal Palace for breakfast…especially if you make an early reservation before the park opens! I also love 50’s Prime Time for the atmosphere, it’s just so unique and fun!

  5. A couple of the quick sit-down restaurants I like are Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe at MK and the Tangierine Café in Morocco. I get the taco salad from Pecos Bill’s and the Gyro at Tangierine. Both I find are good breaks from the usual fried food.

  6. The day that hubby & I decide to fly to Florida and visit Disney World, I am e-mailing you for all sorts of tips! 😉

  7. I love Crystal Palace for their big juicy hamburgers at lunchtime. However, we also love several that you chose! 🙂 Coral Reef has great fish choices and Be Our Guest had delicious everything!

  8. I love Tokyo Dining, it helped with homesickness for me when I lived in FL!

  9. awesome post, miss run disney!!! 😉 when i was younger and we went to disney, i’m sure i just ate the crappiest food and didn’t care what restaurant i was at. now times have totally changed and i’m SURE i’d be all about choosing restaurants and your list would help me! but the top of my list will always be a beloved mickey mouse ice cream sandwich from a stand around the park. ahhh memories.

  10. These all look amazing! Hopefully the fish Bobby eats at the Coral Reef wasn’t swimming in the tank moments before! 😉

  11. Agree…Be Our Guest Restaurant is perhaps the best dining option in the Magic Kingdom. Lunch and Dinner rock!

    May have to try out Liberty Tree again soon since you’ve tempted me with that dessert photo.

    Favorite restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios would have to be the Brown Derby.

  12. Don’t know if its still there, but we always ate at Tony’s Italian Restaurant… & always wanted to do the spaghetti Lady & The Tramp move 🙂

  13. I know this isn’t what your post is about, but I thought I’d throw it out there for any readers who are heading to Disneyland. I haven’t been to Disneyworld in 15 years, but have been to Disneyland lots. I LOVE Wine Country Trattoria at Disneyland…and for atmosphere I love the Blue Bayou.

  14. I have been dying to go to the Sci-Fi Dine In. It looks so cool. Also the Clam Chowder in Liberty Tree Tavern in very good.

  15. I got a chance to eat at Be Our Guest in February too and it was AMAZING! We got to eat in the main dining room but after our meal we walked around and I thought the West Wing was super cool and was kinda bummed we didn’t get to eat there. Next time… I definitely think it was one of the best themed restaurants at Disney!

    Sci Fi is also our go to at Hollywood Studios! It’s fun to watch the clips for the old horror films and laugh at what they thought the world would be like in the 2000’s

  16. You had me until you said SciFi. I may have to try it again but last time I ate there the burgers weren’t even as good as the ones at the quick service. Love the other four choices though. Lots of great food at WDW.

  17. We got married at the Grand Floridian and had a wedding dinner a deux at Victoria and Alberts – it was magnificent!

    Would love to go back to the World one day.

  18. I love Liberty Tree Tavern! Another one of my favorites is Garden Grill in Epcot! The atmosphere is unique & the kids love the characters! We ate there after the Princess Half Marathon in February. I also like The Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios and The Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom for a quick lunch.

  19. My husband and I ate at Be Our Guest when we were there for Marathon weekend in January. I found their lunch setup to be a welcome relief from other quick service restaurants, especially the taste and portion sizes of the sandwiches. I’m looking forward to trying to get in there for dinner next January. Our favorite place at Hollywood Studios is Mama Melrose’s, which is perfect for carbo loading before the races. And nothing beats a juicy steak at Le Cellier at Epcot.

  20. Emily Alkire says:

    I love the Sci-Fi Diner! One of my favorites 🙂

  21. You definitely listed our favorites! :0) Yum!!

  22. I want to go to Liberty Tree Tavern!!! Must make mental note! Do I have to book well in advance?

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