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Well, hello, Monday….so we meet again! Today is a “catch up” day for me after having been gone all last week, so why don’t you play catch up as well, hhmm?

Oh, Look, More Corn!

Finally Home

Yesterday, we went to church and I wore this new comfy dress I got at the beach:


Then we went to lunch and it started pouring rain right when it was time to get out of the car (of course) and it hasn’t stopped! That was 5 hours ago! Bobby and I decided to take a Sunday rainy afternoon nap, which are the best kind. We slept for two hours, whoops!

Ok, so moving on to today’s topic. I have been wanting to write about this for awhile, but was just waiting for the right time. Since I haven’t been able to run for two weeks and weights have become even more a part of my routine, I thought today would be a good time.

Ok, so…..confession time…..

I used to be petrified of the weight room at the gym.

Is this not one of the most silly or irrational fears ever? I used to think NOT but now after actually USING the weight room, I have basically gotten over my fear for the most part. Some of you may be thinking “but Heather, you are a confident athlete who has been around the gym her whole life, how did this happen?!?” I know, I KNOW! I assure you, it baffled me, too. I have always done my “strength work” at home with DVD’s, a resistance band, you name it. But a couple of months ago we joined a gym, and I decided to become Bobby’s workout partner. (Do you remember this guest post he did on lifting weights?)

I knew I would never “learn” on my own, so I basically followed him around the gym doing as he told me to do, and it seemed a LOT less intimidating than going alone. Not only that, but he was able to tell me how much weight he thought I should put on each machine, and he made sure I was keeping the proper form. After a couple of weeks of doing this, I decided to venture out on my own one day while at the gym without him, and it was fine! Granted, doing this still makes me a LITTLE nervous because I forget what weights to use on certain things etc. But at least I am willing to go over there alone now.


Let me tell you, in just a couple of short months, I can TOTALLY tell a difference in my body! I am already getting more toned all over, and I feel stronger when running. I don’t jiggle as much, and I just feel all over more fit, which was my goal. I cannot BELIEVE all these years I have been “missing out” over a silly fear of being in a room full of bulky guys and not knowing what to do.

So, I BEG you. If a fear of not knowing what to do, or of being intimidated is keeping you from lifting weights, overcome it!!!! You will be SO glad you did! A lot of gyms have people that will take you around to the different machines etc. showing you how to properly use them, or take a friend one day who knows what they are doing and have them help you. I hate that all this time I could have been stronger faster, and less injury prone, but I let my fears get in the way of being the best me I can be.


I love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says “do one thing every day that scares you.”  It really makes life in general seem not so scary when you are tackling fear after fear.

Since I have been on a running hiatus due to a stubborn knee problem, I have ben doing a LOT more lifting and cross training, and I am so glad I have something more “to do” than just sit on a bike or get on an elliptical. I feel like even though I can’t run I am still keeping up my fitness in the weight room. So, what is your excuse?


QOTD: Do you lift weights? were you ever afraid to lift? How did you overcome it?

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  1. Rambling Heather says

    I was always afraid to lift weights because I didn’t want to build bulk and look… “manly.” I got over it once the “wave flab” came to my arms. 🙂 I lift weights now at my house but so far have stuck to smaller numbers. I gradually increase when I feel one set becoming too easy. So far I’m keeping my feminine shapes.

  2. Great job! I’m so happy you’ve gotten over your fear 🙂

    I’m not scared of the weight room, it’s a matter of time. When I resume to my regular routine of running, swimming, biking, and yoga there’s seriously no time for anything else!

  3. Lorri Randle says

    With the kids, it got really hard for me to go to the gym so I do a lot of home workouts. I did Shaun’s Insanity 4 times over. I’ve then moved on to Insanity: The ASYLUM which I TOTALLY LOVE because it adds a lot of strength training.
    Because of that, I’ve gotten over my fear of Tony Horton’s P90X (which I hear is easier than Insanity and ASYLUM) and I’ve got a start date of August 1st.
    I have some knee problems too, but I’m hoping that with P90X and a little running I can get back to my half marathon schedule in time for the October and November Half Marathon’s I signed up for YIKES!

  4. Nope, not scared, but since I don’t belong to a gym, I don’t lift. I should, though. I need to tone up.

  5. Emily @ Sweating Sugar says

    Oh yeah, I lift three days a week! I remember the first time trying it thinking that everybody was watching me…..until I realized no one cared a bit. Good for you….the results are delayed, but when they come, they are worth it!!

  6. I basically grew up in a weight room. We started lifting as a team in 7th grade and I’ve never really stopped. I like having a workout buddy now 🙂

  7. Carly D. @ CarlyBananas says

    I am absolutely terrified of the weight room and it’s so frustrating. I’ve got a lot better with the machines but forget free weights. There are just too many huge burly dudes lifting tons of weight and scaring the crap out of me over there. I know it’s irrational – I need to get a trainer or something… but the trainers at my gym are awful. Woe. I will shake it eventually. 🙂

  8. love that dress! Green is a great color on you!

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