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Happy Together


So happy for the Weekend! I know you are, too! (I would think so?) This weekend is extra special to me, because today, September 10, marks the seven year anniversary of me and Bobby’s first DATE! I cannot believe we have been together for 7 years. That makes me feel old!


Look how young we look in this engagement photo! I was newly 21, Bobby was newly 23.

Bobby and I met in college, playing intramural volleyball the first weekend of my sophomore year, Bobby’s first senior year….or second junior year, however you want to look at it. hehe. He was the hot, cool older guy who drove a red corvette and I was the nobody sophomore who almost didn’t go back to school where I did due to a bad breakup the spring before.  (Imagine if I hadn’t gone back?!?)

His team crushed mine in the tournament, but he SPOKE TO ME and I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t believe it! He asked me in the cafeteria what time my next game was, I was like “who, me?” It was embarrassing. I was a total geek. He got my number so he could “invite me to play sand vball next time” (haha) and we started hanging out, and then he finally asked me out a couple weeks later. (Well, basically told me I had to go out with him. Not gonna fight ya, buddy.)


On our honeymoon January 2007. Recreating his proposal. Ha.

I remember being SO NERVOUS waiting to be picked up for the date. I must have changed clothes 20 times. We double dated with a friend of his, and went to a nice restaurant and had a good time. It wasn’t like we were friends first, so it was kind of awkward not really knowing him very well. You know the whole what should I order to eat, do I try and be funny, try not to talk to much…too many decisions! What was supposed to be a fun evening ended on a very very bad note when we kept getting calls from his housemates and finally answered one, only to very unfortunately find out Bobby’s roommate (he had a dorm room and lived in a house, this was his dorm roommate) had been killed in a car accident along with two other students. There were 5 students total in the car.


It was a very very sad night and next few weeks that followed. I will admit is was very strange and awkward to start off your relationship with someone in this way, but we look at is as God put me in his path at just the right time to help him get through that miserable time. We became close more quickly than most newly dating couples due to this tragic accident.

We are of course very very happy together, but it is also sad to celebrate our dating anniversary knowing what also happened on that September 10th night. So today, while oh so happy to be with the love of my life for 7 years, I also pray for the families of the lives lost, and how this is not a day of joy for them.

BUT, we can’t dwell on the past, it is very sad, but it is also done and cannot be changed. Who would have thought I would be where I am 7 years ago. I for one can tell you “not me!” I didn’t deem myself cool enough or pretty enough to be Bobby’s girlfriend.  (He dated all the pretty cheerleaders. Ok, he WAS a cheerleader so I guess that doesn’t count?) I look back all the time and laugh about serious and mature I thought Bobby was in college (he is a total goofball, so don’t let him fool you!)



Today we are running 8 miles with TNT then hopefully going to do some yard work and fence painting since it will only be a high of 88! woo hoo!

QOTD: Can you remember your first date with anyone? Were you nervous? Anything interesting happen? (keep it clean folks, I don’t mean THAT. Hopefully that won’t be any of your first date stories. yikes!)

Friday Favorites: CWX Tights


Finally Friday again friends! My week felt super short since I was out of town until Wednesday afternoon. I am enjoying the beautiful weather while I can because it’s supposed to get hot again Saturday, nnnooo! What a tease fall, what. a. tease.  Oh, good news, I officially am running Rock N Roll Savannah, and working the Running Skirts booth. SO EXCITED! I love working expos!

I know I have been sporadic with with my Friday favorite’s posts, but sometimes I just have other things I want to say on Fridays. Smile with tongue outOh, not to mention, I am still hosting a TNT raffle, just getting everything lined up before it goes live, hopefully next week, so stay tuned. Lots of amazing things donated for it!

Ok, so this Friday favorite is something I am totally and completely obsessed with. I was made a believer, and now I want to share with you guys! I first heard about CWX tights this summer when fellow running skirts rep Paige told me they were necessary for getting through working long expo hours and then attempting to run the half or full marathon after the expo. When I ran Rock N Roll Providence my legs ached SO BADLY, so I knew I had to remedy this ASAP if I was to ever have a semi-decent race while working.


Me and Paige in San Diego

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the running skirts run love compression socks. They are awesome for racing and recovery, and I wear them for both, but when I need something for my upper legs and hips, I have to use something else since the socks only come up to my knees.


Me and Nola love running skirts compression socks!

I honestly didn’t see how a pair of full length tights were going to make THAT much of a difference in recovery but they really, really, do! I wore them last weekend after Bobby and I ran a hard ten miles. I wore them all day long and took them off right before bed. The next morning, Bobby was moaning and groaning about how sore he was, and I, other than a SLIGHT soreness in my right hammie, felt GREAT and refreshed!

