Two Race Saturday

No no, I am not running two races on Saturday (today) However, Bobby is doing a race, and I am doing a different one! Bobby will be participating in his very first triathlon. I am super nervous for him! he has been injured, and didn’t sign up and get his bike until about 3 weeks ago, and he got his wetsuit two days ago! it will definitely be a learning experience for us. It’s funny, this is the third time we have been to this race (it’s in our neighborhood) and never would I have thought this year that Bobby would be a participant! (See posts from year one spectating, and year two volunteering).

2012-03-31 06.52.01

Volunteering for the race 2012

After I watch Bobby race, I have to hurry off to my own race, the Zombie Run! I will admit, I’m a little scared! I don’t like being scared or having things jump out at me, so this will be interesting. I was supposed to be a zombie, then go in a different wave as a runner, but when Bobby decided to register for the triathlon I backed out as a zombie but will be a runner in the 1:15 wave. I can’t wait to share photos with you from both events it’s going to be fun!


I will try to tweet and isntagram photos from Bobby’s race and my race as well so be on the lookout! Have a great day!

QOTD: Have you ever done a zombie run, mud run, or color run? Thoughts?

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  1. I really wanted to do a colour run here last year but it sold out before I could register as it was the first time they had it on here.

  2. I don’t think I could do a zombie run-I’m with you on not like things jumping out or chasing me. The thought gives me the willies 🙂 Hope you have fun. The artwork on that poster is amazing. I may do a little mud run this summer if my ITB injury will ever heal.
    Good luck to Bobby on his first tri!!

  3. Oh and I just wanted to say again how much I love the new look of your blog. I really love the colors, the font, and the new name 🙂

  4. Michelle says

    Good luck to you and Bobby! I can’t wait to hear about the zombie run. I’ve thought about it because I do love zombie films, but not sure if I like the aspect of them chasing me even if they are fake. 😉

  5. Good luck to both of you! I’d love to hear about Bobby’s experience with his first triathlon, I’m trying to push myself to do one, but I’m so intimidated by it!

  6. Doing runordye in July, the Electric Run in August and a Zombie run in November. Half marathon tomorrow. First since stress fracture. Scared and excited…

  7. I would love to do a mud run. There was one in the area last July and I’m hoping it will be back.

    Good luck to both y’all. My hat goes off for those who do tri’s. I can’t swim too well so I’m limited to just running and biking.

  8. the zombie run looks fun! Good luck to both of you in your races today!

  9. Good luck to the both of you!!

    I’ve done several mud runs and two color runs. Both times that I did Warrior Dash something has gone wrong (not injuries), but I still managed to have fun. I really enjoy the Color Run races because they are just stress free and fun the whole time.

    This year I’m volunteering for a zombie run in New Orleans. I have taken a break from mud/trail runs while training for the WDW marathon because with my luck this is the year that I would actually hurt myself. 🙂

  10. I would do a zombie run if it had no zombies. I am such a wimp with anything chasing me or jumping out at me that I would most likely just end up curled in a ball crying. But I give a lot of credit for anyone who can do it!

    I’m supposed to do a color run, but honestly, the idea just doesn’t excite me like it does other people. I don’t know, I just like plain boring races.

  11. Sounds like you guys have a full Saturday! I can’t wait to see pictures from both of the races. The Zombie run DOES sound scary, would love to hear more about this race, never heard of it.

  12. I did Color Me Rad in Feb of this year – it was so much fun that I’m signed up to do The Color Run next month!

    Like you, I’m not a big fan of things popping out at me, so I don’t know if I would love the Zombie run. I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studies once and nearly had 10 heart attacks in one night! Haha

  13. I can’t wait to hear a recap on Bobby’s triathalon. I have a friend training for one and it sounds so fun (and challenging)!

    Good luck on your zombie run. I’ve never understood that. If a zombie catches you, are you “dead”?

  14. I’ve done the Color Run, and I am doing the Graffiti Run next weekend. I, also, don’t like to be scared so a Zombie Run probably isn’t in my future.

  15. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Zombie Run! I did the Color Run and it was a BLAST!!!

  16. I hope you have fun in your Zombie run! I’m not sure I get the concept, but I don’t like to be scared either. I was invited to the one in Los Angeles (not sure of the date). It was at night and LA is about a 2.5 hour drive so I decided not to participate. I look forward to reading your report though.

    I hope Bobby’s triathlon went well. Once that first one is out of the way, it is so much more fun. In my first I was really fortunate to be right next to a very helpful, experienced triathlete in the transition area and she gave me so many useful tips. I hope Bobby is as lucky.

  17. Can’t wait to hear about the Zombie Run!! We looked into doing one of these this past Fall but I was too chicken to sign-up. Maybe hearing your experience will give me the courage to run–it sounds very unique!

  18. I did the San Diego Color Run in November, it was pretty fun! I got quite a bit of dye up my nose though, that was gross!

  19. Oh my gosh that Zombie Race sounds like SO much fun!!! I wanna do it! Good luck to both of you! Let me know how it went for you with the Zombie run 🙂

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