Weekend Fun in New Orleans

When Bobby and I were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, not only did we have a great time running, but we also got to experience some new things I wanted to share with you. Since I am from the area, I don’t get to experience New Orleans hotels very often, we simply just would drive home, so I was stoked to be staying at Hotel Monteleone for two nights. We dropped off the baby with my parents Friday afternoon then drove into the city.

IMG_2267 (2)

We found the hotel and valet parked. (Please note if you plan to stay here, valet parking is the only option and it’s $40 a night plus tax).

hotel monteleone

The lobby was absolutely gorgeous, and had a very Victorian vibe to it.

IMG_2368 (2)

Hotel  Monteleone also houses a rare oddity, it’s called the Carousel Bar. It’s the only moving/rotating bar around, how cool is that?

It was late so obviously our room was ready. We requested a king which is always nice to have but one thing I have learned when requesting a king bed is that the room itself is usually smaller hence why they can only fit one bed in it. While our room was very fancy, it was by far the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in.

IMG_2268 (2)

In the above photo, the left wall is right at the edge of the photo, and on the right side you can see the curtain for the window.

IMG_2271 (2)

The bathroom was nice but really small, too. Oh well, we weren’t planning to be in the room much, we had lots to do! But not before a glorious night of sleep not listening for the baby monitor. We slept 9.5 hours! It was amazing.

IMG_2280 (2)

robes in the closet

IMG_2276 (2)

view from our room

Saturday was beautiful but very chilly in the morning. We knew we were getting breakfast at Café du Monde so we bundled up and walked towards Jackson square.

IMG_2283 (2)

IMG_2301 (2)

IMG_2303 (2)

We wandered around the French Market before the Rock ‘n Roll Tweet Up

IMG_2304 (2)

After the Tweet Up and charity event, we headed to the expo then walked over to the Riverwalk for lunch.

IMG_2347 (2)

We both wanted different things so we hit up the food court before walking back to our hotel. We were having an early dinner with Megan and her husband Gabe, so we just chilled in the room until dinner time. Bobby actually took a nap while I read over the final event information for the half marathon the next day. The restaurant we were eating at, Mr. B’s Bistro, was literally right across the street from our hotel so we headed down when Megan said they had arrived.

Yes we had a half marathon the next day, but we all knew none of us were in shape to do our very best, so we decided to have a drink. I tried out the Mardi Gras martini and WOW it was delicious!

FullSizeRender (11)

We had good food and great company, it was a blast!

IMG_2360 (2)

We said our goodbyes fairly early so we could get to bed. It was nice just walking back across the street to our hotel!

IMG_2365 (2)

One thing I forgot about when staying in the French Quarter: it’s loud at night. Not to mention, we forgot the fan we always sleep with! Luckily I had a white noise app, but we heard non stop honking and had an ambulance parked outside our window for awhile at one point (we were on the 7th floor).

The next morning was of course the race, and we had just enough time to come back and shower before our late check out. While we wish the room was bigger at the hotel, the service was excellent and everything was beautiful. I hope we get to come back and stay again sometime!

IMG_2461 (2)

Our weekend in New Orleans couldn’t have been much more perfect. I am so thankful for the beautiful weather, and a weekend just the two of us was just what we needed. Also I am glad I got to do some of my favorite things: race, hang out with friends, and hang out with my husband. I can’t wait until next year!

QOTD: What is your favorite spot for a racecation?

Disclosure: Our room was paid for by Rock ‘n Roll, but no further compensation was received. All opinions are my own and I was not asked to write about my hotel experience, I just like to share about my travels and great places to stay!

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  1. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    I would love to visit New Orleans sometime! It looks like such a fun city and I’ve heard great things.

  2. That was one thing I noticed about staying in Metairie this year…it was sooo quiet! I slept so much better. But the disadvantage was not being downtown and in walking distance of everything. There’s just something fun about staying downtown. 🙂

  3. How fun! I’d love to visit New Orleans one day!

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    Weekend Fun in New Orleans

    When Bobby and I were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, not only did we have a great time running

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