The only downsides to these babies are that they are difficult to get on because they are SO tight, and they make me look like a dolphin trainer. Put a whistle around my neck and send me to Sea World, I would totally fit in!


I speak dolphin. and Whale. Dorrie taught me.

Another downside I didn’t mention is the price. These babies are NOT cheap, but in my opinion they are totally worth it. They retail for anywhere from $65-$100 dollars, (they have different styles) and the ones I got were $65. (now $70 on the website.)

I plan to sleep in these babies every night when I am working expos, and before races after working expos…and after long runs….and basically I want to wear them all the time, and since I work from home, I just might do it.

If you have questions about the benefits of compression drop me an e mail or check out this compression socks post!

QOTD: Do you wear compression socks or tight? Do you like them? What kind/brand do you wear?

Ready to Go


Hi everyone! I am finally back home after a crazy stressful few days away. A huge huge thanks again to those who are praying for us during this crazy time, continued prayers are greatly appreciated while things get sorted out. Sorry to be in the dark with yall about this, but for legal reasons I really just can’t talk about it right now. Hopefully one day.

Yesterday while Bobby was dealing with some things most of the day, I did my part, then went for a run in my favorite neighborhood then did 20 minutes on the elliptical at the hotel. Later that night we went out to dinner, walked around my favorite shops, and got some ice cream. I need ice cream like I need another 5k race shirt. Seriously.

2011-09-06180256 2011-09-06180303

Bobby got Oreo cookie crème filling with cookie dough, and I got cheesecake with graham cracker crust. YUM! It was so nice out we were able to sit on the benches and enjoy our dessert!

2011-09-06180315 2011-09-06180326

We settled in early and just relaxed and watched some TV. It was nice to just unwind before coming back home this morning. After a 3 hour drive, we are back in Business in the Montgomery household.

With all that being said, I must say I am READY TO GO ON VACATION! We leave in September, and have our dogs and house being taken care of while we are gone of course. After dealing with all this “stuff” we totally need a break.

I thought it would be fun to tell yall about our “plans” for this trip! (by the way I found the post I did last year outlining our fall trip to the Grand Floridian, HA!)

Well, some things are changing this year and some aren’t. Creatures of habit I tell ya! We are still staying at our beloved Grand Floridian in the main (concierge) building.



DSC_1989 DSC_1991

I can’t wait to eat all the yummy lounge food! Get in my belly!

We will be eating at some of my favorite places as well, like….

Whispering Canyon Cafe


Liberty Tree Tavern




Yachtsman Steakhouse


and Citricos, among many others.


I am sure I have said this before, but besides the Grand Floridian, our favorite thing about Disney is all the yummy food. We love getting to go to some super nice or themed places we don’t get to eat at back home. Having a nice, long, relaxing meal is right up our alley! We enjoy the parks too of course, but we don’t have to go non stop from morning till night and make ourselves totally cranky and exhausted.

We love lounging at the pool, and running/working out, too.

DSC_0597 DSC_0598

We will also be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party again! Boo to you parade, Hallowishes, and trick or treating in the Magic Kingdom!



Not to mention, the most exciting thing of all, is we will be sharing part of our trip with our great friends!



QOTD: What is your favorite thing to do on vacation? Is it all about the relaxing, the food, seeing somewhere new?




Hi everyone! I am currently on my way home from a little road trip, (by the time you read this) but am posting Tuesday night. Bobby and I had to go up to the place we moved from 6 months go to take care of some business. Can I just say its totally weird to get a hotel room in a city you lived in for years? For a good part of the day I was alone, so I used the opportunity to go running in my favorite neighborhood, eat Lunch a McAlisters, and drive by our old house (so weird!)
If you have never driven by an old home its hard to explain the strange feeling! Out of habit, I almost pulled into the driveway! Ha! Anyway, we were supposed to be home Tuesday night but due to some unforseen things, we spent another night. No problem. More eating at my favorite places, shopping at my old favorite stores, ice cream for dessert, etc.
We have only been Gone 6 months but it felt strange to be visitors the past Couple days.  Those of you that prayed for us yesterday thank you so much, please keep praying, some things still could/need to happen, its not over.
I apologize for the boring post, but like I said, I was expecting to be home Tuesday night. Tomorrow we will be back to normal at RWS!
I took some pics with my phone but the wifi sucks here and its not uploading anything! So, here is what I could get, pictures of our hotel room and view. Did I mention I miss living here?

QOTD: have you ever driven by an old home of yours? How did it make you feel?

