Tower of Terror Ten Miler


More than 10,000 runners dropped in for scary good nighttime race themed around iconic haunted hotel! Yes, I’m talking about the runDisney Tower of Terror ten miler!


Juan Morales of Huntington Beach, Calif., won the inaugural Tower of terror race in a time of 58:00. The female winner,  Kimberly Mueller of San Diego, finished with a time of 1:04:50. Speedy!

This nighttime race course wound through ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, then through Hollywood Studios, and towards the Tower of Terror ride itself. Temps were hot and humid, but that didn’t seem to stop the fun!


Finishers received a commemorative medal, fashioned after the attraction itself, and then partied the night away at the Disney Villains Hollywood Bash post-race party with family and friends. There was live music, character meets, as well as access to rides like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Star Tours and Toy Story Mania.


The weekend also included a 5k fun run as well as kids races prior to the ten mile event. There was also a health and fitness expo at the Wide World of Sports complex.


I hate that I had to miss this fun event, and I hope to get to run it next year! The bling is awesome, and it looks like so much fun. Plus, costumes? Hello! Love it! Congrats to everyone who ran, and I hope you had an amazing time! You can check our the results on the runDisney page.

QOTD: Have you ever run a night race? or a race in costume? Tell me about it!

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  1. That looks like such a fun race! Really must make a trip to Disney to run this. The Twilight Tower of Terror is my favorite ride! I’ve run the Disney Marathon and it was amazingly well-organized so I imagine this would be no different. I have done a couple of night races – takes a little getting used to as the body has other ideas about running fast when it would prefer to be prone on the couch, but the atmosphere is always really cool!

  2. ooooh see? Disney can totally make this nonrunner wanna run.

  3. Ooooh this looks so fun!! I really love all the races Disney offers. Run Disney is definitely on my bucketlist!

  4. Disney has such cool races! Great photos! I’ve never run a race at night or in a costume, I’m so boring haha – I’ve always wanted to run one at night, though!

  5. This seemed like a really fun race! I’ve read nothing but great reviews so far! :0) I’m more of a morning runner but I did enjoy Wine and Dine.

    • I hear ya. We are doing wine and dine to get bobby’s coast to coast, but I am dreading the night running a little, trying to be positive though lol!

  6. So fun! I’d love to do a night race…especially at the Tower of Terror!!!

  7. I would LOVE to do a night race. The tower of terror 10 miler was blowing up my twitter feed I was very jealous.

  8. Heather (Where's the Beach) says

    I’ve run an evening 5k but it’s definitely not a night race and never wore a costume. I think that’d just do me in LOL

  9. I haven’t done a night race

  10. I ran this race over the weekend and it was a lot of fun. I didn’t do a costume, but I found some fun lights for my hair. The night race was tough because I am much more of a morning person than a night one. I would do it again.

    • lights for your hair sound fun! I need to do something like that for wine and dine

      • They would be great for the Wine and Dine. I got mine at Party City and they were a fraction of the price of what they were selling at the expo. I didn’t think of it before the expo, but luckily we were local and there is a store close to the house.

  11. Paul Laviska says

    I tweeted for the giveaway! Have a great day!

  12. You live a magical disney life and I am so jealous! What a fun run!

  13. That does sound fun…as long as you’re not required to ride the Tower of Terror to finish the race!

  14. My husband and I did this race and for someone who has run a lot — the heat and humidity were out in full force. I talked him into doing this and I think it will be his swan song. He felt fine for the first 7 miles — then felt really bad. I’ve done a lot of Disney races from the fulls, triathlons, halfs, etc. and it seemed like the heat was really affecting people. Anyway. Once we stopped had a Tylenol and beer — he perked up a bit and we rode the rides. It was fun but in hind sight, we probably should have trained more like for a half to compensate the toll the humidity took.

    • We are used to heat and humidity for races(we ran 12 that morning and it was awful humidity, would not have liked to race in it!) but that still stinks. I hope you will be able to get hubby to run with you again!

  15. That looks like such a fun run! I’m doing a ten miler in about two weeks, I love the distance… long enough for a more comfortable pace, but shorter than a half so you can still push a little.

  16. Looks like a super fun race! I just did a 10 miles last night. This route looks way more fun than mine! lol

  17. This race looks like so much fun!! Then again, I don’t think there is a single runDisney even that doesn’t look like a blast! Looks like I have a new race to put on my running bucketlist! 😉

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