Under Armour Visit Part 3: Let’s Go Shopping!

If you missed part one and part two, be sure to read them first then come back for this installment!

We were already checked in at the four seasons, so we left our stuff with bell services and walked over to the UA Brand House. I had NO idea what this was, so Jami told us about this amazing one of a kind store. It is right on the harbor, and sells a ton of amazing Under Armour gear. You can find UA gear at outlets, and other sporting goods stores…but they don’t have stand alones, but the brand house…ah…it’s amazing.

When we arrived, the employees were waiting for us and did a little cheer for us, it was so kind of them, I loved them right away.

UA employees




Not sure what I was saying here, but it was obviously pretty funny. Smile with tongue out

We were then handed gift cards and told to go shopping! Um…..don’t have to tell this girl twice! Under Armour had already been So generous I was not expecting this at all. I will admit, I was slightly overwhelmed because there was SO much to look at in this store.


photo (1)

The super sweet employees had already pulled some items for each of us in our size based on what they thought we would like after reading about all of us. How COOL is that, they went above and beyond, so, so sweet.

UA brand house

After we knew what they had already pulled for us, we did a little browsing around with the help of the employees.



Bought those shorts too. I look slightly overwhelmed here…

Did I mention the dressing rooms? AMAZING. Looks like I am in a gym right? Nope! dressing room. Of COURSE I want to see what I will look like in my new gear at the gym…makes perfect sense. Why didn’t I think of this?

ua brand house1

Ended up buying these stretch woven capris. Love.


Loooovveee this outfit. It’s my favorite.


I had to “fake run” in it to test it out….please tell me you do this, too?


Reversed colors? yes please! (I ended up getting a white top instead of black)


Got this outfit too. LOVE these capris and the top can be adjusted at the waistband.



We had loads of fun, but eventually we did have to check out and go get ready for dinner. Apparently I stand like this all the time.

UA brand house5

Before we left, we took a group photos with the awesome staff, and then us gals took some shots.



Tasha, me, Kasey, Electra


We headed back to the hotel and brought our bags up to our rooms. Tasha and I shared a room, and were greeted with super cute UA/Baltimore baskets on our beds. So thoughtful!

photo (2)

We had an amazing room which I will tell you more about in another post.

four seasons baltimore

We quickly got ready for dinner and walked to a Greek restaurant down the block where we were greeted with a  lovely table open to the outside. This southern girl  is NOT used to being able to eat outside in August and not die of a heat stroke or be swarmed by bugs in the process of said heat stroke.

photo (3)

We shared some appetizers, and I ordered grilled chicken that was delicious.

photo (4)

We laughed, we talked, we had a great time, and didn’t get back to the hotel until about 11:00!

photo (5)

We headed straight to bed, another big day was to be had, with yoga in the morning. Trust me, you WON’T won’t to miss those photos from this non-yogi.

QOTD: Have you ever stayed a the Four Seasons? What would you buy at the UA Brand House?

Photo credit to the talented Matt Ryb! He followed us around the Brand House and got some great shots!


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  1. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake says

    Ah, this looks like SO much fun! Who doesn’t love a day of shopping?!

  2. Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life says

    those dressing rooms are such a great idea! How cool!

  3. I’m sooooo jealous! I would take one of everything in that store, and I love that fuschia top.

  4. SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. definitely the coolest fitting room i’ve ever seen!!! what a treat for you girls – under armour is SO awesome!!!

  6. WOW! UA really knows how to treat ya!!! I LOVE the dressing room…such an awesome idea!!!

  7. How fun!! What a great experience! I love the pink skirt and the spin tank. Makes me want to shop! 😉

  8. I love that they took the time to pick out clothes based on what they thought you would like. That is so kind! I would enjoy that because I don’t usually like shopping for clothes! What fun!

  9. UA gear is not only good quality but looks awesome! So essentially I’ll take everything that is not nailed down. My wife can then take all the women’s gear.

  10. Nicole @ Pink Elephant on Parade says

    I stayed at one in Milan about 12 year ago. I still have the soap and it is the standard against which I have judged all other hotels.

  11. Looks like Heaven! I would have definitely gone crazy in there and I HATE shopping!

  12. ! You don’t happen to recall where exactly along the Inner Harbor the brand store was, do you? In one of the malls? Near the MD Science Center? Aquarium? Must visit next time I’m down there! 😀

  13. Wow, looks like such an amazing trip. I could spend hours in that store.

  14. Looks like an amazing time! My family and I hit up an UA outlet this past weekend to get all set for fall. Love the UA brand! I must find that pink top you had on too!

  15. I want to live in that store. Seriously, I’ll just set up a cot. They can close up and I’ll keep all the clothes company. 🙂

  16. How is UA sizing? Like your capri/short and the tank/shirt? I never know whether to order a small or medium… I think we are about the same size so it would be helpful since I would be ordering online…

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    Under Armour Visit Part 3: Let’s Go Shopping!

    If you missed part one and part two, be sure to read them first then come back for this installment!

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