Family Lunch


Good morning! Did everyone enjoy their Labor day weekend? Great news is that now the work week is only 4 days! yahoo! Bobby and I are actually out dealing with some personal stuff this morning, so if you are a fellow prayer warrior, I would SO appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment this morning, it would mean so much to me!

Sunday, my parents braved the weather to come for a visit during our long weekend. The plan was to BBQ and sit outside…yeah….TS Lee had other plans! I cooked a chicken dish and Bobby fried okra, while mom brought her famous mac and cheese. YUM!


my kitchen all ready for fall, and ready for lunch to be cooked!

I let the boys be in charge of the okra while the chicken cooked. The rain was PELTING down, and the wind was wild, so it was nice to have some company during the storm!


And of course, the girls were excited to see grandma and grandpa!

DSC_0341 DSC_0342

They knew something was up while we were running around cleaning in preparation. Their sixth sense just trips me out sometimes! They however were NOT thrilled about going potty in the rain. They definitely gave me the stink eye for that one!

My mom and I both love football, this was not planned!

Uh, dad….you need to learn how to center a photo, mmmkk?

It got really really dark out, but we were nice and cozy inside!


I totally took that picture in between the blinds in the kitchen. But, at least I used my real camera and not my cell phone….I am getting a little less lazy everyday!

We ate lots of yummy food, and I even bought a Saints cookie cake for dessert! They left all too quickly, but it was a nice visit! Plus, now my house is nice and clean, which as I have said before, is the great thing about having company come over!

I didn’t get to workout Monday, we were out of town for the day, but I am picking things back up today! Have a great one and count your blessings!

QOTD: Do you enjoy entertaining/having company come over? Are you a holiday decorator like me? Smile

Ten Treadmill Miles


Greetings from the drenched South! Hope everyone is having a great labor day holiday! Catching up from the weekend?

September Goals

August: Month in Review

Game day and Lee

Saturday night, the tornado warnings were so non stop, we decided to sleep downstairs in the guest room (our master is upstairs) just to be safe. it was weird being in my house but sleeping in the guest room!

We survived the night, woke up and cleaned up and prepared for my parents to visit for the afternoon (more on that tomorrow.) We are still getting on and off rain and wind, hoping Lee pushes through and gets the heck on out of here soon!

So Saturday, we were supposed to run ten miles at the beach with our team in training group. Yeah….that didn’t happen! It was flooding and the wind was going crazy down there. Here is a news picture from the beach where we were supposed to run. HAHA!



We really wanted to get our miles in though, So Saturday morning Bobby and I headed to the gym to run on the treadmill. It was a little bit easier having Bobby on the treadmill with me….wait…that’s a lie. It was SO BORING! But, knowing Bobby was suffering in boredom right along with me made it not so bad.

In case you didn’t know, the treadmills will only let you run for 60 minutes at a time. Fact I would NOT have known considering I have never run more than 5-6 miles at once on a treadmill. (I don’t think…) Luckily, College game day was on, so I was able to put in my headphones and somewhat zone out and not think about running. I actually watched almost the entire first half of a game I could have cared less about…but, what else was I going to do?


I was actually pretty proud, I wanted to quit several times, my legs started to hurt, and it would be So easy to hit that little red “stop” button, but I Kept running, telling myself I am stronger than I think and to have confidence in my mental strength to get through it. It was finally OVER, and we celebrated by…uh…going to the grocery store….very exciting stuff here on RWS!

We relaxed the rest of the day, napped, watched football, and recovered. I wore my awesome new CWX tights, but more on those later. I was SO GLAD that we decided to stick it out and get the 10 miles out of the way. it feels so good to be done with a hard workout like that!


Bobby on the floor asleep Saturday afternoon. poor baby.

What is my point in telling you all about this? Well, basically just suck it up, get out there and do it! I could have easily blamed my lack of a long run on tropical storm Lee, but that would have been the sad excuse way out. I could have fooled a lot of people with that one, but not myself. I would have known deep down that I should have, could have run.

Hear me out…if you are injured or sick, stay home, stay in bed. But if the only reason you aren’t out being active is because you don’t feel like putting in the effort, you need to re-evaluate your goals. I mean, it’s just a little tropical storm, right? (I have used FAR lamer excuses for bailing on a workout, trust me!) Find your strength, find a mantra that works for you, and think of how AWESOME you will feel after you have accomplished your workout. So go, get out there and do it!

QOTD: What mantra do you use to motivate you through a tough workout? (or to get you out the door?)

