Weekly Recap: June Week 3


Hi! It’s a bright and beautiful (albeit hot!) Sunday around these parts. My parents came into town for something yesterday and spent the night, and are heading out this morning. It’s been a great weekend so far! Yesterday morning, Bobby and I ran the nine miles from hell. It’s so funny to me how you can have a great run one weekend and the next weekend have one that’s absolutely miserable. We didn’t get started until after 8:15, and our plan was to do our usual six mile loop, then head home and go into the gym (it’s in our neighborhood) and run three miles on the treadmills.

This is how I looked before the run…


aannddd this is how I looked after…

photo (15)

no. no…I can assure you these were taken on the same day. I started with the pigtails because my hair is getting so long now I can’t stand it when it sticks to my back when I un in just a sports bra. About .20 miles in, I said “that’s it!” the braids were driving me mad, and the hair went up. Them when we made it back to the gym I put a shirt on and ditched the hat. What a crazy run. It felt like the sun was literally zapping us with every step. When we got to mile four it felt like we had been out there FOREVER. We made it back to the gym and got on the treadmills for three before walking home, showering, and collapsing for a two hour nap!! Our pace was a full minute per mile slower than it needed to be, but we were really just trying to survive out there. Here’s how the rest of the week went:

Sunday: rest

Monday: easy run, 3 miles 11:06 pace, 45 of weights

Tuesday:  45 minutes of weights, walked the dogs 15 minutes

Wednesday: tempo run, 3 miles, weights 20 minutes

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3 mile easy run

Saturday: 9 mile run


running: 18 miles

cross training: one time

weights: x’s 3.

Not as good as last week for the weights and cross training, but I was proud I stuck to my training plan, even with an unscheduled day off Thursday. Running for the win!

QOTD: What are you most proud of this week?

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  1. I always loved breaking up my long runs with some miles outside, some on the treadmill…I used to do that when it would rain really hard or snow…helped break up the run =)
    Super awesome that you got the miles in regardless of how hot they were!! =) And you still look super adorbs for having run in the heat and humidity!!

  2. Tara Burner says:

    enjoy the rest of your weekend
    and I dont think I have a ‘proud’ moment this weekend.. sigh

  3. i hear you, running in this heat is so tough, every mile is a struggle. good job on sticking with it, though!

  4. You look great in both pics 🙂

    I am most proud that I ran my very first 16K!

  5. This has definitely been a week for splitting miles between the street and the treadmill – too, too hot! 🙂 I’m most proud of getting through my first CrossFit workout at our neighborhood box in 95 degree weather.

  6. charlotte says:

    I’m starting to get creative with my braids. Wrap them around my head so the hair doesnt stick… I’ve been having the same problem with that too lately. GROSSEST FEELING EVERRRRR.

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