Weekend, Weddings, and Doctors

Good morning friends! I am in Louisiana this week doing some dog sitting and spending time with the fam. He’s the sweetest little goldendoodle, and so soft and fluffy!

This weekend was a lot of fun, we went to my parent’s neighbor’s son’s (got that?) wedding, I used to babysit the groom, I can’t believe he is now married! Fun times were had by all.

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Sunday we celebrated Bobby’s birthday with my parents. I know the actual day was Friday, but any excuse to have cake right? The baby wanted it. I can’t control it.

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Now I have one month to make fun of Bobby for being 31 while I am still 28…before I turn 29. Yikes! My last time to turn a number in the 20’s. I may be in denial.

Oh, last Friday I had my first appointment with my new doctor and it went great. She’s really sweet and we got along well, so I feel good everything. I will be doing my glucose test in two weeks. I have heard so many things about it I am a BIT nervous.

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She said I didn’t have to fast, just not to eat anything with a lot of sugar. But she said I could have something “you know, like bacon”. Did I mention I love my new doctor? Ordered to eat bacon? I’m on it.

QOTD: Glucose test tips? I just don’t want to be nauseated after!

What did you do this weekend? I’m totally jealousy of everyone who raced!

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  1. Love your dress! As for the glucose test not sure you can “beat it”, I had two slices of pizza before mine and passed with an incredible score (62…129 is passing!) I just have low blood sugar so my body secretes sugar very efficiently. Just eat normal! The juice isn’t bad either, nothing to fear!

  2. AHHH 31
    I barely remember ye 🙂

  3. I do my glucose test on Thursday. I dread it every time. If the “beverage” is flat, it’s much easier to get down but if it’s carbonated (I’ve had both), look out. I hate that you have to drink it so fast! Good luck!

  4. I love weddings! You look beautiful in your dress!

  5. I always stayed away from carbs and sugar the morning of my glucose tests. For breakfast I would have an egg or 2 and water. No juice or milk or toast. Just keep it simple and go first thing in the morning to take the test! Good luck! It really isn’t that bad the 3 hour is bad (never had to take while pregnant, took years ago) but the first test is not that bad! Good Luck!

  6. I agree, with Becky, the one hour glucose test is not bad, the three hour one i felt like I was gonna pass out after about 45 minutes. Baby wanted food!!

  7. You looked so prettyat the wedding! Glad you love your new dr! The glucose test isn’t too bad – it made me nauseated but only for an hour or so.

  8. Christina says

    The one hour glucose test is not too bad, just hope you won’t need to do the three hour. That one is rough!! Good luck!

  9. This seemed to be the weekend for weddings. I was at a wedding in Oregon and two friends were also at (different) weddings.

  10. I think the glucose test is the most over rated ordeal w/ pregnancy, next to L&D..really.

    It tastes like a flat orange soda. It’s not bad. The worst part is drinking within the 5 minutes. I had some eggs and coffee for breakfast and passed with a 72 or something. Stay away from sugars and carbs like your doc said.

    I felt fine after drinking it but baby was kicking up a storm. So, just be prepared for that 🙂

  11. I agree that the glucose test is overrated. It’s not that bad. The stuff really does just taste like…melted ice pops, flat soda, orange triaminic medicine? LOL. I had the lemon-lime with one of my pregnancies and orange with the other. I don’t recall being nauseated at all….just really hungry. But my doctor makes us fast after midnight so I was waiting on an empty stomach.

  12. Glad you had a good weekend at the wedding and celebrating Bobby’s birthday! Love your dress, y’all look great!!

  13. Doctors should always order bacon consumption! (Good ones, at least.)
    Good luck with the glucose test.

  14. The glucose test is nothing to be scared of. I did fast, just went early and brought a book. My test was a 2 hour, the drink was fiiiine, and just a little bruising from the blood draws. Totally not a big deal.

  15. Love your dress!!

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    Weekend, Weddings, and Doctors

    Good morning friends! I am in Louisiana this week doing some dog sitting and spending time with the fam

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