Gameday and Lee


It’s that time of year again, it’s college football season! I am currently (yes I know I am publishing this post Sunday but I wrote it Saturday night) watching my LSU tigers play Oregon. GEAUX TIGERS! When Bobby and I got to the gym today (more on that tomorrow) College Gameday was on, I was so excited! There is just something about it…even if you aren’t actually WATCHING a game…just having it running in the background screams fall to me. Anyone else with me? Some people just don’t get it…


I can always find a game on with SOMEONE I want to cheer for, and then, to make me even MORE ecstatic, I watch football ALL day Sunday, and then again Monday night. It takes up so much time but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am slightly obsessed. Maybe I should have been a boy? (I don’t do well with snakes and frogs and playing in the mud though, so on second thought…)

2011-09-03204543 2011-09-03204547

In other news, we are currently being pounded by tropical storm Lee. It’s not that windy (trust me I have been through a  LOT worse…hello Katrina!) But this storm is moving so slow, it has been dumping rain for two days, some places should get 20 inches! A couple hours ago, we flipped the channel to the local channel LSU was playing on, and just happened to see we were under a tornado warning, that there was a cell basically on the road outside our house. Awesome. We decided to head downstairs for a little while just to be safe…I hate hate tornado warnings…we live in the county so I don’t think we have sirens out here in the sticks.

This is what it has looked like outside for two days. dreary fun!


My mom sent me this picture of the marina in their neighborhood…yeah…that’s a marina…and that was a parking lot. This was around 3:00 Saturday, and it has been raining since so I am sure it is way worse now unfortunately.


Please keep everyone in coastal MS and LA in your prayers, we really don’t need any flooding around here! Church was already cancelled for tomorrow (Sunday morning) they want everyone to stay inside and off the roads! (But my parents are coming over. hhhmmm….)

had a good workout this morning, but will save that for tomorrow’s post. Have a great Sunday all, stay dry!

QOTD: Any scary tornado or hurricane stories?

August: Month in Review


Soaking wet Saturday! As we prepare for tropical storm Lee down here on the coast, I thought I would entertain you with a review of August. Who knows if we will lose power, internet, etc? At least this isn’t my first rodeo. Don’t worry, we are going to be careful!

Ok, so August. Well, it was hot. No big surprises there. I kicked off August beating the heat by going to Rhode Island to work the Rock N Roll Providence expo booth and run the race! I had a blast working the booth but running 13.1 miles in the pouring rain was a less than stellar experience!

DSC_0195 DSC_0200

After being stranded at the airport, I got to have a sleepover at Jen’s house!


We celebrated Sassy’s tenth birthday in August as well! She obviously could have cared less. I can’t believe my first born is ten!


Them , I fond myself back up in the northeast for the Healthy Living Summit! I had an action packed weekend with a ton of amazing bloggers, and came home quite exhausted from all of the fun! Can’t wait till next year!

DSC_0237 DSC_0322

In between my traveling, I did a lot of catching up with my jobs, it has been a busy month on both fronts! I also got to see my family a couple times, go to the movies with my mom, run with my team in training group, and hang with the hubby.

I must say, September is going to be EVEN MORE exciting! Vacation, working expos, COOLER WEATHER, I am stoked about fall. It is my second favorite because it leads into Christmas which is obviously my favorite. I am already planning how to decorate the new house. Is that bad? I hope your August was great! Look back on it and try to count your blessings. Think of at least one thing you are thankful for that happened in August! Don’t focus just on the negative parts of your circumstances, it won’t change anything! (I say as I look in the mirror….ha! more on that later.)

QOTD: What is something you did or that happened in August that you are thankful for?

September Goals


I can’t believe it’s September, but I am SO glad! September means vacation, and it also means the hot temps are slowly on the decline into fall, which then leads to CHRISTMAS! I may or may not have decorated my house for fall yesterday….hhmmm…

Back in the Spring, I was doing monthly goals. I picked up another job, things got busy, and my “goal” months kind of went out the window. I figure since it’s the beginning of the month, I could set some new goals so I have something to work towards! Here we go!

1.) Read a book: I have a bunch of books downloaded onto my tablet, but I am so far behind on magazines leisure reading has been stressing me out instead of relaxing me! With a vacation this month I am hoping to make this goal a given!


2.) PR: Not necessarily in a race, but I will take a stellar training run that is run faster than ever before! Cooler temps will hopefully help me along with this one!


3.) Take care of my body: I have this bad, bad habit. When my IT band gets tight, I take GREAT care of it for about a week. I ice, I stretch, I foam roll….then it gets better and I do not continue with my routine, and it just gets tight again. My goal is to CONTINUE to ice, stretch, and foam roll to stay injury free! This includes cross training in my routine!


