Wine and Dine Coast to Coast


So I did something a little wild yesterday….I signed Bobby and I up for Disney’s Wine and Dine half marathon! If you will remember, I ran this race last year and worked the expo for Running Skirts. I had a blast the whole weekend, and I also ran the Halloween 5k.




As fate would have it, Bobby and I will already be in WDW with my parents and were departing for home TWO DAYS before the race. It really stressed me out that we would be there so close to the race but not get to run it. Especially when it would be Bobby’s only chance to get his coast to coast medal. (I will be getting mine in Disneyland because I ran Princess.)


So, Bobby and I decided to stretch our trip out by a couple of days so that we can run the race. We will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside (my favorite moderate) in the new royal rooms! I am SO EXCITED! One of my favorite resorts with ROYAL decor? Yes please!




This is going to be a very laid back trip, hanging at the resort and running the race. I am all for it! Last year, while we had a BLAST taking photos with every single character, it took us awhile and we got to the post race party a little late and didn’t have a lot of time do do things, so this year I plan to hurry us along a bit more (while still having fun of course!) so we can enjoy the after party as well. Don’t forget, this race doesn’t start till 10:00 at night, and you can still register! Hurry while there are still sports left!

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QOTD: Would you stay in a royal room? Have you run Wine and Dine or would you like to?

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  1. Ahh so exciting! And that room-oh my, yes please!

  2. Ahhh SO fun! And SO jealous 🙂

  3. That royal bathroom looks SO fun! Ahh I love how you are such a Disney girl 🙂 I seriously think of you when I think of RunDisney!

  4. I am running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon too! Last year’s was my first ever half marathon and I absolutely loved it!! I remember staying at Port Orleans Riverside when it was called Dixie Landings. I think my parents might still have some of the resort mugs still. Those royal rooms look really awesome!

  5. Tara Burner says

    as always..jealous…

  6. That room is awesome! I wish I lived closer to the Disney Parks – I want to run the Disney Princess run, but it will take lots of planning!

  7. YAY! That is awesome that you guys were able to extend your trip – 2 days would have killed me too =) I have yet to go to WDW/WDL but plan to when the kiddies are a little bit older! You will be the first person I contact =)

  8. How fun! And yes! I would totally stay in the royal room!!

    And the wine and dine sounds so cool! Right now, my eyes are on the Disney Princess in Feb!

  9. Sounds like fun! I haven’t done any Disney races yet but if the opportunity presented itself, I might!

  10. This was the year I was going to do Wine & Dine but instead I’m doing Tower of Terror! Oh well – another time. How exciting – that would have been so hard to miss it by two days (especially if it allows your husband to get his coast to coast – that is an awesome medal!!). Those royal rooms like super cool!

  11. Fun!

  12. This looks like it was the best time! Oh I want to go back to Disney so badly right now!

  13. So fun!!! Royal room?! Yes please 🙂

  14. I LOVE all of this so much – makes me want to run in Disney so bad! It’s on my bucket list!

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