4.) Finish raising money for TNT: Hopefully my upcoming blog raffle will help with this, but I would love to be done fundraising before the actual race! (You can donate on our Team in Training page.)


5.) continue with my quiet time/Bible reading: I have done a really good job this month spending time every month reading my Bible and praying. I really really want to keep this up, and not let it slip or slide because of hectic days. I don’t want it to be the thing that doesn’t happen on a busy day, everything else should be the things that don’t happen instead!


6.) Take more pictures with my DSLR: I have gotten lazy and don’t carry my big camera around with me as much as I should. I have been relying way too much on cell phone photos. I apologize guys, I will try to do better this month!


So there you have it. Kind of a random list, but that’s what I came up with for September! Wednesday I went to the gym with Bobby and we did legs, chest, and tri’s. Yesterday was house cleaning day, and I did a workout DVD I haven’t done in awhile. Its sad how my “6 week to 6 pack abs” seemed to deflate and disappear in about 6 days.  I have been getting lazy with cross training, and I really don’t want to get injured! (Can you believe in October it will be a YEAR that I first hurt my IT band?)

QOTD: What are your goals for September?

Aches and Pains


So it seems the general consensus of my readers is that snakes are icky. Well, I couldn’t agree more. I must say, some of you have had some interesting encounters with animals on your runs, yikes!

Bobby has been convincing some coworkers to start being more healthy, and some have even started running! This makes me so happy! Not surprising, some of them have been coming to Bobby with aches and pains, asking what they should do about them. Bobby then in turn comes and asks me. Ha. I seem to attract a large crowd of beginner runners on my blog, which I LOVE (hi newbies!) so I thought it would be a good idea to share some common beginner aches and pains with you, so that you won’t feel alone, and will know when to push through and when to STOP! I am sure there are more, but this is the list I came up with:

Shin Splints:

Shin splints can strike a runner of any level, but an overwhelming majority of runners who get them are new runners.  Experienced runners tend to get them from overtraining. This pesky pain is caused by several things such as improper or worn out shoes (go get fitted guys!) building up mileage too quickly, or lack of strength and flexibility. After you run, ice those babies down! Also you can take anti inflammatory meds. If you keep having problems, take a few days off and just cross train. Work on stretching and strengthening the muscles in your legs as well.


Ice, ice, baby!

Side Cramps:

Side cramps are commonly caused by eating too soon before a run, weak stomach muscles, working too hard too soon, and even a heart problem. So if it persists you may want to see your doctor. I have learned through trial and error that I ideally need to wait 45 minutes after a meal to run.  To get rid of a side stitch, try slowing down. Also, exhale on the foot opposite the side of the stitch. (If your stitch is on the right, exhale on the left foot strike) My junior high track coach taught me that little trick! Also sometimes pressing in and up under my ribcage on the side where it hurts seems to help. (Not really sure if there is science behind that one but it helps me!)



Oh the joys of blisters! One of the most common causes of blisters is cotton socks (at least for me.) The excessive moisture and friction does not make your feet very happy.  I run in then moisture wicking socks made by Asics. I haven’t had a blister in awhile since wearing them. Also, if you are not wearing the proper shoe for your foot it could rub you in all the wrong places. Try body glide, band aids, moleskin, etc. If you feel a place on your foot starting to get “hot.” If I get a water blister I tend to pop it with a CLEAN needle or safety pin. (But why would you have a dirty needle?hhmmm? )  If it has blood in it try to leave it alone. That’s just gross.


My consequence of wearing cotton socks. ow.

General aches and pains:

I love being sore. Well, it’s a love hate relationship. Kind of like the one I have with my foam roller. To me it means I worked hard, and pushed my body. A general slight muscle achiness is a good thing! (also a good excuse for your significant other to give you a massage!)  Please be aware of the difference in a muscle ache from working hard and an injury pain! A pain that doesn’t go away in a couple of days is not just a sore muscle! Be sure you warm up and cool down well, and stretch really well after your run. If you have a foam roller, it will really help to use it on those aching muscles. It WILL get better! Running is always uncomfortable if you are pushing and getting better, but getting over those initial aches and pains can be daunting. Even so, don’t let it stop you! You are stronger than you think!


Always remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has been running for years. Keep going and you will see progress! The couch to 5k is a great beginner program if you are just  now going from a walk to a run. Be sure to not do too much too soon, or you could get sidelined with a serious injury. You don’t want the kind of injury that never really heals and keeps coming back. Not like I have ever experienced that….yeah….

*As always these are my opinions gleaned from my own experience with running and aches and pains. If you have a pain during or after running that won’t go away, go see your doctor!

QOTD: Do you have any tips for aches and pains for beginner runners? What did I leave out?